STOUCHI Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable HDMI 2.1a Owner’s Manual

Discover the Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable HDMI 2.1a by STOUCHI. This high-quality cable supports HDMI 1, HDMI 2, VGA, DisplayPort, and ThunderBolt, making it a versatile option for connecting your A/V devices. With features like 8K resolution and HDR support, this cable offers a stunning viewing experience. The product comes with an owner's manual and warranty card in English and German languages.

be quiet BGA12 Riser Cable Owner’s Manual

The BGA12 Riser Cable from be quiet! allows for easy vertical installation of PCIe 4.0 graphics cards in their cases with vertical GPU mounting options. Its flexible cable design and supporting foam base prevent tangling and sagging, while the all-black elegant design adds to its appeal. This product has a 3-year manufacturer's warranty and is conceived, designed, and quality-controlled in Germany.


Cooler Master 的 12VHPWR 適配器電纜是一種高度靈活且耐用的黑色電纜,旨在為最新最強大的顯卡供電。 該電纜具有三個 PCIe 8 針連接器,可提供高達 600W 的功率以增強安全性。 其 90 度角連接器可防止不必要的彎曲並延長電纜的使用壽命。 該電纜與各種 Cooler Master PSU 兼容,具有單套管類型,並提供 1 年有限製造保修。

DIGITAL YACHT 0183 NMEA 轉 USB-C 適配器電纜使用說明書

了解如何通過 DIGITAL YACHT 的 0183 NMEA 轉 USB-C 適配器電纜將傳統的 NMEA 232 或 RS0183 串行端口連接到 PC。 本用戶手冊提供了正確安裝所需的實用技巧和電氣知識。 通過選擇正確的輸入/輸出線和接口設置來確保正確操作。 安裝前下載必要的 USB 驅動程序。 在沒有光電隔離的情況下獲得 PC 和導航設備之間的良好電氣接口。

NEXSENS UW6-FLxR Receptacle to Flying Lead Cable Owner’s Manual

Learn how to wire the UW6-FLxR receptacle to flying lead cable with this user manual from NexSens Technology. This waterproof connector is compatible with the SP-Series Solar Power Packs and designed for use in underwater environments. Follow the provided wiring information for power connection.