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Edition: 12.12.2018 – Revision
– 01 – RaR – DE/EN/FR/CZ/SL/HR/HU

ZIPPER ZI ELB70 Earth Auger - fig1



CE SYMBOL EC-CONFORM – This product complies with the EC directives.
Starkey Standard Charger & Custom-Consult READ THE MANUAL! Read the user and maintenance manual carefully and get familiar with the controls in order to use the machine correctly and to avoid injuries and machine defects.
ZIPPER ZI ELB70 Earth Auger - icon1 The danger of Intoxication! Only use outdoors and far from open windows and vents!
ZIPPER ZI ASA550E Vacuum Extractor - icon1 ATTENTION! Ignoring the safety signs and warnings applied on the machine as well as ignoring the security and operating instructions can cause serious injuries and even lead to death.
ZIPPER ZI ELB70 Earth Auger - icon2 Protective clothing! ( ear protectors, safety gloves, safety shoes, safety goggles or face protection and safety helmet, working wear)
ZIPPER ZI RD300 Heeled Dumper - icon14warning - 2 Burn hazard
ZIPPER ZI RD300 Heeled Dumper - icon5 Highly flammable! Naked flames are prohibited!
ZIPPER ZI RD300 Heeled Dumper - icon7 Solid Objects can be thrown away!
ZIPPER ZI ELB70 Earth Auger - icon3 Don´t touch rotating parts! 
ZIPPER ZI RD300 Heeled Dumper - icon9 Keep safe distance! 


3.1 components

ZIPPER ZI ELB70 Earth Auger - fig2


I-1  Bar holder
I-2  Spark plug cap
I-3  Air filter
I-4  Recoil starter
I-5  Fuel tank cap
I-6  Fuel tank
I-7 Operating handle
I-8  Drill adapter
I-9  Fuel pump

delivery content

ZIPPER ZI ELB70 Earth Auger - fig3


  1. Aggregate
  2. drill Ø 100mm
  3. drill Ø 150mm
  4. drill Ø 200mm
  5.  tools
  6. operation manual
  7. manual crank
    ZI-ELB70 (FIG: B) optional
  8. drill extension bar

technical details


engine type 2-stroke engine JR1E44F-5 (EUV)
displacement 51,7 cm³
Engine power 1,5kW (@7500min-1)
idle speed 3000 min-1
drill speed ~280 min -1
start recoil
ignition electronic
fuel tank capacity 1,2 l
Mixing ratio gasoline: oil 40:1
drill length (extension bar length) 700 mm (450 mm)
drill diameter 200 / 150 / 100mm
drill weights 3 / 2,3 / 1,8 kg
sound pressure level 97 dB(A) k: 3dB(A)
sound power level 114 dB(A) k: 3dB(A)
vibration 18m/s2 k:1,5m/s²
weight (without drill) 8,5 kg


Dear Customer!
This manual contains important information and advice for the correct and safe use and maintenance of the earth auger ZI-ELB70.
Following the usual commercial name of the device (see cover) is substituted in this manual with the name “machine”. The manual is part of the machine and may not be stored separately. Read it profoundly before the first use of the machine and keep it for later reference. When the machine is handed to other persons always put the manual to the machine.

Please follow the security instructions!
ZIPPER ZI ASA550E Vacuum Extractor - icon Please read the entire manual, to prevent misunderstandings, machine damage or even injuries! Due to the continuous development of our products illustrations, pictures might differ slightly. If you however find errors in this manual, please inform us.

Technical changes excepted!
Copyright law
© 2016
This manual is protected by copyright law – all rights reserved. Especially the reprinting as well as the translation and depiction of pictures will be prosecuted by law. Court of jurisdiction is the Landesgericht Linz or the competent court for 4707 Schlüsslberg, AUSTRIA.

