Arylic Wireless Streaming Amplifier User Manual

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A50 is a WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 amplifier. Adding A50 to your current stereo system will enable you to stream music from your smart device, USB, NAS or streaming services, such as Spotify,Tidal or Qobuz etc by 4STREAM App, AirPlay, Bluetooth or other DLNA apps. Adding more units to your home audio system can set up a wireless multiroom or multizone whole house audio system, it will give you totally new and great experience to play and enjoy your music.

What’s in the box

Main Unit x 1

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User’s Manual x 1

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2-2RCA Cable x 1

Power Adapter x 1

Remote Control x 1

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Main Features

  • 50Wx2CH@4ohm,35Wx2CH@8ohm full digital amplifier.
  • Streaming music via network without distance limitation or Bluetooth5.0 up to 15 meters.
  • Bluetooth for true high resolution music.
  • Spotify connect, Airplay, Qplay, DLNA, UPnP streaming protocols supported.
  • Support streaming source from online services, smart device memory, USB pen drive, NAS, Bluetooth and line in.
  • Multiroom and multizone streaming enabled by mutiple units connected in same network.
  • All music sources can be restreamed in sync to other models from us. –
  • Airplay,Spotify Connect, Qplay, DLNA, UPnP protocol and 3rd party app compatible.
  • High quality music streaming support, sample rate decoding up to 24bit, 192kHz.
  • Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Napster, lots of online streaming services integrated to use in the app.
  • Free iOS and Android app available. – Free global online update for new features.
  • Full function remote controller to use without cellphone. – Line input for more possible external audio input
  • EQ adjustment via app or remote controller.
  • Preset playlist is availble and short buttons on remote controller for one button play.
  • iTunes working with PC streaming .


Connectivity Wireless network IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4G
LAN Single 10/100M RJ45
Bluetooth 5.0
USB Host Play USB music
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz
Power Input 24V/4.16A
Audio Input USB 2.0, Analog RCA
Audio Preout Analog RCA
Speaker Power 24V 8ohm 35W *2

24V 4ohm 55W *2

Speaker Impedance 4-8 ohms
Decoding Up to 24bit/192kHz
Dimensions 120x113x37mm



  1. LED: to show the device status.
  2. IR receiver: for remote control.
  3. Bluetooth Antenna: Used to pair with mobile devices using a popular wireless service.
  4. WPS: Used to activate the device hotspot when necessary.
  5. Line input: Analog input used to connect audio devices via an RCA cable.
  6. Line output: Analog pre-audio output to other devices.
  7. LAN: Wired connection to your router.
  8. USB Host : to connect USB pen drive.(1024 tracks at most)
  9. Speaker Terminals: Phoenix speaker terminal used to connect to speakers
  10. WiFi Antenna: Used for WiFi connection.
  11. DC: Connect to to DC Input.

Remote Controller

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Connection Diagram


How to Use

App Download
Download the 4STREAM application from App Store for iOS based devices and Google Play Store for Android based devices. The application supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portugese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese

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Option 1 – Connection via app

  1. Power the device.
  2. Connect your mobile devices to your network.
  3. Go for mobile device WLAN settings> Connect mobile device to hotspot SoundSystem_xxxx you will see a WiFi logo .(short press the reset button if the hotspot is not found)
  4. Open the 4STREAM application, follow the guides
  5. Choose the 2.4G network(only 2.4G network will appear), enter router password> wait for the device to be configured.
    * For multiple units connecting to same router, router password will be saved .graphical user interface, application

*Attention for Android users
Different brand mobile phones may ask you to allow to use SoundSystem WiFi network ,please choose yes, if not ,you may not able to set up successfully .

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Option 2 – Connection via LAN

  1. Plug in the wired cable to the RJ45 Ethernet, the device will show on the app in about 10 seconds. (Note: the cell phone and the device must be in the same network)

Option 3 – Bluetooth Pair

  1. Open the 4STREAM app.
  2. Choose the Bluetooth mode at the bottom of the music source page of 4STREAM app.(to activate the Bluetooth).
  3. Open the Bluetooth on the mobile device.
  4. Pair to device Bluetooth “SoundSystem”.

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App Features
Device setting

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Rename: To customize the device name.
Speaker Info: you will see the device information like Mac ID,device,IP, SSID etc. EQ: Open to control the device bass and treble.
Preset content: You will see all the preset contents here.
Sleep Timer: Countdown to stop the music.

To play local storage music

Click the “My Music” on the application and choose the music ready there. NOTES: the iOS based devices have blocked the access to iTunes library.

