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  • Available accessories and the pictures shown here may differ from the actual contents and the product supplied for your region.
  • Available input and output ports may vary by model. Refer to the user manual for more information.
  • If you prefer to work with Display Pilot, download and install the software from

How to Install Your Monitor Hardware

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How to Detach The Stand and The Base

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Before installing and using the monitor, please carefully read through the Safety Warning and Notice document on the accompanying user manual CD.

How to assemble your monitor hardware

If the computer is turned on you must turn it off before continuing.
Do not plug-in or turn-on the power to the monitor until instructed to do so.

  1. Attach the monitor base.
  2. 2. Connect the signal cable to the appropriate port (DVI-D / HDMI / DP/ mini DP). The location and available input and output jacks may vary depending on the purchased model.
  3. You may connect peripherals to the monitor (headphone/ USB / SD card/ Hotkey Puck, optional step).
  4. Connect the power cable to the monitor.
  5. Organize the cables.
  6. Connect-to and turn-on the power.
How to detach the stand and the base
  1. Place the monitor face -down on a flat surface that can protect the monitor from scratch.
  2. Remove the monitor stand.
  3. Release the thumbscrew on the bottom of the monitor base and detach the monitor base as illustrated.

Display Size

Native Resolution

32″ wide-screen (PD3200Q)

2560 x 1440

32″ wide-screen (PD3200U)

3840 x 2160


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LCD Monitor, QSG PD320-Q-V0BenQ User Guide
LCD Monitor, QSG PD320-Q-V0
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