BRYDGE SPX+ Keyboard with Touchpad Laptop User Manual


TO INSERT: Place your Brydge on a flat surface and set the hinges upright to 90 degrees. Insert your Surface Pro X into the hinges, one side at a time, with the Wake and Volume Buttons on top.


TO REMOVE: Ensure your Brydge is on a flat surface.
Place your hand towards the back of the keyboard and pull up on your Surface Pro X, one side at a time.


To manually power on, press and hold Fn + Bluetooth keys. The light will turn green for 2 seconds to indicate power.

To manually power off, press and hold Fn + Bluetooth keys for 2 seconds. The light will blink red momentarily to indicate it’s powered off..


  1. Turn on your Brydge SPX+ (Fn+Bluetooth), then press and hold the Bluetooth key for three seconds. The Bluetooth key light will flash blue confirming your Brydge is in pairing mode.
  2. 2. On your Surface Pro X, select:
    • Start
    • Settings
    • Devices
    • Bluetooth & other devices
    • Add Bluetooth or other device
    • Bluetooth
    • Brydge SPX+
  3. Type in the PIN on your Brydge SPX+ and hit Enter

NOTE: If pairing takes longer than three minutes, the blue light will stop flashing and you will need to press the Bluetooth button again.


TO CHECK BATTERY LIFE: go to Windows > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices, and check the battery level on ‘Brydge SPX+’.
NOTE: If battery life is below 15%, the backlit key functionality will be disabled to conserve remaining battery life and the light on the Delete key will blink red..

TO CHARGE: Insert the charging cable into the keyboard and plug the other end into a power source. A solid red LED on the Bluetooth key indicates the Brydge is charging.
When the keyboard is fully charged, the red LED will turn off. A full charge can take up to three hours..


To conserve battery, your Brydge will enter sleep mode after 15 minutes of non-use. Press any key to wake it. When you close your devices together, your Brydge will put your Surface Pro X into sleep mode. When you open your devices, your Brydge will wake your Surface Pro X.
NOTE: Your Brydge will not put your Surface Pro X to sleep or wake it after 15 minutes of non-use.


The Brydge SPX+ touchpad pairs with your Windows device as a Precision Touchpad, and therefore utilizes all of the Windows touchpad gesture capabilities. To adjust the settings and gestures of your touchpad, select Start > Settings > Devices > Touchpad. The Touchpad can be turned on and off by pressing Fn + Alt..

Left Click | Click on left side of touchpad or 1 finger tap
Right Click | Click on right side of touchpad or 2 finger tap


Touchpad Disable/Enable
Fn + Alt (Hold Fn & tap Alt to disable. Hold Fn & tap Alt again to enable.)

Language Switch
Win + Spacebar (Use spacebar to toggle through available languages.)


Thank you for purchasing a Brydge product. This product comes with a 1-year limited hardware warranty on the terms and conditions set out in this document and at All Brydge warranties are non-transferrable and are only available to the original end-user of the product. Warranties do not apply to products purchased from online vendors unauthorized to sell Brydge-branded product. If a defect arises during the warranty period, cease using the product and contact Brydge. To obtain warranty service, visit or call +1 (435) 604-0481. Brydge, at its sole discretion and option, will (1) repair the product at no charge using new parts or parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability, or (2) replace or exchange the product with a product of equivalent functionality and value. Brydge offers free return shipping on any approved warranty claims. A shipping label will be provided to you if you are within the United States. If you are outside the United States, Brydge will reimburse your return shipping to a maximum of US$15.00 after providing a copy of the shipping receipt.
Australia Only: Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
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