RAD TORQUE B-RAD 275 电池系列 B-RAD Select BL 扳手

User manual for B-RAD SELECT:

  • B-RAD 275
  • B-RAD 2000-2
  • B-RAD 700
  • B-RAD 4000
  • B-RAD 1400
  • B-RAD 4000-2
  • B-RAD 1400-2
  • B-RAD 7000
  • B-RAD 2000


General instrucons

注意: Do not operate the tool before reading these instructions. If breakdown, malfunction or damage occurs, do not attempt to repair, please contact RAD Torque Systems B.V. immediately.

RAD battery torque wrenches are reversible, non-impacting, torque controlled tightening tools and must always be operated with the following:

  • Fully charged battery.
  • Impact sockets with locking pin and o-ring.
  • Proper reaction arm with retaining ring.
注意: These torque wrenches contain metal components that can be dangerous in hazardous areas.


  1. 确保电池已充满电。
  2. Slide in the battery pack until it engages.
  3. Fasten and secure the reaction arm on the jagged side of the gearbox with the retaining ring.
  4. Spread the retaining ring open with a screwdriver and place the open side in the groove at the end of the gearbox.
  5. Then gradually press the retaining ring until it is completely closed.
  6. To remove the reaction arm, place a screwdriver at the beginning of the retaining ring and spread the retaining ring open. Then pull the retaining ring off and remove the reaction arm.

Setting torque

Setting direction of rotation

只能在电机静止时操作旋转方向开关和运输开关,见图 3。

Right setting = Tightening
Left setting = Loosening
Central setting = Transportation position

注意: In case a higher accuracy, more precise torque settings and presets are required, we advise to select one of the Digital Battery Serie models.


Operating the torque wrench
  1. Use only suitable and proper impact sockets.
  2. The handle can be rotated.
  3. Make sure that there is no movement between the tool and the reaction arm.
  4. The reaction arm placed against a solid reaction point before the trigger is pulled.
    This prevents movement of reaction arm.
  5. The trigger should be pressed until the torque wrench stops automatically.

The LED Display and the Buttons are the interface for the B-RAD Select (See Figure 3). The LED Display has 4 digits that display torque values and menu options. The (plus, increase) and (minus, decrease) buttons are used to modify numbers and navigate the various menus in the module. The interface is described in detail in Section 3 ­ Interface and Settings.

要打开 LED 显示屏,请将 RAD 锂离子电池连接到 B-RAD Select 手柄并短按触发开关。 按下或按住按钮时,显示屏将点亮每个按钮附近的小型 LED 指示灯。 不活动 15 秒后显示屏会变暗。 轻轻扣动扳机或按下按钮使显示屏变亮。
显示屏将在 30 秒后关闭。 要重新打开它,请轻轻扣动扳机。

注意! The LED Display Module may be damaged by mechanical shock, electrostatic discharge, excessive force, moisture, or extreme temperatures. Avoid such conditions and gently wipe clean or let dry before use.
Changing Torque
警告: Keep your hand and body parts clear of the reaction arm and barrel when the tool is in operation.

当 B-RAD Select 通电时,LED 显示屏将以扭矩选择模式启动(图 3A)。 注意:如果工具刚刚校准,LED 显示屏将显示工具的额定最小扭矩。 当使用 N·m(公制)单位时,键盘上的“N·m”指示灯将亮起。 当使用 ft·lb(英制)单位时,“ft·lb”指示灯将亮起。 (请参阅第 3.7 节更改扭矩单位)

To change the torque value:
  1. Press and hold a button until a digit starts blinking. The – (minus) button starts the left-most digit blinking. If you press and hold the button again, the selected digit moves to the right. The opposite happens with the + (plus) button.
  2. + or button quickly to change the digits by one unit at a time. Other digits may be selected (see Step 1) to fine-tune the torque setting.
  3. The selected torque value will be saved and ready after 5 seconds. Alternatively, press and hold a button until the digit stops flashing. The display will blink, indicating that the value is saved. The torque value will be saved even when the battery is removed.

