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安裝指南泰迪 TLV1.0

Read installation guide and user manual
and learn how to use your device in a safe and proper manner.


tedee TLV1.0 - figure 31

Teddie lock is a smart door lock that can be fitted to GERDA modular cylinder or any other euro-profile 氣缸使用特殊的適配器。
Teddie smart lock allows you to unlock the door, share access, and check all activities remotely.
這本小冊子會給你一個結束view of the basic features of tedee lock and will help you walk through the setup in three easy steps.

the lock setup – go to page 9

3簡單的步驟tedee TLV1.0 - figure 32


警告: 閱讀所有安全指南和警告。 不遵守指南和警告可能會導致觸電、火災和/或嚴重傷害。
safety guidelines/warnings

BOSS FS 6 雙腳踏開關 - 符號 2請勿

  • 請勿打開、修改或拆卸您的設備。
  • 不要自助服務設備的任何部分。
  • 請勿將設備浸入任何液體中或將其暴露在潮濕環境中。
  • Do not use the device near an extreme heat source or open fire.
  • Do not use the device in an environment of high humidity or dust levels, as well as pollution degree II.
  • 請勿將任何導電物體插入設備開口和間隙。
  • 兒童不應在沒有成人監督的情況下使用該設備。
  • The device cannot be used as the only mean of access control to rooms or premises that require increased access control.

tedee TLV1.0 - icon 12Do

  • If repairs are required, please contact technical support.
  • Use only power supply devices provided or recommended by the.
  • Read the installation guide and learn how to start working with your device, how to add it to your free app and how to pair it with other tree devices.  You can also follow the link:

tedee TLV1.0 - icon移動部件

  • 該設備包含移動部件。 遠程操作設備時,不建議將手放在外殼上。


  • This device is safe to use under normal and reasonably foreseeable misuse operating code of conduct. If you notice any signs of errors or hardware malfunction, contact technical support for help. In such case, this device should be returned to the for necessary repairs under the warranty conditions. Any changes or modifications to the device’s hardware or software that are not approved, recommended, or provided by the may void your warranty.

charging and maintenance guidelines/warnings


  • 您的產品由可充電鋰電池供電。
  • 如果處理不當,本產品中使用的鋰聚合物電池可能存在火災或化學灼傷的風險。
  • 如果損壞,鋰聚合物電池可能會爆炸。
  • 炎熱或寒冷的環境可能會降低電池的容量和壽命。
  • 充滿電的電池在閒置時會隨著時間的推移而失去電量。
  • 為獲得最佳性能,電池需要至少每 3 個月充電一次。
  • 請勿作為家庭垃圾或火中處理,因為它們可能會爆炸。
  • If, for any reason, the battery is damaged and the electrolyte (liquid leakage from the device) is leaking, exposure to the substance must be kept to a  minimum and:
  • 如果吞食,請漱口並儘快就醫。
  • In case of contact with skin, wash with plenty of water. If skin irritation or rash occurs, consult a doctor.
  • In case of contact with eyes, carefully rinse eyes with water for several minutes. Contact a doctor.
  • 在充電過程中,請勿讓裝有 LiPo 電池的設備無人看管。
  • Avoid direct contact with a leaky/damaged battery. This is particularly true if liquid leaking from the device occurs. Avoid contact with liquid, ensure airflow in the room, and report the fault to tedee’s customer service department for further safe handling.
  • Do not insert any conductive objects in device openings and gap – it may cause short-circuits.
  • 根據當地法規處理電池。 請盡可能回收利用。
  • Information about the battery level is available in the tender app. Do not leave a fully charged battery connected to a charger – overcharging may shorten its lifetime.
  • Neither Tree Sp. z o.o. nor our retailers assume any liability for failure to comply with these warnings and safety guidelines. By purchasing this device, the buyer assumes all risks associated with LiPo batteries. If you do not agree with these conditions, return the device immediately before use.
  • Batteries in the lock are not interchangeable. Do not remove or replace the battery in your device. Any attempt to do so is risky and may result in product damage and/or injury.
  • Additional instructions for professional facilities dealing with battery and accumulator recycling: (1) in order to remove the battery, remove the cover with the logo from the front side of the lock, (2) using a T6 screwdriver remove the two mounting screws, (3)try and remove the  PCB, (4 ) using a  soldering iron, warm-up both pads to release the motor ires connected to the PCB, (5) after desoldering, you can disconnect the CB from the motor, (6) you can now manually remove the battery.


