denver TSP-306NR Bluetooth Speaker Instruction Manual

Learn how to use the TSP-306NR Bluetooth Speaker with this comprehensive user manual. Control power, volume, tracks, and more with easy-to-use functions. Explore features like MP3 player, AUX in, and EQ modes. Enhance your audio experience with adjustable bass, treble, and echo effects. Discover the convenience of the remote control included with the speaker. Perfect for music lovers in Denver and beyond.

環球資源 WS10 穿戴式藍牙音箱使用指南

了解 WS10 可穿戴藍牙揚聲器 (2ABMR-SPKR4) 使用手冊,其中包含詳細說明和規格。 享受專業品質的聲音、清晰的通話和防水功能。 了解如何開機/關機、接聽電話、播放/暫停音樂以及與手機配對。 透過這份綜合指南充分利用您的便攜式揚聲器。