Yoho Sports Band User Manual

Quick Setup Guide – YOHO sports band

YOHO sports band

1. Charging:
Remove straps from display to reveal metal charging strips.
Plug into USB slot on computer or USB charger.
A battery charging light displays when you touch the display button.

If the device is not shown as charging check that it is plugged in fully and the correct way up for the metal strips to make USB power contact.

2. Download and install app on your phone:
iPhone and Android In Apple app store or Android Play store search for ‘YOHO sports’ by mCube Inc. Get/Install app.

3. Pair device:
Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.

Make sure the smart band is powered on. Hold display button for 4 seconds if not.
The first time you open YOHO Sports it will ask for device permissions (more so on Android phones). Say yes to allow all of these or the band will not pair.
Press the setting icon in the top left corner of the app.

Select My Device
The app should scan and detect the band.
Click on the band description to bind.

4. Setup app:
Back in the settings menu click profile. Enter your details Set target goal to 10000!

Smart band usage
Hold display button for 4 seconds to power on device, Hold display button for 4 seconds and select ‘off’ to power off device.

Press display button to cycle through information – Time > Steps > km > Kcals > battery

The display will turn off after a couple of seconds.

Step counter does not update on the display while display is active. It will count your steps and then display them the next time you wake it up.

Charge band regularly (every 2 -3 days)

If the battery runs flat you will need to resync with the phone app to update time and information.

YOHO sports band Charge

Images showing display (Above) and USB charging connector

If you want to use the YOHO sports app On the main screen of the YOHO sports app there is a sync button to transfer data between the smart band and your phone. (Smart band must be bound to the app first).

Questions about your Yoho Sports Band ? Post in the comments!
Download Yoho Sports Band Manual [PDF]

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  1. How long should the band stay charged. I have only had mine a few days, but it doesn’t stay charged longer than about 8 hours. I put it on at 6:30 this morning and it’s down to one bar right now at 2:30.

    1. I just got mine last week and mine doesn’t charge either. Tried both ports, tried a different charger, checked contacts are clean. Band connects to Blue Tooth if away from any other Blue tooth device like my keyboard which has a stronger signal. Blood pressure monitor doesn’t work either, always says 117/77 even when it is actually 145/89 or higher. Even though it connects to Blue tooth on the Android cell phone it won’t “bind” and on Profile site click on the green Pair it won’t do that either. Software won’t let you select degrees F instead of C and time won’t go to 12 hour even when you select 12 hour instead of 24H. How do I return to get one that works?

    2. I have a music icon on mine & now I can’t get rid of it to show anything else. How can I download music to it?

      1. Just got my Smart Band. So, here’s what I found out: The music is connected from your downloaded music. When the music icon is shown on band, there are 5 symbols. the one big note, then 4 smaller symbols. each time you press the power button these symbols are highlighted. Once highlighted you press and hold the power button to get that particular function. When the “back arrow” button is highlighted, pressing and holding the power button will make scrolling through the band available again.

    3. Mine stays charged for 2-3 days. Are you sure it’s getting a full charge? Also, as with my android phone, you can’t hook it up and leave it charging all night. That burns the battery up. Charge it until it’s full and then unplug it.

  2. what does light sleep and deep sleep represent? Is light sleep like trying to get to sleep or what? Is deep sleep like REM sleep?

  3. My fitbit never shows the Bluetooth, what can I do to get it to pop so I can connect to the app?

    1. I have the same problem and I cannot link it as a phone
      Yo tengo el mismo problema y no lo puedo vincular como telefono

  4. I am trying to charge for the first time. Shouldn’t there be an indicator that lights up? Mine is not showing anything–I have tried different USB ports and plugs with the same result. Is it DOA?

    1. Nope no indicator lights, BUT is it on or off? When it’s on, the battery icon will show, but you still have to push the button for it to light up.

  5. Bought the SW300, can’t get it to come on or pair with my phone. Wondering if my phone is to old, have a Samsung galaxie S4 mini, it is an Android 4.4.2 version. Please let me know if this will work with my phone, I like what it has to offer but need to return if it isn’t going to work with my phone.