Customer Support

Gewerbepark 8, 4707 Schlüsslberg AUSTRIA
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Mail: [email protected]


10.1 Intended Use 

The machine must only be used for its intended purpose! Any other use is deemed to be a case of misuse.
To use the machine properly you must also observe and follow all safety regulations, the assembly instructions, operating and maintenance instructions lay down in this manual.
All people who use and service the machine have to be acquainted with this manual and must be informed about the machine’s potential hazards. It is also imperative to observe the accident prevention regulations in force in your area. The same applies for the general rules of occupational health and safety. The machine is used for:
Drilling cylindrical holes in soil (loam, topsoil, sand, or the like). These can be holes for planting small trees, installing fencing posts, or the like.
Any manipulation of the machine or its parts is a misuse, in this case, ZIPPER-MASCHINEN and its sales partners cannot be made liable for ANY direct or indirect damage.
Even when the machine is used as prescribed it is still impossible to eliminate certain residual risk factors.

ZIPPER ZI ASA550E Vacuum Extractor - icon1 WARNING 
  • Use only drills allowable for this machine!
  • Never use a damaged drill!
  • Use the machine never with defective or without mounted guard
  • The earth auger may only be used in its vertical position (drill downwards)!
  • This machine is only designed for outdoor use (garden) and must be held with both hands during operation!
  • If possible position yourself downwind to avoid inhaling the exhaust gases!

Ambient conditions
The machine may be operated:
humidity………….. max. 70%
temperature………… +5°С to +40°С (+41°F to +104°F)
The machine shall not be operated in areas exposed to increased fire or explosion hazard.

Prohibited use

  • The operation of the machine outside the stated technical limits described in this manual is forbidden.
  • the machine may not be used:
    – in ice, stone or rock
    – in areas where electric cables, gas, water, or telephone lines are buried
    – in a pit or sewer (missing ventilation!)
  • The use of the machine not according to the required dimensions is forbidden.
  •  The use of the machine not being suitable for the use of the machine and not being certified is forbidden.
  • Any manipulation of the machine and parts is forbidden.
  • The use of the machine for any purposes other than described in this user manual is forbidden.
  • The unattended operation on the machine during the working process is forbidden!
  •  It is not allowed to leave the immediate work area during the work is being performed.

13.1 Security instructions 

Missing or non-readable security stickers have to be replaced immediately!
To avoid malfunction, machine defects, and injuries, read the following security instructions!
The locally applicable laws and regulations may specify the minimum age of the operator and limit the use of this machine!

  • Use the machine only in good enough light to allow a safe operation can be guaranteed.
  • In tiredness, decreased concentration, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the work on the machine is prohibited!
  • Caution in slippery conditions – slip hazard – the risk of injury. When working, robust and non-slip footwear. Slides/stumble/traps are a major cause of serious injury
  • When operating the max. the allowable slope of the working environment is 15 °!
  • Keep attention by working on uneven ground or ground with a slope!
  • Working on icy or slippery ground is forbidden!
  • No other person, children or pets shall remain within 15m!
  • The machine must be operated only by trained persons (knowledge and understanding of this manual), which have no limitations of motor skills compared with conventional workers.
  • Unauthorized persons, especially children and not trained personnel must be kept away from the running machine!
  • Do not wear loose clothing, long hair openly or loose jewelry like necklaces, etc. when operating the machine
  • They might be caught by rotating parts and cause serious injuries.
  • Use personal safety equipment: ear protectors, safety gloves in EN 388, class 3111, safety shoes S1, safety goggles or face protection, and a safety helmet when working with the machine
  • WARNING: Gasoline is highly flammable!
  • Smoking and open flames are prohibited during refueling. Do not refuel when the engine and carburetor are still very hot.
  • Refuel only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.
  • Avoid contact with skin and clothes (fire hazard).
  • Check after refueling the tank cap and check for leaks.
  • The danger of burns! During the operation flow of hot exhaust gases and engine parts such as the muffler and engine become hot.
  • Never place a hot machine in dry grass or other easily flammable materials.
  • After the operation, the machine must cool down. Otherwise, there is an imminent risk of burns
  • Ensure yourself that there are neither water nor gas pipes nor electric lines installed underground in the working area.
  • Ensure that there are no loose objects lying around in the working area.
  • Eliminate high grass, bushes, etc. from the immediate working area. They might be winded up by the rotating drill and block it.
  • Take especially care, if the ground contains many stones or roots. An unattended stalling of the drill might easily cause an accident
  • Never leave the machine running unattended!
  • Switch off the machine before maintenance or adjustment.
  • Never lift or carry the machine with the engine running
  • Store in a dry, out of reach of children place and empty Tank completely
ZIPPER ZI ASA550E Vacuum Extractor - icon3 NOTICE
Emergency procedure
A first-aid kit in accordance with ISO 3864 should always be readily available for possible accidents. Initiatetheviolationin accordance with the necessary first aid measures. When requesting support, provide the following details:
1. Place of accident 2. Type of accident
3. Number of injured people 4. Injury type(s)

