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CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine

וויכטיק זיכערהייט אינסטרוקציעס

ווארענונג 2 לייענען אַלע ינסטרוקטיאָנס ערשטער ווארענונג 2

For your own safety, be sure to read, understand and follow all warnings, safety rules, and instructions in this instruction manual and on the machine before use. Failure to do so can result in serious personal injury.
ווארענונג 2 ווארענונג: דער מאַשין כולל פּראָדוקטן וואָס קענען ויסשטעלן איר צו קעמיקאַלז אַרייַנגערעכנט ניקאַל, וואָס איז באַוווסט צו די שטאַט פון קאַליפאָרניאַ צו פאַרשאַפן ראַק. פֿאַר מער אינפֿאָרמאַציע, גיין צו
די ווארענונג אַפּלייז צו די 80 # און 220 # דימענט ווילז, און די 360 # פול פּנים דימענט שויס.
סעטאַפּ זיכערהייט

  • וויסן דיין מאַכט געצייַג. Read this instruction manual carefully. Learn the applications, limitations, specific warnings, and hazards related to this machine.
  • KEEP GUARDS IN PLACE AND SECURED. Never operate this machine without hoods. Make sure all guards are operating and properly secured before each use.
  • בדעה בלויז פֿאַר דרינענדיק נוצן.
  • ויסמיידן געפערלעך ינווייראַנמאַנץ. דו זאלסט נישט נוצן דעם מאַשין לעבן גאַזאָלין אָדער אנדערע ברענעוודיק ליקווידס.
  • MAKE SURE MACHINE IS SECURELY MOUNTED. Abide by the proper mounting instructions before connecting the tool to a power supply.
  • USE ONLY RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES. The use of improper accessories on this machine may cause a risk of injury.
  • טשעק פֿאַר דאַמידזשד פּאַרץ. Before use of this machine, always check for any damaged guards or parts to determine that it will operate properly and perform its intended function. Check for proper alignment of moving parts, binding of moving parts, breakage of parts, mounting and any other conditions that may affect its operation. A guard or other part that is damaged must be properly replaced by the manufacturer of this machine to avoid the risk of injury.
  • USE ONLY IDENTICAL CABKING PARTS FOR REPLACEMENT PARTS. די נוצן פון אנדערע פּאַרץ קען פאַרשאַפן אַ ריזיקירן אָדער פאַרשאַפן פּראָדוקט שעדיקן.

עלעקטריק זיכערקייט 

  • USE ONLY GROUNDED OUTLET OR GFCI OUTLET. All electrical cords must either be securely grounded, connected to a surge-protected outlet, or preferably,  connected to a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet. A GFCI is highly recommended to prevent electric shock. Do NOT use an extension cord.
  • DON’T ABUSE THE CORD. Never carry the machine by the cord or yank it to disconnect from the receptacle. Keep cord away from heat, oil, and sharp edges.