To play music from NAS
Please note that our system only support NAS with DLNA feature.

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To play line in mode

  • Connect the AUX cables to the TV or other audio sources
  • Choose line in mode on the application or remote control

To play Bluetooth mode

  • Choose the Bluetooth mode on the application or remote control, the LED will change to blue
  • Open the Bluetooth on your cellphone/tablet
  • Pair the device Bluetooth (SoundSystem) and play

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Streaming services
To use the online streaming services, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer may need to register account at the service provider platform.

To use Spotify, you have to own spotify premium account . You will find the device in the device list on the Spotify application and choose the device you want to play.
NOTE: one Spotify account can only streaming to one device at a time.

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The device supports AirPlay1, you can choose the AirPlay and play music

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Our devices support QQ music using the Qplay protocol, you have to turn on the Qplay in the QQ music player setting and then find the device in the Qplay list.

Multiroom and Multizone
Users can group multiroom and multizone on the Application, for example you can group device 1,2,3 and 4 together and play same music in sync, or group device 1 and 2 as zone A and device 3 and 4 as zone B, and play different music in zone A and zone B.

Left and right channel
Users can choose the right channel or left channel or stereo mode on the application, or choose left channel on device A and choose right channel on device B, and group them together and play in sync to make stereo.

There are 6 buttons on the remote control, users can preset play lists(only the lists with speaker icon can preset) on the application from 1~6 for example, then when you press button 1 on the remote, the preset list 1 will play. (Users can preset 10 playlists on the application, but the remote control can only save from 1-6).

Source mode change
Method 1: change on application Users can change play mode on the application, WiFi, Bluetooth, Line input and USB. To change from Bluetooth/line input/USB to WiFi, only need choose the online streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz or Spotify or cell phone local storage music or any music via DLNA or UPnP streaming. Method 2: change with remote control Users can use the remote control to change the play modes-WiFi, Bluetooth, Line input and USB.

Restore factory setting Two methods to restore device to factory setting Method 1-long press the reset button on the device for 8-10 seconds Method 2-go for “App setting-speaker info-restore factory setting”

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Firmware update
The application will notify you in app when there is a new fireware version available.It’s recommended to update fireware whenever available as this might not only correct bugs or improve security,but also can add new features or services.

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Play on PC
There are several tools to play music from the PC 9.1 To play music from iTunes on Mac and Windows PC Our devices can stream audio sources from local storage, media library in Mac and Windows PC and online services from iTunes. Users can easily play and switch music, control volume and choose the audio devices to group and upgroup the audio devices.

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To play music from Windows PC via Foobar2000 Our devices support UPnP protocol, with the popular foobar2000, you can play music from Windows PC to our devices. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the foobar2000 and install it.
  2. Refer to the doc how to add UPnP component at our website download column.
  3. Refer the link below how to add UPnP component php title=Foobar2000:How_to_install_a_component
  4. Restart the foobar2000, then check: Library>configure>output>device, you will see the PLAYER in device option column.
  5. Choose the device to play the music.

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Q: Do your devices support airplay and third-party DLNA apps?
Ans: Yes. They support airplay and third-party apps like BubbleUPNP…
Q: How many zones can you group in one system?
Ans: 12 rooms is the maximum, while 8 zones are recommended.
Q: What distance can your wireless audio system cover?
Ans: Once the system is connected to your WiFi router, you can stream your music anywhere there is a WiFi signal.
Q: Can it play high resolution music?
Ans: Yes. Our devices can play APE and FLAC within the normal bit rate range. They also support decoding 24bit/192kHz music files.
Q: How many languages do you support?
Ans: Our devices will auto-detect your mobile device language and change automatically. Currently, we support English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese and more on the way.
Q: What online music services do you support?
Ans: Spotify,Deezer,Quboz, Tidal, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Napster, and more, with more pending.
Q: Can I play local music?
Ans Yes. You can play music from “MY MUSIC” on the application from local storage devices such as mobile device storage, USB thumb drives and NAS.
Q: Can the device work with Windows devices?
Ans The Windows application is not available at the moment, but on the Windows PC, users can use iTunes, Foobar2000 and Spotify connect.
Q: Can all music sources play in multiroom mode?
Ans: Yes, the online streaming music, line input and Bluetooth all can play multiroom mode.
Q: Does your device support Google Assistant or Alexa?
Ans: Our devices donot support Alexa, yet through Bluetooth, our device can work with Google Assistant.



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Arylic Wireless Streaming Amplifier [pdf] User Manual
Wireless Streaming Amplifier, A50


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