August Home

August ‎AK-R1 Smart Keypad



  • ITEM DIMENSIONS LXWXH: ‎1 x 2.9 x 0.9 inches
  • ITEM WEIGHT: ‎0.15 Pounds
  • SHAPE: ‎Rectangular
  • CONTROLLER TYPE: ‎iOS, Android
  • STYLE: ‎Smart Keypad
  • LOCK TYPE: ‎Keypad
  • BATTERIES: ‎2 AA batteries
  • BRAND: ‎August Home


Never again place your keys beneath the mat. Create unique entry codes that can be used to access your August smart lock without a smartphone or traditional key by family members, friends, your dog walker, handyman, or visitors. With the free August app for iOS and Android, you can also keep track of who comes and goes from your house and view an activity report. The August Smart Keypad is an add-on item for the August Smart Lock. It is user-friendly and straightforward to set up, and it uses safe Bluetooth technology to control your August Smart Lock. is powered by two AAA batteries. No wiring is necessary. Brick, stucco, and wood can all be used as solid mounting surfaces for the Smart Keypad when using the accompanying screws and adhesive strip. Convenient one-touch locking: When you depart, save time by quickly locking your door.

Inside the Box?


What You Need


Determine your drill bit size


Concrete can be challenging for drilling. f you are not experienced with drilling into your particular type of concrete, you may want to consider a professional installation.

Depends on the subsurface. Test drill a very small pilot hole to determine the surface to which you are ultimately fastening. Hard subsurfaces may require a masonry drill bit. If your test hole seems unstable, you may need to use the screw+ anchor method.

Remove the keypad’s back panel

Depress the tab on the back of the keypad to remove the back panel.


Mark holes in wall for drilling

Use your level to position the back panel on the wall. Take your ballpoint pen or one of the included screws and poke it firmly through the center of each of the two rubber feet. Then mark the holes. Do not drill through the rubber feet.


Drill the holes

Use the drill bit size and type indicated in the drill bit chart. Drill holes in the two spots you marked with your pen.


Add adhesive to the back of the keypad


Peel off one side of the adhesive covering. Carefully place the adhesive on the rear side of the back panel.

Attach back panel to the wall

Firmly affix the back panel to the wall using the adhesive.  Then take the two screws and screw them into the wall through the holes you created in the back panel.


Attach keypad to the back panel

Remove the battery tab from the inside of the keypad. Hook the top of the keypad onto the top of the back panel, rocking it down to the bottom until you hear a click.


Set up keypad with the August app

In the August app, go to the lock settings screen, select “Add a Smart Keypad,” and follow the instructions.


Help Call 844-AUGUST1 (284-8781) or visit: for answers. 01.18-R1

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have to be close to the smart lock for it to work? I want to mount it around 20 feet away since I don’t like the way it appears.

The use case is for a maximum of a few feet and is compatible with metal or security doors. If your door is made of wood, you might possibly get away with 10 feet; otherwise, I advise no more than 5 feet. Make sure to run the test several times. When the keypad is in setup mode, you can use a Bluetooth scanning app on your phone to check the signal.

The numbers are backlit, right?

Yes… When you touch the keypad, they begin to glow red. The first number can be challenging because it doesn’t detect motion or anything similar, but you can turn on the lights by pressing the bottom button.

The August log entries are keypad capable. August Connect is it necessary?

The answers are indeed logged. If you wish to join from outside the house, you require August Connect. I need it since I want to be able to connect from other WiFi networks.

Do I need the hub to remotely add or remove codes?

When you first launch the app, you go to the home screen where you open the door. The bottom of the screen shows a figure with two individuals in it. When you go to the invite screen, you have two choices. The code is in the one that follows.

Does it have dual lock control?

No, only one August smart lock can be associated with a keypad at a time.

How are the batteries replaced in an August smart keypad?

I detach it from the wall by pushing the bottom tab, and then I open the door to the battery compartment.

Is it necessary to have a keypad on the inside and outside of the door? What is the entry/exit procedure for this keypad?

No. Only the August Smart Lock is compatible with this keypad. Deadbolt lock that can be manually opened from the inside. The door unlocks once you enter your code. Simply click the bottom button bearing the August logo to lock your door with a single motion.

How is it mounted?

There are two mounting screws included for the base. The base bracket then snaps onto the keypad.

Does this keypad require WiFi in order to function?

No. WiFi is not necessary for the keypad to function with the lock.

In the event that your home WiFi is lost for some reason, can the keypad still unlock the door?

Yes. If your WiFi is not connected to the router for some reason, you can still open with your phone using Bluetooth, but you won’t be able to open remotely.