Sena 5S-01D 5S בלועטאָאָטה העאַדסעט - גאַנץ פֿעיִקייטן / לימעד גייד


Sena 5S-01D 5S Bluetooth Headset



  • פּעקל דימענשאַנז 
    6.5 רענטגענ 5.87 רענטגענ 5.12 אינטשעס
  • נומער וואָג 
    קסנומקס פונט
  • Connectivity Technology 
  • ארבעטן דיסטאַנסע
    Up to 700 m (0.4 mi) in open terrai+
  • רעדן צייַט
    אַרויף צו קסנומקס שעה
  • טשאַרדזשינג צייַט
    קסנומקס שעה
  • טיפּ
    ליטהיום פּאָלימער באַטאַרייע
  • קאָדעק
    Built-in SBC Codec
  • סאָרט 


Discover the communication headsets that revolutionized a whole sector. We provide everything you need, including remote controls, adapters, and accessories, as well as Bluetooth-integrated helmets, headphones, and cameras.


The Sena 5S is the next generation of feature-rich, value-packed intercoms from Sena, descended from the storied Sena SMH5. You receive High Definition in-helmet speakers, High Definition two-way intercom, and an integrated LCD screen with this simple-to-use and accessible gadget; all the features you require at an incredible price. With built-in HD Sound, music sharing, and audio equalization profiles, the 5S with Bluetooth® 5 keeps you connected to your riding partner or passenger. It also enables you to hear your GPS prompts and answer phone calls hands-free thanks to additional capabilities built in. A boom microphone and helmet clamp kit are included with the 5S. The Jog Dial provides a simple user interface. that is much simpler to handle while riding, making it safer for you.


The newly redesigned in-helmet speakers are tailored for both remarkable audio performance and physical comfort. The rider will feel comfortable using these specific speakers because they are made with a bevelled taper and fit into speaker pockets of helmets with ease. But if the audio quality isn’t up to par, no amount of outside design will matter. These brand-new HD speakers surpass expectations thanks to a noticeable jump in loudness, bass, and clarity! It has never sounded better to communicate over a crystal-clear HD two-way Bluetooth intercom.

גרינג צו שטעלן זיך און נוצן

Before putting on your helmet, you can quickly check your connections and settings on the LCD screen. Additionally, the glove-friendly Jog Dial is ideal for adjusting the volume or taking calls while you’re on the move. Additionally, you can use the Sena Utility app on your smartphone to quickly set up your 5S Bluetooth headset in the manner you like. Four EQ presets, including bass boost, balance, mid boost, and treble boost, are also accessible through the Utility App; listen to your beats anyway you like.

ווי צו נוצן דעם גייד

די לעגענדע און קאַללאָוץ זענען דאָ צו העלפֿן איר לייענען די אילוסטראציעס. ניו טעכנאָלאָגיע קען זיין קאַנפיוזינג, אָבער מיר האָבן באשאפן אַ פּשוט וועג צו דורכפירן אַקשאַנז מיט אילוסטראציעס.

Sena וטיליטי אַפּ

By simply pairing your phone with your headset, you can use the Sena Utility App for quicker and easier setup and management.

  • אַפּ פֿעיִקייטן
    Music, FM Radio, Device settings, Quick Start Guide, and User’s Guide
  • דאַונלאָוד
    Android: Google Play Store > ‘Sena Utility’
    iOS: App Store > ‘Sena Utility’

Sena דיווייס מאַנאַגער

די סענאַ דיווייס מאַנאַגער אַלאַוז איר צו אַפּגרייד די פירמוואַרע און קאַנפיגיער די סעטטינגס גלייַך פֿון דיין פּיסי אָדער עפּל קאָמפּיוטער. אראפקאפיע די Sena Device Manager פֿון

אָפֿט געשטעלטע פֿראגן

Hi. Does it come with speakers and Microphone?

Yes. It comes with two microphones in fact – a boom for open helmets and another one for full face.

Is it dual pack? Comes with headphones ans microphone? Is totally new?

Yes. Dual pack fully equipped.

How many listeners can Sena 5S address?

Although only two users can communicate at once during an intercom session, the Sena 5S can pair with three other systems. No party or group lines exist here.

How can I link my phone to my Sena 5S?

When the 5S is turned on, press and hold the Phone button for 5 seconds. 2. Select the Sena 5S from the list of devices discovered on your mobile device while it is in Bluetooth pairing mode.

The Sena 5S is water resistant.

flexible jog dial allows for simple operation. GPS guidance. For usage in bad weather, materials that are water-resistant. 7 days of standby time and up to 7 hours of talk time.

On the Sena 5s, how do you share music?

Press and hold the Jog Dial for one second during an intercom chat until you hear a double beep to start or stop sharing music for both you and your intercom friend. Rotate while pressing down the Jog Dial clockwise or counterclockwise to track forward or backward.

How can my phone be connected to my Sena?

The voice prompt “Phone pairing” will appear once you hold down the phone button for 5 seconds. On your phone, perform a Bluetooth device search. From the list of devices the phone has detected, choose the Sena. To enter the PIN, type 0000.

How can my Sena 5s be updated?

Your PC has to have the Sena Device Manager downloaded and installed. Using the Sena Device Manager, you can update the firmware on your Sena product. Re-pair your Sena product with your Bluetooth device after resetting it to the factory default settings.

On the Sena 5s, how do you skip songs?

Press and hold the Jog Dial for one second, or until you hear a double beep, to play or pause music. 3. Rotate while pushing the Jog Dial in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction to track forward or backward.

What is the Sena’s range?

The 10S is an improved version of Sena’s SMH10 motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset. Take calls, listen to music, and communicate up to 1.6 km (1.0 mile) away with three riding buddies via HD audio.

Can Cardo and Sena talk to each other?

You can only add Cardo to your Sena as if it were a phone device; instead, your Cardo headset will be able to pair through the universal intercom feature. Your phone’s connection to your Sena device won’t be impacted by this.

לאָזן אַ באַמערקונג

אייער בליצפּאָסט אַדרעס וועט ניט זיין ארויס.