Bluetooth LED Controller User Manual

Bluetooth controller User Manual

Brief Description

This controller support IOS 6.0 version and Android version 4.3 above. It can achieve remote control ,switch light, adjust brightness, CT, Dimmer, music and timer functions. There are 16 million colors and dozens of light changing modes. In addition. This controller is designed for LED strips, module etc. After easy installation and settings, you can use your Phone (IOS 6.0 or Android 4.3 version or above) to control. It can be used widely in bedroom ,living room ,entertaining place and operating atmosphere etc.

Technical Specification

Suitable Phone OS: IOS version 6.0 above or Android 4.3 version above.
Group control quantity: 8-10 lamps (Router can only connects lights)
Software language: English , Chinese, automatic recognize language according to OS.
Working Temperature: -20℃-60℃
Working Voltage: DC: 5V-24V
Output channel: 3CH/RGB,2CH/WC,CC, 1CH/DIM
Effective Remote Distance: it will depends on the router signal transmission



Software application

  1. First Bluetooth lamp plugged in, turn on the Bluetooth mobile phone (Settings -> Bluetooth), enter LedBle software automatically scans all Bluetooth devices and automatically connect the device
  2. The system default has a total of packet, the user can customize the group, in the group switch is closed, click on the group will enter the search interface to list all devices. This interface can see the connection status of the Bluetooth device list and device, click Add a new group, the same device can be added to different groups, click unbind all equipment will lift the group Figure:
  3. Click into the control interface
    Long press to modify the color or pattern
  4. Long DIY-icon press DIY color and pattern can be edited
    Click the appropriate colors and modules, LED will display changes, the slider can adjust the brightness of the lamp:
  5. Click Color-mode-user-option into the built-in interface mode
    The following slider can adjust the speed and brightness; can adjust the speed of dynamic and static can only adjust the brightness:
    Click Color-mode-user-option into User defined the interface
    you can customize the color and status and also adjust the speed
  6. Click Mobile-function-icons into DIM interface
  7. Click Mobile-function-icons into CT interface
  8. Click Mobile-function-icons into MUSIC interface
    Click Music-lib-option Add Music, Click Pop-soft-rock-option to select the output of light at different frequencies Click Edit-icon Edit color
    Here you can edit the output according to your color
    Click into Microphone interface
    Click the microphone output can be turned off
  9. Click Mobile-function-icons into TIMER interface
    Here you can set the opening and closing time of lamps, lighting and open state


Bluetooth LED Controller User Manual – Download [optimized]
Bluetooth LED Controller User Manual – Download

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