13.2 Remaining risk factors
Even if the machine is used as required it is still impossible to eliminate certain residual risk factors totally. The following hazards may arise in connection with the machine´s construction and design:

  • Risk of noise:
    Working for a long time can damage your hearing if you do not use very good hearing protection.
  • Risk to the hands or fingers:
    Access while it is working in the mowing apparatus. After the operation, the machine must cool down. Otherwise, there is an acute risk of scalding!
  • Vibration:
    The declared vibration emission value has been for a standardized test is measured and can be used to compare one tool with another electric are. The declared vibration emission value may also be used for a preliminary assessment of exposure.
    The emission level of vibration can be different from the specified value during the actual use of the electric tool, depending on the manner in which the power tool is used. When you feel uncomfortable or notice discoloration of the skin on your hands during the use of the machine, stop working immediately. Observe sufficient break times to rest. Failure to have sufficient break times may result in a hand-arm vibration syndrome. The extent of exposure depending on the type of work or machine use should be estimated and appropriate breaks are taken. In this way, the extent of exposure can be considerably reduced over the entire work time. Minimize the risk caused by vibrations. Maintain this machine according to the instructions in the manual.
  • Risk of thrown out objects:
    When working with earth augers there is a danger that stones and other objects are thrown out with injury potential by drilling. The risk of injury can be reduced by wearing appropriate safety equipment but not entirely eliminated. Make sure that other people or animals are not staying within the danger area.
  • Risks of working area:
    Ensure yourself that there are neither water nor gas pipes nor electric lines installed underground in the working area.
  • Risk of burns:
    Touching the mufflers, exhaust, and other machine components which can be hot after a prolonged continuous operation or when the engine is hot causes severe burns.
  • Risk of fire and explosion:
    Gasoline is highly flammable and explosive under certain conditions. NEVER refuel fuel or engine oil while the machine is in operation or is hot. When refueling and at places where fuel is stored not smoke or allow open flames or sparks. Do not overfill the fuel tank and avoid the spillage of gasoline during refueling. If fuel is spilled make sure the area is completely dry and cleaned before starting the engine. Make sure that the filler cap is tightly closed again after refueling safely.
  •  Chemical risks:
    Never use or refuel a gasoline or diesel engine in a closed area without adequate ventilation. Carbon monoxide emissions from the internal drive units of the engine can cause in confined spaces through inhalation health effects and death. Therefore use the machine only in well-ventilated rooms or outdoors in operation. Liquid fuels can cause serious damage to the skin and the environment.
  • Risk of kickback
    Through sudden blocking of the drill, it may, until the slip clutch begins to come to a sudden twist of the body.  These risk factors can be minimized through obeying all security and operation instructions, proper machine maintenance, proficient and appropriate operation by persons with technical knowledge and experience. In spite of all safety is and remains her healthy common sense and their corresponding technical qualification/training for use of the machines most important safety factor!


