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7KEYS TW1867 Retiro Typewriter Keyboard

7KEYS- TW1867-Retro-Typewriter-Keyboard-user-guide


  • PATAKI: Awọn bọtini 7
  • Awọn ẸRỌ Ibaramu: IOS, ANDROID, Win ME, Win Vista,Win7,Win8,Win10,Linux
  • Imọ ọna asopọ asopọ: alailowaya
  • Apejuwe KOKORO: Iṣẹ-pupọ
  • Awọn lilo ti a ṣe iṣeduro fun Ọja: titẹ
  • ẸYA PATAKI: Hotkeys ati media bọtini
  • awọ: onigi
  • ETO ISESISE: Windows 10 IOS MAC
  • Awọn Agbo: 1 Litiumu Ion batiri ti a beere


Faster switching between A to B or C Devices thanks to the upgrading to Bluetooth 5.0. No more whine about the tediousness of slow switching. Pulling the lever allows you to change the white LED light mode, which is intriguing at work. By turning the wheels, you can also change the light’s tone and intensity. The superior hot-swappable blue switch keyboard technology is integrated with the vintage typewriter design. Increase typing speed and enjoy the classic typewriter’s “Click” sensation with our panels, which have electroplated round keycaps, matching black pull rods, and electroplated aluminum alloy metal wood grain.

Every element is ideal for presenting the retro. Compatible with Android, Windows 10, iOS, and Mac OS devices. You can connect it to a desktop PC with a USB cable. If you have any additional requirements, contact our service team. We will respond within 24 hours.


7KEYS- TW1867-Retro-Typewriter-Keyboard-user-guide (1)


7KEYS- TW1867-Retro-Typewriter-Keyboard-user-guide (2)

  • Bluetooth and wired connection indicator
  • Windproof lock indicator
  • Cover indicator: light (A/a)
  • Atọka gbigba agbara


  • Simple operation allows you to quickly choose the connection option that you prefer.
  • Switching between wired and wireless: Fn+R (Press Fn and R key at the same time)
  • Red light indicates wired connection mode.
  • A blue light indicates that Bluetooth is connected.


The key cap is formed of two parts: a pure handcrafted key ring made of nostalgic metal.


After a specific procedure, the aluminum alloy panel’s color is electroplated with the color of the wood grain to match the keycap metal ring. Bring the typewriter back to its former glory.


Joystick has a capability to change the lighting mode. Metal roller’s loudness can be changed. It appears straightforward and traditional.


A premium blue switch can be used more than 50 million times before breaking down. Each switch can be quickly changed out for a different switch of your choosing thanks to hot swap technology. (Puller is given as a present)


The most recent Bluetooth 5.0 functionality allows it to hold up to three devices on the keyboard and switch between them quickly. (Tip: For the safety of the keyboard and gadgets, please lay them flat while not in use.


  • The indicator light will begin to blink after three seconds of pressing FN + 5.
  • Connect your device and the keyboard together using the Type-C to USB connector that is included.


Does this thing pair well with a rotary phone and carton of cigarettes?

More of a single pack of cigarettes… with one removed and burning in an ashtray beside the keyboard. Also the wood grain one will match well with a pipe.

does the metal handle on the left work like a “return/enter” key?

No, the metal lever allows you to change the light display (multiple options) I don’t use the lever very much, but it is solidly made. I wish it did act like a carriage return, that would make this a five star product. I truly do enjoy using this keyboard, the clicking keys are really satisfying. I’m a Gen Xer, though, so I might be biased.

Does it go “tk tk tk” when you type?

Yes it does! Not quite as dramatically as an actual typewriter, but close enough for the modern typist.

Does this keyboard connect via USB-c or USB-a?

Yes USB-c.

Can you turn the clacking key sound off if needed?

No you can’t. That sound is made with each key you click. Same as a typewriter. For some it’s annoying lol. But I love the sound.

Ṣe o le pa awọn ina?

Yes, we can. Turn the circular knob on the left to adjust the light from the brightest to off.

Does this work with a MacBook?

Yes, it work with MacBook.

Would this work or connect with a tablet?

Yes, it would. It can connect with a tablet or mac or phone when it is in Bluetooth mode.

Can set the light color to a single color, e.g. all purple?

This keyboard does not have single color, and is presented in 10 kinds combinations of mixed colors. We are glad to receive your suggestion. It will be designed in the next generation of upgrades.

Does both the black and wooden version have multicolored lights?

But the black one has multicolored light. The wooden one only has white light.

Does this keyboard work with Windows 11?

Yes, it does. I have Windows 11.

I’ve tried control z but it doesn’t work am I missing something? do I do the windows tab and z to undo something? I have an iMac for reference.

probably not working three keys on mine did not work.

Can you use a wireless mouse?

yes. I use one.

Ṣe o ṣiṣẹ pẹlu Windows 7?

It would all depend on the hardware/drivers you have with win7. Some Bluetooth things work, some don’t. I would say just from working on computers for 40+ years that your chances are not good. But you could try and return it if it doesn’t work.

Does spacebar rattle?

TW1867 is blue switch mechanical keyboard. So the switch will “click” when pressing the key cap, including the space bar.

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  1. Strange, but my keyboard did not come with a manual. Got the bluetooth working. Go me! However, how do I charge it? Hook it up via the usb port and have it charge or do I have replace the lithium battery?

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