CARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter

CARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter.


Important Notes and Safety Instructions

  •  The machine is exclusively for indoor use only. Do NOT use it outdoors.
  •  Maintenance must only be done by approved technicians. Do not attempt to disassemble the machine. If any problems occur, consult the troubleshooting guide. If the problem persists, please contact the authorized distributor for assistance.
  •  Do not expose the device to liquids, extreme humidity, or moisture. Avoid operating the device in environments with strong magnetic and electromagnetic fields (e.g. keep it away from magnets. other electrical appliances, etc.)
  •  Use the supplied power cord at a proper1y grounded outlet.

Check the machine for any damage from transit. Check that the machine is in good condition and that all the following accessories are available and undamagedCARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 1

Figures Used
The screenshots used are examples and may differ from what is actually shown on the display.

Model Overview

CARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 2

  1.  Hopper Guide
  2.  Control Panel
  3.  3.5″ LCD Display
  4.  Banknote Stacker
  5.  Banknote Hopper
  6.  Feeding Gap Adjustment Screw
  7.  Handle
  8.  Power Switch
  9.  Power Socket
  10.  Fuse Holder
  11.  Network Port (Not in Use)
  12.  Printer Port
  13.  DB9 Port for Extemal Display
  14.  USB Port for Connection to PC
  15.  SD Card Slot
  16.  Note Path Access Door

Control Panel OverviewCARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 3
Main ScreenCARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 5Auto Recognition Mix Counting Screen
CARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 6Multi-currency Mix Counting ScreenCARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 7

Counting Result Statistic ScreenCARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 8


Place the machine on a stable, flat surface away from strong electromagnetic fields and away from direct sunlight. To ensure personal safety, only use grounded electric outlets. Plug the power cable into an electrical BOCket and secure all connections. If you purchased an external display, you may connect it to the DB9 port on the back of the machine. Tum the power switch to the ON position. The machine wlll power up and will display the software version (as shown in Figure 1) and then perform a self-test. If the test is successful, the machine will enter the ready state, as shown in Figure 2. If an error message appears on the LCD display, please refer to the Error Messages section of the manual. To avoid errors when counting banknotes:CARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 9

  • Avoid counting wet, excessively dirty, or damaged notes.
  •  Always check for foreign objects which could jam the note path or even damage the sensors (e.g. paper clips, rubber bands, clips, dust, etc.)
  •  Remove folds or curls from the notes before placing them in the hopper.
  •  Align all the comers and edges of the notes, as unevenness could cause errors.
  • Place the banknotes in order (as shown in Figure 3). Based on the size of the banknotes, adjust the left and right hopper guides to a suitable position.
  • When ready, place the banknotes into the hopper, as shown in Figure 4. The machine will then start counting automatically (according to your setting in the menu).
  • When a counterfeit banknote is detected, the machine will stop immediately, and the buzzer will sound.
  • The top note in the stacker (as shown in Figure 5) will be a counterfeit or suspicious note which should be checked.CARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 10
  • Remove the problematic banknote and press the START key to continue counting.CARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 11

Currency Selection

Press the CUR button to select currency. Continue pressing CUR to browse through the available currencies. The selected currency is shown on the top left of the display.

  • Counting Modes
    The machine can count both sorted and mixed banknotes. Use the MODE button to select your desired mode.CARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 12
    “Mix” is shown on the display. In MIX mode, the machine will count all notes of the same currency. After counting, the total value and total number of genuine notes are shown on the display.
    •  SORT MODE
      “Sort• is shown on the display. In SORT mode, the machine will only count notes of the same denomination. The first genuine note determines which notes will be counted and which wlll be rejected.
      “Counr mode is used when you want to count different type of banknotes or banknote-like papers. When finished, the total number is shown on the display. In this mode, counterfeit detection is OFF.
  •  Batch Counting
    A batch is where the machine is set to count a specific number of notes. To set the required number to be counted, press the BATCH button and “B:100” will display. To change this number, press the BAT button to toggle between the standard settings: 100, 50, 20, 10 and deactivation. To adjust this further, press or press end hold the +1/+10 button to increase the batch number by 1 or 10, respectively. After setting the batch number, place a stack of banknotes on the hopper and the machine will start counting. When the specified number is reached, the machine will stop automatically. When the banknotes are removed from the stacker, the counter will begin counting the next batch.
  •  ADD Function
    When you need cumulative counting, press the ADD button and “ADD” will show on the display. Counting will begin and continue until either the cumulative quantity of banknotes counted reaches  100,000 or the total value of all notes reaches 100,000,000. The number will then reset to 0.
  •  Count Report
    After counting has finished in MIX mode, both the total value and the total number of genuine banknotes that have been counted are shown on the display. To view a more detailed counting result, press the REPORT button. To tum page in count report, press the REPORT button again.
  •  Printing
    To print a more detailed counting result (of the banknote quantity, and value per denomination),  press and hold the PRINT button for 2 seconds.

