Monoprice 133831 Premium 5.1.2-Ch。 沉浸式家庭影院系统

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Your home theatre is elevated by the Monoprice Premium 5.1.2-Channel Immersive Home Theater System! The 5.1.2 system has two satellite speakers that have been fitted with immersive, upward-firing drivers, improving the detail in multichannel, multidimensional soundscapes. It is fully compatible with both regular and Dolby Atmos® enabled receivers. The Monoprice Premium 5.1.2-Channel Immersive Home Theater System, which is based on the sound signature and parts of the well-known 10565 home theatre system, exceeds all standards for sound quality in a small package.

Warranty of one year for replacement In addition to our 1-year replacement warranty, MonopriceTM also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for this item. Send the item back for a complete refund if it doesn’t meet your needs. Thirty-Day Money Back Every item sold by GuaranteeMonoprice is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee! Send the item back for a complete refund if it doesn’t meet your needs. Quality at a Reasonable Cost High-quality products are offered at reasonable prices because of Monoprice’s tough design and strict quality control standards. No-hassle packaging Monoprice was created to make purchasing technology easier, more equitable, and more secure.

This product comes in recyclable packaging that is easy to open, affordable, produces little trash, and is completely protective during delivery to you. Service & Assistance Whenever you use a Monoprice product, you are never alone! Both before and after the sale, our entire staff of knowledgeable and amiable professionals is ready to address your inquiries. When you have inquiries regarding our goods, need help troubleshooting, or even recommendations for goods that might meet your specific requirements. Not to be outdone, our accommodating and professional customer care staff is there to make the ordering, delivery, and any potential returns process simple and straightforward from beginning to end. Files for Support: User’s Guide (Jul 27, 2018) Dolby Laboratories is the owner of the trademarks Dolby®, Dolby Atmos®, and the double-D sign.

  • The typical satellites are 4.3 inches “They are lightweight, measuring only 6.9″ x 4.3″ x 2.9 pounds, and are simple to put practically anywhere. The central speaker has dimensions of 10.2″ x 4.3″ x 4.3” “and is 3.0 pounds.
  • Each speaker has a standard 1/4″ jack “mount for x20 threaded inserts.
  • The satellites’ dimensions are 4.5″ x 10.5″ x 5.3″ and they have an upward-firing immersive motor “and each weighs 2.9 pounds.


  • 2 个沉浸式卫星扬声器
  • 2 个卫星扬声器
  • 1x 中置声道扬声器
  • 1x 低音炮
  • 1x用户手册


The immersive, upward-firing driver gives movie soundtracks a new level by bringing the music to life in all directions and generating a 3D world. The sound is directed upward by the upward-firing driver. The sound is reflected back into the listening area by the ceiling. For height channels, this system does not require the installation of in-ceiling speakers. Dolby Atmos-capable receivers and soundtracks are entirely compatible with this driver configuration and connectivity.


An 8-inch powered subwoofer is included with “speakers that fire downward and are powered by a powerful 200 watt amplifier. You can adjust the phase of the subwoofer in respect to the rest of the system using the phase control switch on the rear of the device, which has a variable crossover from 40 to 150 Hz. The subwoofer measures just 12.6” “It has a 20-pound cabinet, line-level and speaker-level stereo inputs, and is therefore compatible with any amp升压器或接收器。


  • Is the connection on the back of the subwoofer included with this system, the single RCA or the y adapter split cable type? 
    The RCA connection is an L and R configuration.
  • Satellite speakers have 4 speaker ports 2 for atmos, do you connect 2 channels for both the ports to get the atmos effect?
    The front satellite speakers have a top and bottom input. Top for atmos upwards firing speaker and bottom for the left or right channel.
  • Is this to work with a sony str-dg 600 7.1 receiver 110 watts pre channel?
    Thank you for your inquiry. This should work with that receiver, based on what I can tell the receiver is not set up to handle the ATMOS speakers
  • How many watts rms is this system? 
    This is just a set of immersive surround speakers. You have to supply the A/V amp扩音器
  • I purchased these speakers and a pack of banana plugs. The terminals on the back seem to use a spring-loaded bing post. Can I use the banana plugs? 
    Yes and no. From my experience (having done a similar purchase), only the front speakers (the round outputs) are compatible with banana plugs. The rest are open-wire spring posts—the banana plugs won’t fit.
  • What stands work with these speakers? I purchased Monoprice 103022 and none of the included screws fit.
    We do not carry any stands to work directly for these speakers.
  • Will sony studio-790 power the 4-ohm firing speakers? i know the rest of the speakers will work but I’m concerned about the firing speakers 
    I don’t see why not. Your Sony claims to support Atmos and that’s all that matters.
  • Would these be compatible with a computer sound card? 
    I don’t see that ever being an issue
  • Does this system come with wall mounts? 
  • Dose it comes with remote control for the system then it be really nice or can a remote be installed?
  • Satellite speakers with 4 ports, can I connect both atmos and r/l channel at the same time to the receiver? 
    As long as your receiver supports height channels it will work as intended, you just run two cables per speaker. One for the normal part of the speaker and the other for the height part of the speaker.  I don’t suggest Monoprice speakers overall though. Can get much better quality for a little bit more money, I bought these and was disappointed, sent them back, and went for higher quality.
  • What’s the impedance of each of the speakers?
     In regards to your inquiry, The Immersion Satellite speaker is 4 ohms, Center Speaker is 8 ohms, and the Subwoofer is also 8 ohms.
  • Can I use a different subwoofer from another brand with this? Specifically kliptsch? 
    This product listing is for a set of speakers and does not include an amplifier. Sub compatibility would be more a function of your A/V receiver.