Unpack the machine and check the machine for any transport damage and for completeness of delivery.
14.1 Operation instructions

ZIPPER ZI ASA550E Vacuum Extractor - icon3 NOTICE 
  • The machine is delivered pre-assembled, only the drill must be fitted before operation.
  • If the rotating parts (drills) are mounted incorrectly, it can lead to serious accidents! Check before starting work the correct mounting of the drill.
  • Mount the drill only with the supplied shear pin and split pin.
  • Drill deeper holes within 2-3 working steps!
  • Is the ground with many roots and/or stones keep extreme caution: Be especially careful that you do not meet an unexpected blocking of the drill by jamming in a root or a large stone unprepared.
  • Before use check the earth’s auger for dust and dirt particles, particularly the engine cooling air inlet, carburetor, and air filter. Clean if necessary.
  • The first 10 hours of operation the machine shall not be operated but only at medium engine speed. Do not operate the engine at max. speed right from the start, as the engine itself as well as the gearing components, need a running-in time. The engine itself reaches its max. capacity after the first 10 hours of operation. Non-compliance with this instruction reduces your engine lifespan substantially. To reduce the max. possible engine speed, turn the adjustment knob (H-5), so that the throttle lever (H-4) cannot be pushed entirely in

14.2 Operation
14.2.1 Mounting drill 

  • To mount the drill (Fig. A) turn the aggregate upside down
  • Put the drill to the drill adapter that you can plug the shear pin through the holes.
  • Insert the shear pin (Fig. J;b) through the drill and drill adapter and secure the shear pin with the split pin.
    By using the drill extension bar (Fig. B) mount it like a drill and mount the drill as described above.

14.2.2 Refueling
The machine is run by gasoline (been free engine fuel)-oil mixture. You need for the 2Stroke engine a fuel mixture of 40:1. Ensure yourself that no particles get into the fuel tank when refueling. Use a filter.
ZIPPER MASCHINEN strongly recommends the usage of HQ premixed fuels especially recommended for 2-stroke motors. Many of them keep their consistency even after long periods of storage. If you prefer to mix your own fuel please use HQ Synthetic Oil for 2-stroke engines. Synthetic oil reduces the accumulation of soot on the spark plug, cylinder, engine cock, and exhaust pipe. This increases the degree of lubrication and prolongs the engine’s lifespan.

ZIPPER ZI ASA550E Vacuum Extractor - icon3 HIN WEI S
Shake fuel tank prior to every usage! During storage oil descents slowly in the fuel
tank. If you start the engine under this condition, it has barely any lubrication which
would lead to severe engine damage. No warranty

14.2.3 Cold starting

  1. Put the machine with the drill to the ground. The drill must be moved freely.
  2. Put the choke into position ON as shown in (Fig. C).
  3. Put the switch (H-3) into position START.
  4. Push the fuel pump (I-9) 3-5 times (Fig. K).
  5. Press the security lever (H-1) with the heel of your hand.
  6. Operate the throttle lever (H-4).
  7. Push the locking lever (H-2) in order to block the throttle lever to increase idling.
  8. Now grab the bar holder (I-1) and with the other hand the starter handle (I-4) and pull it out briskly! Repeat if necessary
  9. The engine starts with increased idle speed!
  10. After the engine has started push the throttle lever (H-4) and the locking lever (H-2) will be unlocked. Now the engine runs at normal idle speed.
  11. If the engine runs clear put the choke into position OFF as shown in (Fig. D).
  12. Let the engine run in idle speed for 2-3 Minutes!

14.2.4 Warm starting 

  1. Put the machine with the drill to the ground. The drill must be moved freely.
  2. Put the switch (H-3) into position START.
  3. Now grab the bar holder (I-1) and with the other hand the starter handle (I-4) and pull it out briskly! Repeat if necessary.

If the machine does not start after several attempts repeat the procedure as for cold starting.

14.2.5 Stopping the engine 

The engine can stop at any time (especially in danger) by releasing the throttle lever and putting the switch (H-3) into the STOP position.
We recommend first lifting the drill out of the hole then releasing the throttle and then putting the switch (H-3) in position STOP.
Wait until the drill stands still. Now you can put down the machine.

ZIPPER ZI ASA550E Vacuum Extractor - icon1 WARNING
Stop the engine immediately in case of imminent danger! 