  6. I received my Smart Band today.

    According to the manual I need to ‘Remove straps from display to reveal metal charging strips’,

    Is it really necessary I need to put extensive force on the rubber bands to remove them and to give access to the charging strips?

    Is there a video available showing what to do exactly?

  7. The app kills my phone. I installed it and started having massive battery drain and constant re-boots. I uninstalled it and phone worked fine. I re-installed it and same troubles. I turned off notifications and still issues. I have a moto Z2 force.

  8. Is there an easier way to get the band off for charging? its so hard to remove. Or is there a device I could just sit the band on for charging?

  9. My sleep doesn’t track am I doing something wrong? My foot steps track my blood pressure and heart rate and everything else except my sleep?

    1. I am having the same problem with the sleep not tracking. My watch has the icon saying it is tracking but in the morning my phone shows no results of sleep.

  10. I’ve had my device for less than a year and I can no longer get it to sync with my phone. Not sure what happened. I tried to uninstall and reinstall to no avail. Slightly pissed, I did enjoy it while it worked.

    1. My device has downloaded and now I can not secure the band and I do not have the manual, if you can help me, thank you
      mi dispositivo se a descargado y ahora no consigo asegurar banda y no tengo el manual , haber si me pueden ayudar gracias

    2. Hi i am currently having the same problem. it connects vis bluetooth but it does not bind. i cannot use it i tried another phone as well.

  11. I used this smart band from Wednesday, 5th Feb 2020, but there is no record of the steps for 5-9 Feb 2020, only the steps for today was recorded???
    How to get the data of previous week?
    Thank you

        1. Actually it states sleep tracker is one of the functions. And it works though I’ve only found the results in the app instead of on the band itself.
          It doesn’t go to sleep as you said per se, but the display is not lit up so it’s asleep in that regard. But unless changed it automatically starts sleep monitoring at 10pm and, if I understand correctly, it tracks the different sleep stages based on vitals, like heart rate and such. It then maps in the app the stages you cycle through, REM etc, and you see how long you were lightly under, or were deeply asleep, and how many times you woke up throughout.
          I’m not sure though if the sleep tracker mode is able to be prompted on purpose at different times and whatnot, or of it’s stuck only in that mode at the automatic 10pm time.

  12. I’ve had my watch for 2 months and now when I charge it the only thing that works is my time of day and only periodically. It still displays on my phone but not the watch and it keeps saying it is not synced to my phone. But then it will start working after a couple of hrs.
    What can I do to correct this???

  13. My device stopped pairing and bluetooth won’t work. Is there a way for factory reset? I can’t find any information on how to reset it.

  14. How do I get a replacement for the non-charging band, the one with the slots for the fastening tongue?

  15. I see lots of questions but no answers. My tracker seems to be working well except for the sleep time. Is there anything else I need to do?

  16. footsteps no longer work,nor does miles or kcal. Only time, heart rate and bloodpressure still function? The band is till synced to the app on my phone?

  17. I received this item the other day. I put in the usb port in computer and left to charge twice and nothing. This is a dud. Dont’ waste your money!

  18. My display does not seem to be working. It will indicate that it is charging and when the alarm activates but at no other time. I can still use the app on my phone to activate the heart rate and blood pressure functions, but the screen on the band does not display anything (will display results on the app). Any suggestions?

  19. My band does not keep track of my steps if I have to charge it during the day. Example 8510 steps by 11am. Charged it and now showing only the steps after charging. 95 steps.

  20. This vendor provides shit support. Sleep tracking never worked from day 1 and they have not reponded to me emails.

    Cheap is always crap. Nobody makes quality anything anymore.

  21. I think I’m going to love it if I can get it to count the steps correctly. I have been going to Planet Fitness and doing the “physical therapy” machine, sit and work both legs and arms. At the start of my workout, my band said 607 steps. After 30 min the machine said 3029 steps and my band said 2775 steps. Another day before workout, 448 steps, after 60 min the machine said 6031 and my band said 4687 steps. Is there something I need to do? I put it in my pocket that didn’t work either.

  22. WON’T CHARGE! I bought 3 for family members. Mine came with a charge and worked well for 3 days until I had to charge again… wouldn’t charge up. The other 2 would NEVER charge.