  • 僅使用為本產品指定的經批准的附件為您的設備充電。
  • Use only sources that comply with the manufacturer’s specifications and have the safety approvals required in your country.
  • Disconnect the product from the power supply before cleaning. It shall be wiped with a dry cloth only.
  • While unplugging the power cord or any accessory, grasp and pull out the plug, not the cord itself. Never use a damaged cable.
  • Do not attempt to disassemble the cable as this may expose you to electric shock.
  • Tightness grade The tedee lock features an IP20 protection class.

set of items – what’s in the box?

tedee TLV1.0 - figure 2


您的 tedee 鎖的激活碼 (AC) 印在:

  • 本安裝指南的最後一頁 (1)
  • 設備背面 (2)

在將您的設備添加到 tedee 應用程序時,您可以:

  • 掃描二維碼
  • type in AC manually (14 characters)

tedee TLV1.0 - figure 3

Before fitting tedee lock to the cylinder, take a photo of your activation code and keep it.

setup-3 easy steps

步驟 1:安裝 tedee 鎖

  1. Align tedee lock with the shaft of the cylinder and push it forward. IMPORTANT: the mounting screw that extends from the lock mounting hole must fit into the groove on the cylinder shaft.
    tedee TLV1.0 - figure 4備註: Do not start tedee lock installation before the lock cylinder is installed in the door lock. Make sure that the cylinder sticks out at least 3mm from the lock escutcheon (from the inside of your apartment).
    tedee TLV1.0 - figure 5
  2. Fix tedee lock tightly on the cylinder using the Allen key.
    tedee TLV1.0 - figure 6備註: to fix your tedee lock on the cylinder, keep rotating the key until it stops (at least two full turns).
  3. Turn on the lock.
    tedee TLV1.0 - figure 7
  4. Check light signal (LED).
    tedee TLV1.0 - figure 8

備註: after the RED-BLUE-GREEN-WHITE sequential light signal your tedee lock is ready to be added and calibrated in the app.

step 2: download the tedee app, create new account and log in (如果您已經有帳戶,請跳過此步驟)

  1. Download tedee application.tedee TLV1.0 - figure 9
    Android iOS
    版本 6.0或更高 11.2或更高
    連線設定 Internet and Bluetooth® 4.0 or  higher Internet and Bluetooth® 4.0 or  higher
  2. Create an account and log in.
    tedee TLV1.0 - figure 10

The registration page will open

tedee TLV1.0 - qr

step 3: use the tedee app to activate and calibrate your tedee lock

  1. Enable Internet connection, Bluetooth®, and location on your smartphone.
    tedee TLV1.0 - figure 11
  2. Log into the tedee application and select the ‘Add new device’ option from the menu.
    tedee TLV1.0 - figure 12
  3. Select ‘Add device’ in the lock section.
    tedee TLV1.0 - figure 13
  4. Provide activation code (AC) of your tedee lock.
    tedee TLV1.0 - figure 14

備註: After scanning the QR code or typing in the AC manually follow instructions in the application.


  1. Plug the micro USB magnetic adapter into the tedee lock charging port and connect the cable.
    tedee TLV1.0 - figure 15
  2. Plug the USB cable to a power supply.
    tedee TLV1.0 - figure 16


tedee TLV1.0 - figure 17

備註: in order to deinstall the tedee lock: first use an Allen key to loosen the screw (three full turns counter-clockwise), and then pull it off to detach from the cylinder.

factory reset

  • remove tedee lock from the cylinder and set it in the vertical position (button-up)
  • Press and hold the button until the LED lights up
  • 釋放按鈕
  • after releasing the button, the tedee lock will confirm the factory reset with three quick red flashes
  • tedee lock will restart (it may take up to one minute)

tedee TLV1.0 - figure 18

Note: Remember to set the tedee lock in a vertical position (button up).



模特兒 TLV1.0, TLV1.1 電源 3000毫安
重量 約196克 藍牙®
BLE 5.0 2,4GHz 適用於:
TLV1.0 and TLV1.1
尺寸 Φ 45mm x 55mm
(indoor only)
安全性 TLS 1.3的
最高65% Can be paired
起源 波蘭,歐盟
modular cylinder
Additional information: The production batch number of your device is the first eight characters of the “Device Serial  Number (S/N)” visible on the label on the package and the label on the device itself. For examp即,“設備序列號(S/N)”為10101010-000001的設備的生產批號為10101010。
Marking of color
The color variant of the product is marked with a letter at the end of the model name, on the label and on the product  rating plate. For examp即,型號為 TLV1.0 且顏色變體 A 的設備標記為“TLV1.0A”。