14.3 Operating

  • Remove loose objects lying around in the immediate working area. They might be winded up by the rotating drill and block it.
  • Take a safe position and hold the auger firmly on both handles.
  • Put the tip of the auger on the ground and start the process carefully and increase gradually the speed.
  • Drill holes without exerting too much bodyweight on the auger. Allow the auger to advance by its own weight.
  • If the auger drill is jammed in the soil and cannot be pulled out, stop the engine remove the aggregate, mount the manual crank, and turn out the drill counterclockwise.


ZIPPER ZI ASA550E Vacuum Extractor - icon1 ATTENTION 
No cleaning, upkeep, checks or maintenance when the machine is running
Shut off the machine and let it cool down before starting servicing!

The machine does not require intense maintenance. However, to ensure a long lifespan, we strongly recommend following the upkeep and maintenance plan. Repairs must be carried out by specialists! Use original ZIPPER parts only! Ware safety gloves if you mount or demount drills! Damaged drills may never be straightened or welded!

Only properly maintained equipment may be a satisfactory tool. Care and maintenance deficiencies can cause unpredictable accidents and injuries. Repairs should be performed only by authorized service centers.
Improper operation may damage the equipment or endanger your safety.

15.1 Maintenance plan 

Controls for the maintenance of the machine
Loose or lost screws, nuts, bolts Regularly prior to each operation
Damage of any part of the machine Regularly prior to each operation
Damage of drills Regularly prior to each operation
Fuel tank of tightness Regularly prior to each operation
Machine cleaning Regularly after operation
Cleaning spark plug Every 25 working hours
Cleaning air filter Every 20-30 working hours

15.2 Cleaning
Clean the machine and the working attachment from soil, dust, grass, chips, small twigs, etc. Clean the machine housing with a wet cloth and a mild cleaning solution. Put on all coatless flats a thin coat of oil.

The usage of solvents, aggressive chemicals, or scouring agents damages the machine housing.

15.2.1 Clean the air filter
A clogged air filter reduces the engine’s power output drastically and causes engine disfunction. Furthermore, it reduces the engine’s lifespan! Loosen with a hex key the screw fixes the air filter cover (Fig. E). Take off the cover and remove the filter (Fig. F). Clean the air filter (Fig G) with water. Wring it out strongly. Let it dry. Drip some drops of oil onto the filter. Mount the filter back and mount it on the cover again.
15.2.2 Clean the spark plug
Take off the spark plug cap (I-2). Loosen and remove the spark plug. Clean it with a small brush from soot debris. The contact distance shall account for approx. 0, 5mm or ~ credit card thickness.
15.2.3 Carburettor

Carburetor adjustments should be carried out only by trained specialist personnel!

15.2.4 Storage
If you store the machine longer than 30 days:

  •  Allow the engine to cool down before storing the machine
  • Drain fuel from the fuel tank and carburetor and store the fuel in a suitable container.
  • Store the unused machine in a dry place out of the reach of children.

15.2.5 Disposal
Dustbin Icon Do not dispose of the machine, machine components fuel, and oil in residual waste. Contact your local authorities for information regarding the available disposal options. When you buy at your local dealer for a replacement unit, the latter is obliged to exchange your old.


Trouble Possible cause  Solution 
Engine does not start  Incorrect starting sequence Observe the correct starting sequence
Dirty air filter Clean/replace the air filter
No fuel supply Refuel
Fault in the fuel line Check the fuel line for kinks or damages
Engine flooded. Screw off, clean, and dry the spark plug. Then pull the cranking rope several times and reinstall the spark plug
Spark plug connector not placed on. Place on the spark plug connector
No ignition spark Clean/replace the spark plug
Check ignition cable
Engine starts and is stalled immediately Incorrect idle adjustment Contact customer service
The machine works with interruptions Carburetor incorrectly adjusted Contact customer service
Spark plug fouled Clean/replace the spark plug
Check spark plug connector
Smoke  Incorrect fuel mixture Use the correct fuel mixture
Carburetor incorrectly adjusted Contact customer service
Machine does not work with full performance  Machine overloaded Too much pressure
soil too tough
Dirty air filter Clean/replace the air filter
Carburetor incorrectly adjusted Contact customer service
Drill rotates at idling  Idle speed too high Adjust a lower idle speed
The drill rotates but has no power  Choke is ON Set Choke to OFF
Drill jumps  Drill damaged Replace a new drill
Unsuitable, stony soil impossible
ZIPPER ZI ASA550E Vacuum Extractor - icon3 NOTICE 
Should you in necessary repairs not able to properly to perform or you have not
the prescribed training for it always attracts a workshop to fix the problem. 


