zhiliao Smart Video Doorbell


IR LED In the event of inadequate ambient light, turn on the IR LED to increase the brightness
Light Sensor Used to collect ambient light. When luminance is lower than 2 Lux, turn on the IR LED
MIC Used to collect ambient sound and achieve vocal dialogue
Button Used to wake up the Equipment to notify the user of any visitor and link to the buzz responder
PIR When someone moves in front of the equipment, triggers a signal that is generated and sent to the cell phone
Lens Lens Used to collect the image and video
Indicator Light When the Blue Indicator Light is blinking, the Equipment is in the configuration status; When the Red Indicator Light is always ” ON “, the WiFi connection has failed;
When the Blue Indicator Light is always ” ON “, the Equipment is successfully connected; When the Red and Blue Indicator Lights are ” ON ” at the same time, the Equipment is connected to Wifi;
Speaker Used to send out a system prompting sound and achieve vocal dialogue

Battery introduction

  1. It need to charge 12 hours on the 1st charging
  2. Please make sure the button on the bottom of battery have been turn ” on ” otherwise, it will not charging or power on for a long time
  3. When you charge the battery, the led indicators will be flash blue, After fully charged the led indicators will be stable blue

Packing List

M5 Video Doorbell


32G TF Card

Power Cable

Security Screw

Connecting Doorbell To Your Phone

Download the APP – XSH Cam

Scan the following the QR code or search ” XSH Cam ” on the app store to download the app. Note: Allow the app to send notifications to your phone firstly.


Prepare before connection

Before you begin…

  1. Make sure the Xsh Cam app is installed to your device.
  2. Make sure that your device is connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, NOT a 5GHz network.
  3. Make sure the rechargeable battery have been fully charged before connection
  4. Please make sure the button on the bottom of battery have been turn ” on “otherwise, it will not charging or power on for a long time
Connecting Doorbell with App
  1. Tap “Add a Device”
  2. Tap ” Setup Device” Note: If you have multiple devices, only setup one at a time
  3. Before setup, make sure the device is in configuration long press the “Reset Button” for 5 seconds with a voice prompt “The camera is now ready to begin pairing”. Then tap ” Yes”
  4. The name of the Wi-Fi network will automatically be filled in, enter the Wi-Fi password. The APP will fill the corresponding password automatically if connected with the same Wi-Fi, and you don’t need to fill the password again. Then please tap ” Next”

    Tips: If the app don’t pick up the wifi name automatically, that mean the app are not get the authority of your phone Please go to the phone setting to allow the app works, if still not work please remove the app and download again
  5. The mobile device will emit sound waves, keep quiet and make sure about 30cm distance between the phone and the device , and waiting for the device to configure the network.
    Note: Do not mute your phone
  6. If your doorbell fails to connect, reset the doorbell and repeat all the steps ( please see the previous section, and reset the doorbell)
  7. After a successful connection, you will be prompted to create a name and password for your camera.

    Note:  Please select: ” Non Chinese Mainland ” when you ” select the area where the device is located ” Otherwise, the cloud video will not work properly
  8. Setup completed! The APP will be entered the device list interface automatically. Congratulations! The device is ready for use.

Doorbell Function Instruction

Basic Settings

Go to ” Device List “, Click “” on the top right corner, to enter the following basic Settings

Push mode: Change the Alert Mode

Notification: Message you on every doorbell ringing and every motion alert
Call in: Calling you on every doorbell ringing and every motion alert
Silence Mode: Keep silence on every doorbell ringing and every motion alert

Share QR code: Share doorbell to family or friend

Step to share

  1. Go to ” Device list “, Click “” on the top right corner
  2. Click ” Share QR code ” to get the QR code to share
  3. Take your family or friend’s phone to download “XSH cam” app
  4. Open ” XSH cam “, Click ” Add a Device ” – ” Scan QR code “
  5. To Scan the QR code you have shared. Then the doorbell have added more users
Delete device / camera

Delete the doorbell, you will not got any notification but the doorbell still work.
And other connected phone still able to get the notification

Menu Instruction

Record or picture
Cruise: Not functional on this camera
Settings: More device Settings here
Switch: Enlarged the video picture
Ringing Video and Detection Video will be here (Only available for Cloud storage but not SD card)
Album: Only Saved for the manual recorded Video or picture manual Screenshot, Not Used for automatically
Power Status: Checking any battery Status here

SD Video/HD Video: Choose Different Resolution: SD Video Or HD video(Standard Video or High Standard video)

Device Settings

Click ” Settings ” on Menu – ” Device Settings ” To get more settings

SD Card / Cloud Storage Settings

Cloud Storage Settings
Cloud Video/Storage: Enable it to get cloud storage service
Note: Cloud Storage is free.7day loop recording Each record only 8S. couldn’t change it

SD card Storage Settings
Cloud Video/Storage: Disable it to get Micro SD card inserted for storage Checking and SD card capacity and Format SD card here

Checking Recorded Video

Checking Recorded Video on Cloud storage
Please find the ” cloud video” on the live video interface to check all could video

Cloud video only 8S.Could Not Change. All cloud video could download to your phone

Checking Recorded Video on SD card
Please drag the timeline to the yellow area to play the recorded video. Yellow area is the recorded Video

SD video could download from SD card Video Length setup by the active time

Active Time / Dormancy Time

Recording time setup. Only available for SD card storage
15S.30S.60S: choose different record time after the PIR motion detection have been triggered for recording

Always: Always in recording mode no matter if there is any movement.
But it only worked for SD card storage And battery are easy to run out

PIR detection: Motion Detection Setup

Disable: Close the PIR detection
Low: doorbell wake up after it detects human for 7s. then take video and alert at same time
Medium: doorbell wake up after it detects human for 5s. then take video and alert at same time
High: doorbell wake up after it detects human at least 1s. then take video and alert at same time
Note: In crowded environment, it is recommended to close or set the device to low sensitivity to reduce device arousal and call times to extend battery life

LED mode Setup

Turn on / off the LED on the doorbell button

Disable: Turn off the LED on the doorbell button
Enable: Turn on the LED on the doorbell button


Orientation :Change the
Orientation of the video


Environment: Turn on / turn off the Night IR or back light, Hight light compensation to make the video in a better view

Power Frequency

Power frequency: Change the power frequency for the doorbell

Note for using

  1. The device is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries. New battery is not fully charged. Please charge it firstly on the 1st installation. After power off, then you could charge it by connecting USB cable with usb adapter, power bank, PC or laptop. The mobile device APP will be prompted while the battery voltage is low. Please charge the device after received the reminder.
  2. Keep the camera in range of your router. Make sure to pick a place within range of your network. Thick or insulated doors can greatly reduce the strength of your Wi-Fi signal even if your router is close by, so you should try streaming video before you mount your camera.
  3. The device is a low power consumption intelligent products, can support remote wake up from the APP, PIR human detection, press doorbell wake up. The device will be works for 30 seconds after wake up then be in the resting state automatically and until to next waking up.

Setup Video instruction

1.Please Scan below QR code to watch the instruction guide 2.Or Please go the YouTube, and search ” Zhiliao M5 Video doorbell “ to watch it.

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Documents / Resources

zhiliao Smart Video Doorbell [pdf] User Guide
Smart Video Doorbell

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