באַניץ זיכערהייט 

  • קיינמאָל דיסקאַנעקט מאָטאָר, לAMP, OR PUMP WITH WET HANDS. Though the motor is sealed, you must make sure to keep all electrical connections dry. Avoid touching the pump when connected to the power.
  • ALWAYS WEAR PROPER EYE PROTECTION. Enclosed are safety goggles to protect you from any debris that may fly out while grinding. We recommend wearing the enclosed goggles or safety glasses with side shields. Everyday eyeglasses are NOT safety glasses. If anyone is around the machine while it is in use, they must wear safety glasses.
  • טראָגן געהעריק קליידונג. דו זאלסט נישט טראָגן קיין פרייַ קליידער, גלאַווז, האַלדזבאַנד אָדער צירונג וואָס קענען זיין געכאפט אין די מאָווינג טיילן פון די מאַשין. לאַנג האָר מוזן זיין סיקיורד מיט אַ גומע באַנד אָדער האָר בונד.
  • האַלטן די אַרבעט געגנט געזונט ליט, ריין און ומבאַפלעקט.
  • ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES. קיינמאָל לאָזן די מאַשין פליסנדיק אַנאַטענדיד.
  • DO NOT TOUCH MOTOR HOUSING. Avoid contact with the motor housing when in use. The motor is totally enclosed and non-ventilated so it produces high temperatures. The running temperature can reach around 220°F.
  • טאָן ניט אַפּערייטינג דעם מאַשין בשעת אונטער די השפּעה פון דרוגס, אַלקאָהאָל אָדער קיין מעדאַקיישאַן. 
  • NEVER RUN WHEELS DRY. Make sure there is adequate water used while grinding so that rock dust is not formed. This dust may contain chemicals that can be hazardous to your lungs if inhaled and is known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. To reduce your exposure to these chemicals, work in a well-ventilated area and wear a face or dust mask if the grinding operation is dusty.
  • נוצן בלויז וואַסער ווי קאָאָלאַנט.
  • SOME ROCKS CONTAIN POISONOUS ELEMENTS. Avoid grinding rocks that contain uranium, mercury, lead, arsenic, etc. Be certain you know the material you are grinding.
  • טאָן ניט קראַפט די געצייַג אָדער אַטאַטשמאַנט צו טאָן אַ אַרבעט עס איז נישט דיזיינד צו טאָן.
  • ריכטונג פון פיטער. Be aware of the wheel rotation direction. ALWAYS EASE THE WORKPIECE AGAINST THE RESIN WHEELS. A harsh impact can break the wheel. Use light pressure when starting to grind. Too much pressure can cause the wheel to crack.
  • קיינמאָל מאָל מער ווי איין ווערקפּלייס אין אַ צייט.
  • קיינמאָל אָנהייבן די מאַשין אויב אַ ראָד איז אין קאָנטאַקט מיט אַ ווערקשטיק.
  • WHEELS CONTINUE TO SPIN AFTER TURN OFF יווענטשאַוואַלי סלאָוינג צו אַ האַלטן.
  • ויסמיידן ומגעלומפּערט אַפּעריישאַנז און האַנט שטעלעס. Make sure you have a good balance while working on this machine. A sudden slip could cause your hand to move into the wheel.
  • ALWAYS STAY ALERT. You must be focused while working on this machine. It is possible for stones to catch on the wheels and be ejected out of the grinding area.

מאַינטענאַנסע זיכערהייט

  • ALWAYS DISCONNECT POWER BEFORE SERVICING. Disconnect machine, lamp, and water pump from power before making adjustments and when not in use.
  • DO NOT OPEN MOTOR. קיין באַניצער סערוויסאַבלע פּאַרץ זענען ין.
  • ריין און טרוקן מאַשין נאָך נוצן.

ראַטעווען די ינסטראַקשאַנז 

טיילן רשימה

CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - PARTS LIST

טייל # באַשרייַבונג קטי
1 ינסטרוקטיאָן מאַנואַל
2 פאַרטעך 1
3 גאָגגלעס 1
11 וואַסער פּאָמפּע 1
15 8″ DIAMOND LAP – 360# 1
16 LAMP 1
17 HOOD 2
18 מאָטאָר 1
20 דריפּן פּאַן 2
24 280# RESIN WHEEL 1
25 600# RESIN WHEEL 1
26 1200# RESIN WHEEL 1
27 3000# RESIN WHEEL 1

