Alfred DB2S Smart Door Lock Deadbolt Touchscreen Keypad



NOTE: Only use this instruction if you already have a 1-1/2’’ (38 mm) hole on your door.

Tools Needed

Lock Installation
#2 Philips screwdriver

Door prep

  1. 1 (25 mm) boring bit
  2. Chisel and Hammer

Unpack the Lock

  • Inside escutcheon
    Confirm door handing direction.
    See illustration to the right
  • Latch Bolt
    Confirm Backset measurement

Note: Bolt ships with backset in 2-3/8″ position. If required, turn the bolt case and pull to extend to 2-3/4″ backset position.(see pictures below)
The bolt must be in retracted(Unlocked) position when you are changing backset.


IMPORTANT: The handing switch needs to be put in the direction the latch bolt is sliding when looking at the inside of your door. ie: if your latch bolt extends out on the left side of your door when standing inside looking at the door, then the Handing switch should be set to the “L” position”



  • Step 1: Temporarily insert latch bolt.
    • If your latch bolt cannot be inserted all the way to the end, you need to extend the latch hole. Follow the instruction in Step 2.
    • If the latch bolt sits properly, skip to Step 3.


  • Step 2 (OPTIONAL): If you do not need to extend the latch hole, go to Step 3.
    • Use a 1’’ (25 mm) boring bit to extend the latch hole to the correct depth based on your backset.
    • For 2-3/8’’ backset: 3-7/16”
    • For 2-3/4’’ backset: 3-13/16”
    • Then insert the latch bolt again to verify the fit.


  • Step 3: Test latch bolt operation.
    • Use a screwdriver to extend and retract bolt to check the operation. If it doesn’t rotate smoothly because the face bore hole is too small, you need to chisel out a small channel at the top of the hole for smooth rotation.
    • Follow the instruction in Step 4 for chiseling.
    • If the bolt operates smoothly, skip to Step 5.


  • Step 4 (OPTIONAL): If the latch bolt operation is smooth, skip to Step 5.
    Chisel out a channel. Then test the latch bolt operation again.


  • Step 5: Remove the firecap on the front panel of the lock.
    You are now ready to install the latch bolt and DB2S lock on your door. Please go back to the “DB2S Installation guide” and start from step 1 there.



Documents / Resources

Alfred DB2S Smart Door Lock Deadbolt Touchscreen Keypad [pdf] Instruction Manual
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