With original ZIPPER spare parts, you use parts that are attuned to each other shortening the installation time and elongating the lifespan of your machine.


The installation of other than original spare parts voids the warranty!
So you always have to use original spare parts
When you place a spare parts order please use the service formula you can find in the last chapter of this manual. Always take note of the machine type, spare parts number, and part name. We recommend copying the spare parts diagram and marking the spare part you need.
You find the order address in the preface of this operation manual.


ZIPPER ZI ELB70 Earth Auger - fig4

1 engine 1
2 connecting plate 1
3 inner hexagon screw M6x20 4
4 gear case assy 1
5 inner hexagon combination screw M6x45 4
6 shock-absorbing rubber 2
7 handle cover 1
8 earth driller frame 1
9 switch & gas lever & cable 1
10 switch assy 1
11 hex screw M12*16 1
12 straight pin & R shape pin 1
13 inner hexagon combination screw M6x30 4
14 driller bit 1


  1. Warranty:
    Company ZIPPER Maschinen GmbH grants mechanical and electrical components a warranty period of 2 years for amateur use; and a warranty period of 1 year for professional use, starting with the purchase of the final consumer. In case of defects during this period, which are not excluded by paragraph 3, ZIPPER will repair or replace the machine at its own discretion.
  2. Report:
    In order to check the legitimacy of warranty claims, the final consumer must contact his dealer. The dealer has to report in written form the occurred defect to ZIPPER. If the warranty claim is legitimate, ZIPPER will pick up the defective machine from the dealer. Returned shipping by dealers which have not been coordinated with ZIPPER, will not be accepted and refused.
  3. Regulations:
    a) Warranty claims will only be accepted, when a copy of the original invoice or cash voucher from the trading partner of ZIPPER is enclosed to the machine. The warranty claim expires if the accessories belonging to the machine are missing.
    b) The warranty does not include free checking, maintenance, inspection or service works on the machine. Defects due to incorrect usage of the final consumer or his dealer will not be accepted as warranty claims either. Some examples: usage of wrong fuel, frost damage in water tanks, leaving fuel in the tank during the winter, etc.
    c) Defects on wear parts are excluded, e.g. carbon brushes, collection bags, knives, cylinders, cutting blades, clutches, sealings, wheels, saw blades, splitting crosses, riving knives, riving knife extensions, hydraulic oils, oil/air/fuel filters, chains, spark plugs, sliding blocks, etc.
    d) Also excluded are damages on the machine caused by incorrect or inappropriate usage, if it was used for a purpose which the machine is not supposed to, ignoring the user manual, force majeure, repairs or technical manipulations by not authorized workshops or by the customer himself, usage of non-original ZIPPER spare parts or accessories.
    e) After inspection by our qualified personnel, resulted in costs (like freight charges) and expenses for not legitimated warranty claims will be charged to the final customer or dealer.
    f) In case of defective machines outside the warranty period, we will only repair them after advance payment or dealer’s invoice according to the cost estimate (incl. freight costs) of ZIPPER.
    g) Warranty claims can only be granted for customers of an authorized ZIPPER dealer who directly purchased the machine from ZIPPER. These claims are not transferable in the case of multiple sales of the machine.
  4. Claims for compensation and other liabilities:
    The liability of company ZIPPER is limited to the value of goods in all cases. Claims for compensation because of poor performance, lack, damages, or loss of earnings due to defects during the warranty period will not be accepted. ZIPPER insists on its right to the subsequent improvement of the machine.

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  • Impressions and suggestions for improvement.
  • experiences that may be useful for other users and for product design
  • Experiences with malfunctions that occur in specific operation modes

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