פֿאַרזאַמלונג ינסטרוקטיאָנס

CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - figA

  1. Refer to FIG. An above for assembly instructions. Determine a suitable, well-lit location for your CabKing-8V1. You will need a sturdy table or workbench that has 4 feet width X 2 feet depth of clear space. The CabKing-8V1 is a heavy machine that weighs approximately 150lbs once assembled. We highly suggest assembling this machine with two people.
  2. There are three boxes that contain components of your machine; the motor box, the baseboard, hood, pan, light, and accessory box, and the box that contains the wheels. Do not throw away any packaging until you are completely set up.
  3. Open the box that contains the baseboard and accessories. Remove all loose foam and accessories. Check to make sure all parts are present both on the machine and in the  accessory box according to the parts listed on the opposite page. If you find any missing or damaged parts, call us immediately at (630) 366-6129 or email us at
  4. Place the baseboard on your predetermined location. Make sure the board lays flat on the surface. Leave a few inches of clearance behind the machine to allow for power cords and water tubes.
  5. Remove the top nuts and washers located on the four bolts sticking through the baseboard (FIG. B). Keep these aside, you will need them for the motor. Remove the plastic protectant from the baseboard.
    CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - figB
  6. ינסטאַלירן די לamp onto the baseboard. To do this, open the lamp box and take out the lamp, rubber seal and three Phillips screws. Using the pre-drilled holes in the baseboard as a template, secure the lamp with the three Phillips screws, making sure the rubber seal is between the baseboard and the lamp. די לamp’s power cord needs to be facing away from the motor (פיגורע C).
  7. Remove the motor from its box by lifting the motor straight upwards by its black housing. Do not lift the motor by its shafts. The motor comes in its own crate for shipping purposes. There is an included wrench inside the crate. Use this to remove the nuts that secure the motor in the crate.
    CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - figC
  8. Once the motor is removed from the crate, place it onto the four bolts found on the baseboard. Make sure to align the motor so it is parallel to the board, then take the washer and nuts you placed aside earlier and tighten them onto the bolts using the same wrench used to take the motor off the board.
  9. ראָד ינסטאַלירונג — Refer to FIG. ד below for step 9. There are two arbors that are included with your CabKing. The left arbor is located at the end of the left motor shaft. The right arbor is located at the end of the right motor shaft. Unscrew and remove the left and right arbors from the motor shafts using the included shaft wrench. Remove the spacers that are included on the shafts. Install the wheels and spacers onto the shafts according to FIG. D below. Once the wheels and spacers are properly installed, replace and tighten the arbors onto the shafts using the shaft wrench.
    CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - figD
  10. Place the two drip pans on the baseboard. The drip pans are not fixed in place, allowing you to move them as needed. Insert the left and right stainless steel hoods into the grooves located inside the drip pans.
  11. Place the clear stone trays on top of the hoods and insert the hand rests into the drip pans. Secure the pan splash guards onto both sides of the drip pans. Adjust the position of the pan splash guards according to the water splash.
    CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - figE
  12. Attach the stainless steel, inner side panels to the hoods. They are magnetically attached for easy installation. Install one side panel on the left hood and the other on the right hood, closest to the motor (פיגורע E).
  13. Optionally, attach the outer side panels to the hoods. Like the inner side panels, they magnetically attach for easy installation. Install one side panel on the left hood and the other on the right hood, furthest from the motor (FIG. F). Simply move the black side spray tube upwards to attach and remove the side panels. These outer side panels help control the water splash, however not installing them provides easier access to the diamond lap and canvas pad.
    באַשטעטיקן די וואַסער סיסטעם
    The CabKing-8V1 water system is a single-pass system, meaning not re-circulating. DO NOT SET UP THE WATER SYSTEM AS A RE-CIRCULATING SYSTEM. Read further about the CabKing water system on page 15 after set-up.
    CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - figF
  14. Slide the drip pan tubes into the drip pans. Secure the connection with the spring clip (FIG. G). Tug on the tubes slightly to make sure they are secured. Place the unconnected ends of the tubes in a large, 5 gallon empty bucket (not included), drain hole, or wherever you want the dirty water to drain out. You must have the drip pan tubes pointing downward to allow gravity to drain the water from the drip pans. If the tubes aren’t angled downward, the drip pans will fill up with water.
  15. CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - figHMAKE SURE WATER PUMP IS NOT CONNECTED TO POWER SUPPLY. Connect the water intake system by pushing the two clear tubes installed in the hoods into the black T-junction, located on the end of the clear tube connected to the water pump (FIG. H). Remove the protective backing from the T-junction and place the sticky, adhesive side to the baseboard, behind the motor. Tug on these tubes slightly to make sure they are secured. Place the water pump in a separate, large 5-gallon bucket (not included) filled fully with clean water (FIG. I). The length from the bucket to the unit should not be more than 6 feet.
    CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - figIענדגילטיק פאַרזאַמלונג
  16. Install the two clear wheel splash guards onto the hoods (FIG. J). Twist the water control knobs located on the left and right hoods to the off position according to the directions on the knobs (FIG. J). Twist the two side valves on the side spray tubes to the off position. When the black arrow on the side valves are pointed to the left, they are in the off position.
  17. Connect both the motor and lamp power cords to a surge-protected outlet, or preferably a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet. While not required, a GFCI is recommended to prevent electric shock and can be purchased at your local hardware store. Though the motor is sealed, you must make sure to keep all electrical connections dry.
  18. Attach the water pump power cord to the footswitch cord. The footswitch turns the water pump on and off. Connect the footswitch cord to a surge protected power outlet. ALWAYS UNPLUG FOOTSWITCH FROM POWER SOURCE WHEN NOT IN USE. Avoid touching the water pump when power is on. NEVER UNPLUG OR TOUCH POWER CORDS WITH WET HANDS. 
  19. MAKE SURE THE WHEELS ARE NOT IN CONTACT WITH ANY PARTS BEFORE TURNING ON THE MACHINE SO THAT THE WHEELS SPIN FREELY. You can now turn on the machine. The wheels spin at 1800RPM. It is typical for the motor to produce a winding sound when starting up and a mild humming sound during use.
  20. Start the water drip by pressing on the footswitch. Turn the six water control knobs to the on position. Our unique water system allows you to drip water on each wheel individually. You can adjust the water flow rate to your preference with the water control knobs. While in use, make sure there is enough water dripping so that the wheels do not become dry. NEVER RUN WHEELS DRY. To use the side spray for the canvas pad and diamond lap, turn to page 13.

CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - figJ


The CabKing-8V1 is designed as a maintenance-free unit. There are no belts, pulleys, gears, or parts to actively maintain, however, all parts should be cleaned manually and periodically with soap and clean water. DO NOT PUT ANY PARTS IN THE DISHWASHER.
טשאַנגינג די ווילז — The wheels included with the CabKing-8V1 are 8″ diameter with 1″ arbor holes. The CabKing-8V1 only uses wheels with 1″ arbor holes. Color of wheel hub may vary. Using the included shaft wrench, remove the arbors located at the end of the motor shaft, slide off the wheels, and replace with new ones. We highly recommend lubricating the shaft with oil, lithium grease or WD-40 every time you change wheels. This helps prevent the shaft from rusting and ease in future wheel removal. Should you have difficulty removing the wheels, we suggest securing the arbor with the shaft wrench and manually spinning the wheel in the opposite direction. The opposing force should loosen the wheel. When removing the last wheel, sometimes the arbor can get stuck in the wheel hub. Simply spin the wheel towards you, which will remove both the wheel and arbor, then tap out the arbor using a cylindrical object.
געפירט ליכט ציבעלע — The light bulb installed in the lamp איז געפירט און וועט לעצטע אַ לאַנג צייַט. אויב איר דאַרפֿן אַ פאַרבייַט, איר דאַרפֿן צו קויפן דעם געפירט ליכט ציבעלע גלייַך דורך אונדז ביי די געפירט ליכט ציבעלע אינסטאַלירן אין די קאַבקינג לamp איז ספּעציעל דיזיינד פֿאַר דעם מאַשין און קענען ניט זיין געפֿונען אנדערש. געשריבן און וויזשאַוואַל ינסטראַקשאַנז אויף ווי צו טוישן די געפירט ליכט ציבעלע וועט זיין צוגעשטעלט מיט די פאַרבייַט ציבעלע.
LED bulb specifications: חלקtage: 90-240V. Output current: 300Ma. Brightness: 200300LM. Bulb style: G5.3 bi-pin base.

CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - LED light

מאַשין באַניץ

CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - MACHINE

The CabKing-8V1 is configured with two electroplated diamond wheels, four resin diamond wheels, one diamond disc and one canvas polishing pad. The direct drive motor on the CabKing-8V1 eliminates belts and other exterior motor parts to maintain or replace. The water system is unique and allows you to independently control the water spray on the wheels. Always use adequate water while in use to avoid running the wheels dry. If the wheels become covered with stone residue, increase the water flow. We recommend wearing the included apron to keep you from getting wet while you work.
אן אנדער אַדוואַנטtage to our water system is that you can adjust the spray direction on each wheel. This allows you to use wheels of different widths. Do this by locating the y-split, which is located under the hood. Adjust the two nozzles that are inserted into the y- split by twisting to the left or right (FIG. K).

CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - figK

The CabKing-8V1 grinds and polishes all kinds of shapes and design of rock, glass, synthetic material and metal. The most popular use is making cabochons. The general process of making a cabochon on the CabKing-8V1 is described on pages 13 and 14.
גרינדינג — Start with the electroplated diamond wheels on the left shaft to complete the grinding process. The grinding process shapes your cabochon and removes any surface irregularities so that the stone can be smoothed and polished. Hold your stone free hand or on a dop stick. Begin with the 80# electroplated diamond wheel. Completely grind the surface of the stone using adequate water. If the stone is not ground thoroughly, scratching will occur. Making sure that all scratches are removed is the most important part of grinding a cabochon. Frequently dry your cabochon with a paper towel or clean rag to reveal the remaining scratches while you work. Repeat this process for the 220# electroplated diamond wheel.
פאַר-פּאַלישינג — Once you are done grinding and shaping your cabochon on the electroplated diamond wheels, proceed to the resin wheel sequence. Resin wheels sand and smooth away flat spots, scratches and tiny bumps that are left behind from the grinding wheels in your stone, resulting in a pre-polished cabochon.
וויכטיק הערות: The supplied CabKing resin wheels are formulated to be used exclusively together in sequence. To avoid scratching or uneven grinding/polishing, do not mix and match other brands of resin wheels with the CabKing resin wheels. PLEASE READ THE RESIN WHEEL NOTICES DOCUMENT THAT IS INCLUDED WITH THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL.
פּאַלישינג — To put the final polish on your stone, attach the included canvas polishing pad by screwing it into the right arbor, while the machine is turned off. Using the included 14,000 mesh diamond paste syringe, apply a series of small dots, randomly throughout the pad, starting from the center of the pad, moving to the outer edge of the pad. Using your finger, smear the small dots into the canvas polishing pad. While diamond paste puts a bright, shiny polish on most stones, there are other ways to polish your stones such as using diamond powder or cerium oxide.
Now that the canvas polishing pad is charged with the diamond paste, it is ready for use. Most diamond pastes can be used without water however, you may use water while your polishing if you find that your workpiece is overheating. This typically happens with softer material. To use with water, aim the black side spray tube to the center of the disc. Always aim the side spray tube to the center of the disc so that when the disc is spinning, the water will spread evenly throughout the whole surface. Adjust the water drip to your preference by moving the side spray tube to the left or right. Adjust the spray direction by moving the white nozzle that is inserted into the side spray tube to the left or right (FIG. L).
וויכטיק טאָן: Only use one mesh per canvas polishing pad. Do not mix different mesh on the same canvas polishing pad or scratching may occur.

CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - figL

If you plan to insert your polished cabochon into a jewelry finding, you will need to put a flat on the backside of your cabochon. Included with your machine is an 8″ diamond lap to do this. The lap is diamond electroplated with 360# and pre-bound to an acrylic backing plate with 1/2″ arbor hole. Install the lap by removing the slotted bolt from the left arbor with a screwdriver, turning clockwise. Place the lap onto the lip of the arbor, then secure the lap by replacing the slotted bolt, turning counter-clockwise. Make sure the slotted bolt is tight and secure. You may use other types of diamond laps, such as ones with metal backing plates. The diamond lap must be used with water. Just like the canvas polishing pad, aim the black side spray tube to the center of the disc and adjust the water drip to your preference by moving the side spray tube and white nozzle to the left or right (FIG. M).

CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - figM

וויכטיק טאָן: The canvas polishing pad is to be used on the right shaft. The diamond lap is to be used on the left shaft.