Tedee 鎖 TLV1.0 配備藍牙® BLE 5.0 2,4GHz 無線電接口。 藍牙® 接口用於 tedee 鎖、tedee 橋和智能手機之間的通信。


接口: 頻率範圍: 適用機型:
Bluetooth®  BLE 5.0 2,4GHz 從 2.4GHz 到 2.483GHz TLV1.0, TLV1.1

tedee TLV1.0 - icon 2微型USB電纜

產品 微型USB電纜
重量 約30克
總長: 1.5m或2.0m

tedee TLV1.0 - figure 19

tedee TLV1.0 - icon 3power supply, battery, and charging

The lock is equipped with a non-replaceable LiPo 3000mAh battery. It can be recharged using a micro USB cable connected to a power source such as a  power bank or laptop. Battery life and charging time may vary depending on use, type of power supply, and environmental conditions. A preview of the battery charge status is shown directly in the tedee application. The tedee application notifies you when the battery is fully charged, after which it is recommended to disconnect the device from the power source. To prolong the life  of the battery, it is not recommended to use it in temperatures beyond 10-40°C range.
It is recommended to charge the battery every three months if the lock is not used regularly.

tedee TLV1.0 - icon 4軟件

The current software version is visible in the tedee application: device/settings/general/software version.
Tedee lock software can be updated in two ways: automatically or manually. Automatic updates are only available when the lock is connected to the tedee bridge  which is connected to the Internet via a local Wi-Fi network.
If the lock is not connected to tedee bridge, you may update the software manually using tedee application: device settings/general/firmware version.
請通過電子郵件將應用程序在使用過程中可能出現的任何問題(如登錄錯誤或應用程序掛起)報告給泰迪技術支持  [電子郵件保護], 在, or by phone at (+48) 884 088 011 Monday to Friday during business hours from 8:00 to 16:00 (CET).





初始化 綠色 閃爍
LED flashes after turning on the device.
It confirms the initialization process and system check-up completion.
各就各位 Red – Blue –
Green – White
設備初始化成功後 LED 閃爍。 它確認您的 tedee 鎖已準備好使用。
解鎖 綠色 常數 Green LED is turned on while unlocking.
(OFF if the battery level is low)
鎖定 常數 Red LED turned on during the locking phase.
(OFF if the battery level is low)
被卡住 閃爍5次 LED flashes red when the tedee lock is jammed and needs attention.  Please check if your device is calibrated correctly – if the problem persists, contact the tedee support team.
Pulsating light LED flashes after 5 seconds of pressing the button and keeps pulsating until the device is shut down.
恢復出廠設置 Pulsating light 鬆開按鈕時,LED 會快速閃爍三下紅色。 這確認已恢復出廠設置。
低電量 3 flashes x 3
LED flashes when battery drops below 15%.
The flashing appears after every locking / unlocking operation.
您的 tedee 鎖需要充電。
電池充電 藍色 常數 LED 呈藍色亮起,然後在 10 秒後熄滅。
藍色 閃爍 LED flashes fast after pressing and holding the button for at least 1  second (and no longer than 5 seconds). Available only if delayed  locking option is ON in tedee app.
校準 藍色 閃爍 LED 在校準階段呈藍色閃爍。
錯誤 閃爍
(fast /slow)
請聯繫 tedee 支持團隊。

legal/environmental notes

tedee TLV1.0 - icon 6

Tedee Sp. z o.o. hereby declares that the Tedee Lock TLV1.0 radio device is in accordance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU Declaration of  Conformity is available at the following internet WEEE / RoHS指令
To prevent potential negative impact on the environment, consult your local laws and regulations for the proper disposal of electronic devices and batteries in your country. Disposal of batteries – if your tedee device contains batteries, do not dispose of them with regular household waste. Hand them over to the appropriate recycling or collection point. Batteries used in tedee devices do not contain mercury, cadmium, or lead above the levels specified in the 2006/66/EC  Directive. Disposal of electronics – do not dispose of your tedee device with regular household waste. Hand it over to the appropriate recycling or collection point.
Bluetooth®The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Tedee Sp. z o.o. is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
Google、Android 和 Google Play 是 Google LLC 的商標。
Apple 和 App Store 是 Apple Inc. 的商標。IOS 是 Cisco 在美國和其他國家/地區的商標或註冊商標,經許可使用。

tedee TLV1.0 - icon 7保證

Tedee limited hardware warranty – Tedee Sp. z o.o. warrants that tedee devices are free from hardware defects in materials and workmanship for a period of not less than 2 years from the date of the first retail purchase. Tedee Sp. z o.o. does not take responsibility for the misuse of devices (including methods of charging other than described in this booklet), especially if any changes or modifications to the device hardware or software which are not approved,  recommended, or provided by tedee, have been undertaken by the user. Full warranty information is available at the following link: 

tedee TLV1.0 - icon 8技術支持


tedee TLV1.0 - icon 9 tedee TLV1.0 - icon 10 tedee TLV1.0 - icon 11
[電子郵件保護] 電話:
週一至週五上午 8 點至下午 4 點(歐洲中部時間)

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您的激活碼 (AC)
注意:激活碼區分大小寫。 輸入時請注意大小寫字母。


泰迪 TLV1.0 [pdf] 安裝指南