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Audio Pro Addon Link 1 Speaker Converter | Makes Any Speaker Wireless



  • Product Dimensions 
    7.48 x 6.42 x 3.35 inches
  • Item Weight 
    5.6 ounces
  • Batteries 
    Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Speaker Connectivity 
    Bluetooth, Ethernet, Optical
  • Speaker Nominal Output Power 
    40 Watts
  • Speaker Type 
  • Brand
    Audio Pro 


Swedish audio business AUDIO PRO has a long history in high-end audio. We started making powered speakers in 1978, over 40 years ago, with the express goal of providing you with the highest sound quality at the best price. Due to their cutting-edge technology and excellent sound, Audio Pro introduced a line of active speakers in the 1970s that went on to become recognizable turning points in the history of speakers. The same objectives for speaker design and great sound from compact speakers are still being pursued by Audio Pro today. They are entirely wireless and powered. Any old stereo or turntable can become a WiFi multiroom speaker with the help of this useful gadget. If you don’t want to, just plug in Link 1 and utilize WiFi or Bluetooth to play music from your preferred music streaming apps. There’s no need to upgrade that outdated speaker system. Any speaker or home stereo system without wireless capability is compatible. Streaming wirelessly for all audio equipment. Plug in, pair, and play is the ideal combination.


A smart tiny multiroom player is the Link 1 device. Any audio equipment can be easily connected to the Audio Pro multiroom system. Any powered speakers, radios, hifi systems, or AV receivers can be connected.

How do I link my wireless professional speaker?

Later, you may position the speaker where you want it and use the app to check the device’s wifi connection to the router.

  • Download the Audio Pro Control app from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Join the speaker to an electrical outlet. Select “ON” for the speaker.
  • Observe the guidelines in the app.

What kind of speaker is Audio Pro

With an overall rating of 136, the Audio Pro ranks among the top 10 products we’ve evaluated in this price range. It has a relationship with the Yamaha MusicCast 50 and the JBL Xtreme 3. The Harman Kardon Citation 200 received the highest rating in this group, 147.

Direct connection

Your Spotify playing is made simple with Spotify [email protected] You can easily play from Apple Music and all other AirPlay services using [email protected]

Analog and optical connections

Any audio equipment with analog or optical inputs can be connected. Include powerful radios, stereos, receivers, and speakers in your Audio Pro multiroom configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a way to control volume using the app on ios? while the volume control is present on my iPhone x, it doesn’t actually change the volume level
    I haven’t found a way. There was a firmware update to the app on my iOS device today but I still don’t see volume control.
  • Can this item be used to stream music from a folder on my desktop PC through a powered speaker using an iPad as the controller/remote? 
    Yes, this can be used in this manner as long as you are using a media player with wifi streaming ability. You can control it via the Audio Pro iOS app.
  • Will this work on lv3 speakers and work without the wf-100 dongle? 
    If you want to use the Link-1 you will need to connect it to the dongle or the LV HUB.
  • I’m not getting any separation between r and l channels from my link 1, and I’ve tried optical and analog outputs. am i doing something wrong? 
    have you made sure the cables you are using support stereo and the audio file you are playing is also in a stereo format?
  • Does this mean it will not output wave files to the analog output of the unit, only to the digital output? is wav-to-analog a conversion? 
    It should play from any output, but it will not convert from WAV to other formats.
  • Does this unit support files encode in wav format? someone at audio pro says yes but their literature doesn’t list this format. 
    This will support wav format but will not convert to or from wav format, it will only play it.
  • Does the audio pro ecosystem play with google play music? 
    Yes you can stream google music to the speakers via Bluetooth.
  • I use airfoil on my mac to stream to multiple airplay devices (not airplay 2). will the pro link 1 show up in airfoil like my airport express device 
    In theory, yes. But we have not tested it with Airfoil.
  • Is Link 1 compatible with google home? Can I stream music to my hifi (through link 1) and several google minis at the same time?
    Link1 does not support Google Home. It requires different hardware.
  • Is the system capable of handling a library of 100,000+ lossless music files stored on a NAS unit? 
    My system has approx. 18,500 files in roughly 1,300 albums and I have no problem. I am not aware of any limit; the problem will be that the way the app appears to work, it may have to load the entire music folder from the NAS each time you use it and it will take a long time. I have to wait about 20 seconds for my files, you may have to wait a couple of minutes.
  • Will this device be recognized as an Airplay device by iTunes? 
    Yes it will be recognized as an Airplay device by any Airplay services.
  • What is the bit depth and sampling rate? will this work with amazon music unlimited? 
    The unit specifications say it works with FLAC but not WAV; however, I am able to stream WAV files from my computer at 16-bit/22.1kHz. As to Amazon Unlimited, I have Amazon Music but not the unlimited version and I generally use the Amazon app to stream that so I can’t say. But when I have tried to play Amazon Music using Alexa via the Audio Pro Control app, the unit has trouble streaming in that there is usually a large gap a second or two after the song starts.
  • After using the Audio Pro app to set up wireless input to an older receiver, can I then use another music management app to play files from a nas? 
    No, you can only play NAS and files stored on the PC from our app.
  • Will this device be recognizable as a “device” in Spotify to then stream music via wifi? 
    Yes, it should.
  • Will it support tidal? 
    Yes, it supports Tidal through our app but does not support Tidal Connect. It of course has Airplay 1 that you can make use of if you use an Apple device.
  • What is the voltage of the power supply? 110 or 220 v? 
    Hi, this will work from 100-240V at 50-60Hz.
  • Does this come with the 3.5 mm stereo to RCA cable? 
    Unfortunately, there is only a 3.5 to 3.5 in the box.
  • Is this 110v or 220 v ? or compatible for both? 
    This works from 100-240V.
  • If I have 2 c10 set up as a stereo pair, how do I connect my media/cd player? if the player is also connected to a tv, will the sound be in sync? 
    Using the LINK you can plug in your media player via the aux in and then it will connect via wifi to your speakers. Tv sounds should be in sync, if not most TVs or Media players have an audio delay adjustment setting.
  • I have one addon c10 and two a10 speakers, I’d like to connect them to my tv – would link1 allow me to do this? I have a receiver. 
    The Link1 is input-only; it can’t be used to broadcast to other AudioPro devices…which they will hopefully fix in the next revision because it’s a serious oversight. You can use your C10 as a source, connected to your receiver to send sound to your A10s.

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