די קונסט פון קאַבינג

The art of cabbing involves experimentation since every stone is different. As you progress, you may find that different grits are necessary depending on your stone and application. Searching the internet or joining local lapidary clubs will help you with your understanding and experience. As with all stone cutting and cab making, practice and experimentation are the keys to success.

CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - CABBING


One of the key features to the CabKing-8V1 is the single-pass, contamination-free water system. The water system will remain trouble-free as long as you use a fresh, clean supply of water. Do this by using a separate intake water bucket from the drainage bucket. A fresh supply of water will protect you from cross-contamination of grit which can occur in re-circulating systems that use a bubbler or geyser. With fresh water, the pump and intake tubes will stay clean and unobstructed so there will be enough water pressure. The water pump is rated at 30watts, 605GPH, and 8.2ftHmax. We recommend using a minimum 5-gallon bucket for both the water pump and drainage. You will typically go through an average of 1-2 gallons of water per hour, with the water control knobs on a light to medium drip. Monitor the water level in the bucket to make sure the water pump is always submerged in water. THE WATER PUMP SHOULD NOT BE RUN DRY
By design, all water system parts can be easily disassembled by pulling off or unscrewing and cleaned with soapy water. For routine maintenance, keep the nozzles, split and tubing clean with a small wire brush or the included pipe cleaner.
DO NOT SET UP THE WATER SYSTEM AS A RE-CIRCULATING SYSTEM. THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. This means putting the drip pan tubes into the same bucket of water as your water pump. Doing so will void your warranty and you also risk cross-contamination of grit, which may result in scratches on your stone. The grit will eventually build up in the water control valves, nozzles, and tubing which will restrict water flow and potentially clog the water system parts.
Underneath each hood is three y-splits with two nozzles in each, three needle valves, and clear tubing that connects to each needle valve. The clear tubing measures 1/4″ outer diameter X 1/8″ inner diameter. See image below to identify parts.

CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - fig1

אָפּטיאָנאַל אַקסעססאָריעס

All cabling-8V1 accessories can be purchased directly at
8 ″ טרים געזען אַטאַטשמאַנט
This trim saw attachment allows you to cut, grind and polish with just one machine. It fits onto either shaft of the CabKing-8V1 and comes with one 8″ diameter sintered saw blade, which allows you to work right out of the box.

CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - Attachment

8 ″ דימענט גרינדינג ווהעעלס
אונדזער ניקאַל ילעקטראָופּלייטאַד דימענט ווילז זענען געניצט פֿאַר פּראָסט גרינדינג און פאַר-פאָרמינג דיין מאַטעריאַל. יעדער ראָד קומט מיט אַ פּלאַסטיק כאַב אין אַ פאַרשיידנקייַט פון פאַרשידענע גריץ. דאָס זענען די 80 # און 220 # ווילז וואָס ערידזשנאַלי געקומען מיט דיין אַפּאַראַט.
CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - Grinding Wheels8″ Resin Wheels
Our resin wheels are used for finer grinding and forming, cabbing and contour grinding. Each wheel has a medium-density foam backing with a plastic hub in a variety of different grits. These are the 280#, 600#, 1200# and 3000# wheels that originally came with your unit.
CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - Resin Wheels8 ″ דימענט לאַפּס
These diamond laps are used on the left shaft of the CabKing-8V1 to perform both rough and fine grinding on stones and glass. Each lap comes with a 1/2″ arbor hole that is pre-bound to an acrylic backing plate. We have a variety of different grits available. This is the 360# diamond lap that originally came with your unit.

CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - Diamond Laps

6 ″ גאַנץ פּנים דימענט לאַפּס
These full-face diamond laps are used on the right shaft of the CabKing-8V1 to give you a flat surface for grinding and pre-forming your material. Each lap comes with a 1/4″-20 thread in a variety of different grits.
CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - Diamond Laps6″ Canvas Polishing Pad
This untreated canvas polishing pad is used for polishing stones, glass, and synthetic material on the right shaft of the CabKing-8V1. Each pad comes with a 1/4″-20 thread and needs to be charged with diamond paste or diamond powder before use.
CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - Polishing PadDiamond Paste
Our diamond paste provides an excellent medium for polishing stones, glass, and synthetic materials. The paste is conveniently packaged in color-coded disposable syringes for easy mesh identification. Charge the canvas polishing pad with our diamond paste and receive excellent results.
CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - Diamond Pasteראָד ספּייסערס
These aluminum spacers are used in-between the wheels on the CabKing-8V1. Get the spacing you desire with extra spacers. 1/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″ sizes are available.

