Shenzhen Yu Lu Miao Business Co Ltd Eyeris 2 SD-202 Itọsọna olumulo Massager Oju

Kọ ẹkọ nipa Eyeris 2 SD-202 Eye Massager, ti a ṣe nipasẹ Shenzhen Yu Lu Miao Business Co Ltd, pẹlu FCC ID 2BA7H-Y88. Tẹle awọn itọnisọna FCC fun lilo. Gba alaye ọja ati awọn ilana lilo ninu iwe afọwọkọ olumulo yii.

pango P6B19 Neck Massager User Manual

Discover how to use the P6B19 Neck Massager with these user instructions. Learn about its features, troubleshooting tips, and FCC compliance. This device can improve local blood circulation and relax muscles, with six electrode slices and a conductive/heating plate. Suitable for portable use, it comes with a rechargeable battery, charging switch, and power supply indicator.

Well Health WH-WM Waist Massager Owner’s Manual

The WH-WM Waist Massager user manual provides comprehensive instructions on how to use and maintain the WH-WM massager. This high-quality massager from Well Health is designed to provide soothing relief and relaxation to your waist. Download the PDF for complete product information and usage guidelines.