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zencontrol ZC-PIR-ST Standalone PIR Sensors Instruction Manual

zencontrol ZC-PIR-ST Standalone PIR Sensors

Product range

  • Order code Description
  • zc-pir-st-r Standalone PIR sensor 8 m, with inbuilt relay
  • zc-pir-st-1sw-r Standalone PIR sensor 8 m, with inbuilt relay and one switch


  • Supply 220 – 240 V ~50 Hz
  • Supply current < 0.1 A
  • Relay output (-r models)
    • 120 A / 20 ms inrush current
    • 10 A resistive
    • 6 A inductive
  • Output load rating AC (-vf models)
    • 10 A resistive
    • 6 A inductive
  • Output load rating DC (-vf models)
    • 0 – 25 V 3 A resistive
    • 25 – 240 V 200 mA resistive
  • Lens Fresnel
  • Sensors PIR, IR, lux
  • IR 38 kHz
  • Wiring 2.5 mm2 cable (no earth, suits round and tps)
  • Operating temperature -10 to 55°C
  • Material PC (body)
  • Ingress protection
    • IP54 (front-face only)
    • IP65 (with surface or wall mount kit)

Safety information

  • This product must only be installed by a licensed electrician.
  • Before commencing installation turn off and isolate the electrical supply.
  • There are no user serviceable parts, attempting to service any part of the product will void the warranty
  • As the installer, it is your responsibility to ensure you comply to all relevant building and safety codes. Refer to application standards for the relevant rules.
  • When the installation is complete, leave this manual with the building’s owner for future reference.


  • Mounting (kits sold separately)
    • Recessed (cut-out min Ø83 mm)
    • Wall mount kit (mounting centres 85 mm)
    • Surface mount kit
    • Rod mount kit
    • Conduit mount kit (mounting centres 50-60 mm)
  • Dimensions
    Ø95 / 55 mm


Remove the product from the box and inspect it for any damage. If you believe the product to be damaged or otherwise unsound, do not install the product. Please return it to the place of purchase for replacement.
If the product is satisfactory, proceed with the installation:

  1. Choose a location considering the conditions listed in the detection pattern section.
  2. Drill mounting hole in desired position using 83 mm hole saw.
  3. Push the spring clips in as per fig 1. Insert sensor into the desired position and the spring clips will automatically release, ensuring that the sensor is secure and flush up against the ceiling.
  4. Remove covers, as per fig 2, and wire per diagrams overleaf. Ensure wiring is secured using included cable-ties, per fig 3.
  5. Optional: For -r models, if you have an earth loop, use the included safety covers, see fig 4.


* If motion is detected within 30 seconds after the time-out the output will turn on. After 30 seconds has elapsed a switch press is required to turn the output on again.

Accessory range

  • zc-smart-wall-kit Smart sensor wall mount kit
  • zc-smart-sm-kit Smart sensor surface mount kit, for surface, rod, conduit mount
  • zc-rodmount-wht Rod mount kit, white, for with Smart sensor surface mount kit
  • zc-ir-ctrl-com Hand-held infrared control and commissioning unit


For more information on compliant software see our website

Detection pattern

  • Mounting height: 2 – 12 m
  • Range ø 8 m (mounted at 2.7 m)
    • The units detection range may alter with changes in ambient temperature.
    • Position sensor so that movement occurs across the scan area. Detection range will be reduced when walking directly towards or away from the sensor.
    • Do not direct sensor at reflective surfaces or variable heat sources.
    • Do not aim sensor directly at the sun, this may cause damage to the PIR sensor.


Documents / Resources

zencontrol ZC-PIR-ST Standalone PIR Sensors [pdf] Instruction Manual
ZC-PIR-ST, Standalone PIR Sensors, ZC-PIR-ST Standalone PIR Sensors, PIR Sensors, Sensors


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