BN-LINK BNR-U117 Wireless Remote Control Socket

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  • Easily controlled by the remote control from up to 100 feet in line of sight.
  • Separate on and off buttons on the remote control.
  • Outlets will remain powered off after a power outage to save energy.
  • Power output up to 1200W at 120V(60Hz).
  • Low power consumption, reduces energy use and extends product life by up to 15%.
  • Manual pairing and unpairing.


  • Install one 12V/23A battery in the remote control’s battery compartment, making sure the polarity of the battery is correct.
  • Plug each outlet switch into a socket and plug a device or appliance into each outlet.
  • Press the on/off buttons for the respective channel on the remote control to operate the outlet switch.


  • Regularly change the battery in the remote control for best performance. If you find the outlet switches are not responding or the LED indicator on the remote control becomes dim, the battery should be replaced. Always dispose of old batteries properly with consideration for the environment.
  • Make sure the battery and outlets are installed firmly and correctly for safe operation.
  • These outlet switches are for indoor use only. Avoid exposure to high-temperature sources, strong sunlight, and moisture. The outlets are best used in the air as with good air circulation.
  • Do not exceed the maximum load current of 10A(Approximately 1200W).


Notes: The outlets are pre-programmed for immediate use, but the configuration can be customized to meet your needs.

To program a remote control transmitter and outlets switch receiver:

  1. Remove the outlet receiver from the power socket, then plug the outlet receiver back into the power socket.
  2. Press and hold the “Learning & ON/OFF” button till the indicator start to flash.
  3. Release the “Learning & ON/OFF” button, press and hold the corresponding “ON” button on the remote until you hear a “click”.
  4. The indicator will stop flashing indicating that pairing is successful.


Should you wish to unpair an outlet receiver from the remote, or if your outlets are unresponsive to the remote,
the outlets can be reset following below steps.

  1. Remove the outlet receiver from the power socket.
  2. Press and hold “Learning & ON/OFF” button on the outlet receiver.
  3. While still holding the button, plug the outlet receiver into a power socket and wait to see the indicator flash.
  4. When the indicator stops flashing, you may release the button, and the reset process is now complete.
  5. You may program the outlet after resetting.


In the case that one or more of the outlet receivers do not respond to the remote control, please follow the  steps given below to resolve the issue:

  1. Check to see if the battery of the remote is low and needs replacement.
  2. Make sure that the outlet receiver is correctly placed in the power socket.
  3. Make sure that the outlet receiver is used in an area with proper air circulation to avoid overheating.
  4. Reset and program the outlet(s).


Voltage 120V~60Hz
Max. power 10A 1200W
Transmission frequency 433.92MHz
Remote battery 12V (23A)

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Documents / Resources

BN-LINK BNR-U117 Wireless Remote Control Socket [pdf] User Manual
BNR-U117, Wireless Remote Control Socket

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  1. Hi…I just recently purchased this product…i have a problem….remote turns appliance on..but then it switches off about 5 seconds later…I have reset it numerous times..also have switched different appliances..same results…. I’m baffled..the #1 and #3 work perfectly. Please help! Thx!!

    1. I am having the same issue. Only one of my five are working. The rest I turn on but 3-5 seconds later it shuts off. Please help

  2. I am having the same issue. I’ve reset and tried their programming recommendations at least 20 times and it still isn’t working.

  3. I have same problem what’s the fix. I plug it in and it cuts off 5 seconds checked plug in and plug in is good.

  4. ^^^ I had the same issue. I tried them in different outlets with different things and they worked. The one lamp I have is a pull on and off. It kept switching off after 3-5 seconds. I did everything. Then I plugged the lamp in by itself. Turned it on/off and on again. Left it on. Unplugged it. Plugged the BNlink in and the plug to lamp and it seemed to work. I tried my other lamp and it did the same thing turned off after 5 seconds. This trick didn’t work for this lamp. But it worked for the other. Hopefully that helps someone

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