  23. This is a waste of money, real piece of ****. Could not get the band off to charge it. Followed instructions on removal of band and damm the connection piece completely broke off rendering the entire watch useless. DON’T BUY THIS. THE PRICE IS NOT WORTH IT.

  24. The hours are only in am and pm and impossible to find the setting on 24 hours that I had at the beginning and moreover the sleep is wrong not good material 000000000
    Les heures ne sont plus qu en am et pm et impossible de retrouver le réglage sur 24h que j avais au début et de plus le sommeil est faux pas bon materiel 000000000

    1. Hold the open button down for a few seconds and it will open. Why does not the company answer any of these questions?

  25. The hours are on 12 and in am for at the beginning I had 24 hours it is disturbing impossible to regulate and for the sleep it is wrong not good material zero not happy
    Les heures son sur 12 et en am pour au début j avais sur 24h c est perturbant impossible de régler et pour le sommeil c est faux pas bon matériel zero pas contente

  26. How do I re-bind/re-pair my band to the app? It will be bound, then undo itself.
    The app says it’s bound and “syncing”, but it’s not.

  27. Got mine a week ago. piece of crap. keeps disconnecting from the app and everything clears. sleep counter has never worked. I can’t turn the thing off. No way the blood pressure monitor is correct. way off. I emailed about returning. I can but i have to pay shipping and a 15% restocking fee. Seriously? i have to pay restocking for a defective item? totally wrong. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY SELL JUNK!!!! BUY SOMETHING GOOD ELSE WHERE. PISSED OFF!!!

  28. All the questions being asked are what I want to know also.
    Now my other question is, WHY THE ADMIN NOT REPLYING TO OUR QUESTIONS?

  29. What is the MAC functionality? The last one on the list.
    Qu’est ce que la fonctionnalité MAC ? La dernière de la liste.

  30. Device doesn’t show up in device search. All settings are correct, Bluetooth is enabled, all other Bluetooth devices are forgotten. Swipe down in device search and nothing appears.

  31. Is it true that you can only see your daily data (steps) with the app and cannot look back to other days (a weekly overview or the like)?

    Klopt het dat je met de app alleen je dagelijkse gegevens (stappen) kunt zien en niet terug kunt kijken naar andere dagen (een weekoverzicht oid)?

  32. Cant get the bands off to charge it. What is the trick to getting them to release? How ugly can I get with it before breaking it?

  33. Blood pressure doesn’t function . Instructions poor ! Looks like first year English speaker translated from Chinese. How much would a proper translation cost ??? Also no tech support !

  34. Hello, my yoho resets or turns off every time I want to use it when I touch the screen button. Does anyone know the solution?
    Hola, mi yoho se resetea o apaga cada vez que lo quiero usar cuando toco el boton de pantalla. Alguien sabe la solucion?

    1. You may be able to disconnect the band from the watch and plug the watch directly into a USB charger (on a computer or other USB power source)

  35. Has anyone had support or at least an answer?. I just got mine yesterday and it only works when it’s charging, I thought maybe if I leave it overnight. But the second I wore it, it doesn’t turn on and if I plug it once again it’s drained of power. Any suggestions on how I can make it work while wearing it.

  36. I have an Android 10 Moto G Power and I am trying to connect to the Yoho Sport Band GM115 t0 my phone but it will not connect I have followed all the directions and it still will not connect. I have downloaded the Yoho Sport app to my phone and filled out the information on that and it shows it is bound but when I click on trying to find the band it keeps telling me to bind to the device first or if trying to get into the settings it tells me the same. Where can I go for help on this?

  37. I have a music setting but there’s nothing about it in the manual. Day one….. waiting to see how long the battery lasts. Everything so far works great. Uploaded my own pic with time. Broke one side trying to open it, super glued and used other side for charging. Pretty good item for what I won in an auction. 83 steps so far. BP and HR and pulse are accurate.

  38. My Fitbit just will show time with step screen, can’t get it to move forward. Is there a contact number for customer service. Was working fine till yesterday.