The Information Menu allows you to change torque units, view 电池容量tage、改变LED亮度,输入解锁码,然后 view 程序版本。 菜单项如下所述。

To enter the Information Menu:

  • While in Torque Select mode, press the + 按键 同时进行。
  • To move to the next item, hold the + 按钮,然后按 button. To go to a previous menu item, hold the 按钮,然后按 + 按钮。
  • To exit the menu, hold both buttons until the Torque Value is displayed. If an unlock code was entered, the locked or unlock mode will be displayed on the LEDs before the menu exits.
Change the Torque Units
  • Press a button to toggle between (foot-pounds) and n (newtonmetres) as shown in Figures 3C and 3D
  • To exit the Unit Select menu, press and hold both buttons.
Table Mode:

The torque may be set in discrete levels from 1 to 50 over the calibrated range instead of using torque units. Setting 1 is the minimum calibrated torque, setting 50 is the maximum calibrated torque, and the points in between are evenly spaced over the tool’s range. Contact RAD torque systems B.V. to activate this mode.

  • The N·m indicator lights when N·m units are used (Figure 3E), and the ft·lb indicator lights when ft·lb units are used (Figure 3F).

请注意: When the units are changed, the torque setting will be converted into the new units.

View 电池容量tage
  • Move to the next menu item: “batt.” The battery voltag显示了 e (图 3G 和 3H)。
  • 当电池电量tage 过低,“Lo-b”消息将在任何屏幕上闪烁,警告您电池需要充电。
Enter a Lock or Unlock Code
  1. Move to the next menu item: “Lock.” The flashing line indicators on the screen keep track of the number of button presses used to enter a code (Figures 3I and 3J).
  2. Enter a code using the + buttons. The desired code will depend on which features are needed.
  3. Navigate forward or press and hold both buttons to accept the code and close the menu. The new Unlock level will scroll across the screen.



初次使用前,请检查音量tag充电器铭牌上标注的 e 和频率与您自己的电源数据相符。


如果数据线或充电器损坏,请立即拔下充电器。 如有冒烟或起火迹象,请立即拔掉插头。


为降低受伤风险,请仅对可充电 RAD 电池充电,其他类型的电池可能会爆裂,从而造成人身伤害和损坏。


不要让套管受到冲击或钻入套管。 请勿将电池组或充电器投入火中或浸入水中。 保持电池组干燥。 请勿使用任何损坏或变形的电池组。


RAD 充电器只能在 0-49 摄氏度之间运行。 远离湿气。


有缺陷的锂离子电池组可能会泄漏微酸性易燃液体。 如果电池液泄漏并接触到您的皮肤,请立即用大量清水冲洗。 如果电池液泄漏并接触到眼睛,请用清水冲洗并立即就医。

锂离子电池充电器专门用于为最大容量为 18AH 的 RAD 5.2V 锂离子电池组充电。

请注意: To prevent the battery from draining, always remove battery from tool before storage.
Battery pack faults

Warning indicator stays on
The battery pack is not being charged. The temperature is too high or too low. If the temperature of the battery pack is between 0 – 49 degrees Celsius, the charging process begins automatically.

Warning indicator flashes on
The battery pack is defective, remove from charger immediately.
The battery fails to charge, contacts may be dirty. Remove the battery pack, clean the contacts and replace the charger.

请注意: In the case of prolongued activity of electromagnetic disturbances, the battery charger ends the charging process prematurely for safety reasons. Remove the plug and plug in again after 2 seconds.

Warning beep
In the case of overheating, the battery will give a loud beep tone. The Lithium-ion battery should be disconnected immediately to cool down. The Lithium-ion battery can be used again once it is cooled down.


初次使用前,请检查音量tage and frequency stated on the rating plate match your own electrical supply and check that the ventilation slits are clear. Minimum clearance from other objects is 5 centimeters.

  1. Connect to electrical supply, the red and green indicator lights up for approximately 1 second.
  2. Once the self test is completed, the indicator lights are off.
  3. Insert the battery pack into the charging shaft socket; push it to the back until it engages.
  4. Charge the battery pack before use. Only once it has been charged and discharged five charging cycles does the battery pack reach its full charging capacity. You may store charged Lithium-ion battery packs and recharge them after an interval of no more than six months.

移动: Press and hold the release button and remove the battery pack.
插入: Slide in the battery pack until it engages.