Setting Up

To set up the counter, when on the main 8Cl88n, prees the MENU key to enter User Menu mode. In Uaer Menu interface, 1he M0DE and REPORT keys beccma the Up and Down navigalion keys. MODE:Up REPORT: Down Use the navigation keys to highlight the desired ilBm. Use the START key lo confirm.  Use the MENU key to exit from the User Menu.

    • Setting Beep FunctionCARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 13
    • Setting LanguageCARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 14
    • Changing Date FormatCARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 15
    • Setting Date and TimeCARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 16
    • Checking Version Information of MachineCARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 17
    • Setting Auto Counting FunctionCARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 18
    • Selecting Counting SpeedCARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 19



  • Note Path AccessCARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 20CARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 21
  • How to Close Note Path
  • Cleaning the Device

You can prolong the life of your device by keeping it clean. WARNING: To avoid risk of elec1rlc shock, always disconnect the main power cable before cleaning the machine. How to clNn the Note Path of the machine:

CARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 22


  •  Open the note path door.
  •  GenHy wipe or dust the note path with a small, soft brush or a dry, soft. lint-free cloth.
  •  If stains remain, moisten a soft, lint-free cloth with water or a 50/50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water that does not contain impurities.
  •  Wring out as much excess liquid as you can.
  •  Wipe the note path and the sensor surfaces again. Ensure no liquid gels inside the machine.

Note: Avoid spraying cleaner direcHy onto the machine and be sure to dry the note path before closing it.

How to Claan the Counter Can

When cleaning the machine, it is important that no liquid gets inside.

  •  Prepare a 5:1 mixture of water to mild kitchen detergent (5 parts water to 1 part detergent). The detergent mus1 not contain abrasive powder, strong acid, nor alkaline chemicals.
  •  Soak a sponge in the solution and then squeeze all excess liquid from the sponge.
  •  Wipe the cover with the sponge, using a circular motion, while taking care not to let any excess liquid drip inside the machine.
  •  Wipe the surface to remove any excess detergent.
  •  Rinse the sponge with clean, running water.
  •  Wipe the cover with a clean sponge to remove any remaining detergent.
  •  Wipe the surface again with a dry, soft, lint-free cloth.
  •  Wait for the surface to dry completely and then remove any loose fibers.

Replacing the Fuse

  •  Disconnect the machine from the power source.
  •  Take the fuse holder out.
  •  Replace the fuse.
  • Plug the fuse holder back in.CARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 23

How to Adjust the Feeding Gap

The feeding gap adjusting screw on the top cover is factory set. However, you may need to adjust the feeding gap as follows if the following problems occur during counting sorting:
CARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 24Frequent jams or banknotes pass the feeder with difficulty: Tum the adjusting screw anticlockwise to make the feeding gap wider. Frequent “double notes· or “chained notes· error message: Tum the adjusting screw clockwise to narrow the feeding gap. Note: The adjustment screw is very sensitive. Only make minor adjustmentsCARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 25

Software Update
The device can be updated via SD card, USB device, or USB connection. Please contact your dealer for further instructions.

Technical Specifications

CARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 26

Appendix: Error MessagesCARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 27

Self-Test Error Messages
The disaiminator automatically performs a &elf-lslit aftsr it powers on. If an error mBS&8ge shOW& on the display window, usually it is because the sensor is blocked by a banknote or dust. Please use a brush or a piece of soft cloth to clean the dust on the sensor or remove the banknote. Then, restart the machine.
Detection Error Messages
If an error m88Sllge shows on the display window during the pl’OCIIBs of counting, you can handle it according to the solution below the error mBS&8ge (shown as in Figure 24) after the machine is stopped. Specially, for some errors, you may find a solution in the chart below:CARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter 28

Sensitivity Parameters Setting Error

  • You may encounter the following problems during counting/sorting:
  • The machine does not recognize the notes property.
  • The machine frequently recognizes good notes as unfit notes.
  • If either of th8118 errors occur, please contact your tschnician/dealer to hBYB the machine’s sensitivity parameters adjusted.
  • Note: In case of any technical problem that cannot be solved by the above, please contact your auppller.

Documents / Resources

CARNATION CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter [pdf] User Manual
CR1000 Banknote Mixed Value Counter, CR1000, Banknote Mixed Value Counter

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