  39. Not very. I broke mine. Had a second one. Now I use a small flat screwdriver to pry band off the display. Once it is started to separate, side wiggling gets it off the rest of the way.

  40. I show the Bluetooth icon on my watch but it still won’t bind and I’ve done all the instructions multiple times

  41. I am having some problems with my yoho fit watch, too. But from reading all of the questions and complaints, I see no answers from “tech support”. I don’t think there is any support! What a shame.

  42. Just got my Smart Band. So, here’s what I found out: The music is connected from your downloaded music. When the music icon is shown on band, there are 5 symbols. the one big note, then 4 smaller symbols. each time you press the power button these symbols are highlighted. Once highlighted you press and hold the power button to get that particular function. When the “back arrow” button is highlighted, pressing and holding the power button will make scrolling through the band available again.

  43. I no longer have an image on the watch. Even when I’m charging nothing is visible so I don’t know if the battery is full. Still works on app when battery is full.

    Ik heb geen beeld meer op het horloge. Ook niet als ik oplaadt is er niks te zien dus weet ook niet of batterij vol is. Werkt nog wel op app als batterij vol is.

  44. I have a slightly older Smart band. Just gave to my son to use. He has an iphone 8. Got it all synced up, “band display settings” in menu says “this feature is not supported”. Any idea how to fix this? and the clock settings?

  45. Hello
    I have an “oppo find X2 neo” smartphone, I bought a connected watch that works with Yoho sport.
    the watch is in bluetooth, the cell phone too, the app is installed but when it recognizes the watch, it does not recognize it so I am blocked.
    Thank you for your help.

    j’ai un smartphone “oppo find X2 neo” , j’ai acheté une montre connectée qui fonctionne sous Yoho sport.
    la montre est bien en bluetooth, le portable aussi, l ‘appli est installée mais au moment de reconnaitre la montre, il ne la reconnait pas donc je suis bloquée.
    Merci de votre aide.

  46. Hello, the yoho sports application does not find my band, how can I do or what am I doing wrong thanks

    Hola, la aplicación yoho sports no encuentra mi banda, como puedo hacer o que estoy haciendo mal gracias

  47. Is there a way to see your exercise history on the band or phone app?
    I can only see the current days stats and they clear and reset at midnight.

  48. Hi, I just got my yoho sport smart bracelet. It came up for a why after switching on and starts vibrating without turning. The vibration has lasted for over 24 hours now. Each time I charge I again, it just keeps vibrating and won’t turn on. Could you please tell me how to make it turn on?

  49. Display is dead, nothing shows! I reloaded the app at least 4 times, nothing works at all.
    Display ist tot, es zeigt nichts an ! Habe die App mindestens 4 mal neu aufgeladen, es geht überhaupt nichts.

  50. Does anyone have issues charging, not fitting snug all the way in to make a full connection to charge? How and what can I do to get it to fit and get a full connection?

  51. My yogi band reports the same BP 116/77. It’s not working. How do I fix it.
    My yogi band reports the same BP 116/77. It’s not working. How do I fix it.

  52. Good morning, on Tuesday I received my watch, the first charge was perfect, on Thursday I wanted to recharge it but it does not charge nor does the battery charge appear, what can I do?
    Buenos días, el día martes recibí mi reloj, la primera carga estuvo perfecta, el día jueves lo quise volver a cargar pero no realiza la carga ni me aparece la carga de la pila, que puedo hacer?

  53. Hello, I had a problem with the clock, I can’t figure out how to turn on bluetooth on the watch, before it was turned on after a while it disappeared and how to turn it back on is not known, there is bluetooth on the phone but it disappeared on the clock and no, please help me figure it out.
    Здравствуйте, у меня произошла проблема с часами, я не могу понять как включить на часах блютуз, раньше он был включён через некоторое время пропал и как включить обратно не известно, на телефоне блютуз есть а на часах пропал и нет, помогите пожалуйста разобраться.

  54. Hi I cannot pair my band to any phone. I have tried iphone and android but none of them will find it. How do I troubleshoot why?
    I have installed the app on all phone and ensured I have allowed and agreed to everything

  55. My band just stopped working. The battery was not dead. Now it won’t even charge. It is only one month old.

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