Movement of the reacon arm

Installing the reaction arm

Ensure the reaction arm and retaining ring are installed securely to hold the reaction arm in place. Make sure the reaction arm is in contact with a solid reaction point before you operate the tool. When the tool is in operation the reaction arm rotates in the opposite direction to the output square drive and must be allowed to rest squarely against a solid object or surface adjacent to the bolt to be tightened, see Figure 6.

警告: While in use, this tool must be supported at all times in order to prevent unexpected release in the event of a fastener or component failure!
Reaction arm height

Ensure the height of the socket is even with the height of the reaction arm as seen below in Figure 6A. The height of the socket cannot be shorter or higher than the height of the reaction arm as seen below in Figure 6B and Figure 6C.

注意: Improper reaction will void warranty and can cause premature tool failure.
Reaction arm foot

Ensure the foot of the reaction arm aligns with the length of the nut as seen in Figure 7A. The length of the foot cannot be shorter or longer than the nut as seen in Figure 7B and Figure 7C.


Ensure the reaction arm reacts off the middle of the foot as seen in Figure 8A. Do not react off the heel of the reaction foot as seen in Figure 8B.
请联系 RAD Torque Systems BV 或您当地的 RAD 授权经销商以获取定制反作用力臂。

警告: Always keep your hand and body parts clear of the reaction arm and barrel when the tool is in operation, see Figure 8C.



RAD 工具是为使用非常大的力拧紧和松开螺纹紧固件而开发的。 为了您和他人的安全,警告标签和注意标签贴在扭矩扳手及其附件的显眼位置。

注意: 确保您始终遵守警告标签上的说明。

然而,RAD 工具的设计考虑了安全性,与所有工具一样,您必须遵守所有一般车间安全实践,特别是以下几点:

  • Before using your new tool, get familiar with all its accessories and how they work
  • Always wear safety goggles when the tool is in operation
  • Make sure the reaction arm is in contact with a solid contact point before you operate the tool
  • Keep your body parts clear of the reaction arm and the contact point
  • Make sure the reaction arm retaining ring is securely in place to hold the reaction arm or blank in place.

RAD 工具安全可靠。 不遵守此处列出的预防措施和说明可能会对您和您的同事造成伤害。 RAD Torque Systems BV 公司不对任何此类伤害负责。



(1) RAD BV 保证在交付给最终客户后十二 (12) 个月内交付的货物的正常性能,并且仅限于原始 RAD BV 校准日期后十五 (15) 个月。 (2) RAD BV 的数字工具(例如 MB-RAD、MV-RAD、E-RAD、SmartSocketTM、RT 和 TV-RAD)的电气组件不在本保修范围内,它们在交货日期后享有十二 (12) 个月的保修期在最初的 RAD BV 校准日期后最多九 (9) 个月内向最终客户提供。 这些工具的机械部件属于第 1 款的条款。


(1) 一旦工具超出其新工具的保修期,RAD BV 将在自维修之日起三 (3) 个月内免费更换或维修原购买者发现的任何零件或零件经 RAD BV 检验,材料或工艺或两者均存在缺陷。 如果根据本保修条款和条件更换或维修任何工具或零件,则该工具或零件将享有自原始维修日期起的剩余保修期。 要获得上述保修的资格,必须在发现此类缺陷后立即向 RAD BV 发出书面通知,届时 RAD BV 将授权退回工具。 有缺陷的工具必须立即退回 RAD BV,并预付所有运费。 归还工具时,与工具一起使用的反作用力臂也必须归还。


(1) the defect, wholly or partly, is due to unusual, inappropriate, improper or careless use of a delivery;
(2) the defect, wholly or partly, is due to normal wear and tear or lack of proper maintenance;
(3) the defect, wholly or partly, is due to installation, assembly, modification and/or repair by the Customer or by third parties;
(4) the delivery is altered, modified, used or processed;
(5) the delivery is transferred to a third party;
(6) RAD B.V. has obtained the tool, wholly or partly, from a third party, and RAD B.V. cannot claim compensation under warranty;
(7) RAD B.V. in manufacturing of the tool, has used raw materials, and suchlike on the instructions of the Customer;
(8) the tool has a small deviation in its quality, finishing, size, composition and suchlike, which is not unusual in the industry or if the defect was technically unavoidable;
(9) the Customer has not promptly and correctly fulfilled all obligations under the agreement towards RAD B.V.


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