CabKing-8V1 Cabbing Machine - Wheel Spacers


פּראָבלעמס רעקאָממענדעד לייזונג
פּאַרץ זענען פעלנדיק אָדער דאַמידזשד CONTACT US DIRECTLY BY CALLING (630) 366-6129 OR SEND US AN EMAIL AT INFO@CABKING.COM.
רעדער קערן זיך נישט מאַכט זיכער אַז די מאַכט איז קאָננעקטעד און די מאַשין איז אויסגעדרייט אויף.
מאַכט זיכער אַז די ווהעעלס זענען נישט אַבסטראַקטיד. אויב די ווילז זענען געכאפט אויף עפּעס איידער איר קער אויף די מאָטאָר, עס וועט נישט זיין גענוג מאָמענטום צו אָנהייבן ספּיננינג.
וואַסער לויפן איז שוואַך אָדער טוט נישט לויפן אין אַלע מאַכן זיכער אַז עס איז גענוג וואַסער אין די עמער מיט די וואַסער פּאָמפּע.
מאַכן זיכער אַז אַלע וואַסער טובז זענען רעכט פארבונדן.
דריפּן פּאַנס טאָן ניט פליסן שאָקלען די דריפּן פּאַן טובז צו אָנהייבן די לויפן בשעת טילינג די דריפּן פּאַן אַרוף.
מאַכן זיכער אַז די דריפּ פּאַן טובז זענען אַנגגאַלד אַראָפּ. רער זאָל אויך זיין שנייַדן צו לענג נאָך באַשטעטיקן די אַפּאַראַט.
ריין די דריפּן פּאַן אָוטספּאַוט.
נעזל / וואַסער סיסטעם פּאַרץ זענען פרייַ אָדער פאַלן אַוועק מיר פֿאָרשלאָגן ניצן טעפלאָן טייפּ און ראַפּינג די חלק פון די נעזל וואָס איז ינסערטאַד אין די י-ספּליט מיט גענוג טייפּ צו באַוואָרענען די פּאַסיק.

This CabKing-8V1 is warranted by the manufacturer to be free from defects for the period of one full year from the purchase date.
וואָס קען די וואָראַנטי דעקן?
די וואָראַנטי קאָווערס אַלע מאַקאַניקאַל און סטראַקטשעראַל פּאַרץ פון די CabKing-8V1, אַזאַ ווי מאָטאָר, וואַסער פּאָמפּע, בייסבאָרד, עטק.
וואָס קען נישט וואָראַנטי?
This warranty does not cover any consumable goods such as diamond abrasives, light bulbs, and/or polishing pastes. This warranty also does not cover any abuse, misuse, intentional damage, incorrect usage, failure to take care of the machine, improperly following the instructions, servicing by someone other than CabKing personnel and/or theft/loss.
ווער איז באדעקט אונטער דעם וואָראַנטי?
This warranty only covers the original purchaser of the equipment. It is nontransferable.
וואָס איז די וואָראַנטי צייַט?
די וואָראַנטי איז אין קראַפט פֿאַר איין יאָר פֿון די קויפן טאָג. ביטע האַלטן די אָריגינעל ינווויס פון דיין מאַשין פֿאַר דערווייַז פון וואָראַנטי אָדער רעגיסטרירן דיין CabKing-8V1.
דאַרפֿן אונדזער וואָראַנטי דינסט?
קאָנטאַקט אונדז גלייַך און מיר וועלן אַרוישעלפן איר. איר קענט רופן אונדז אויף (630) 366-6129 אָדער E- בריוו אונדז Shipping to us will be at your expense. If your machine is determined to be under warranty, we will pay for return shipping. You must PROVE that you are under warranty by providing us with the original invoice of your machine or by registering your CabKing-8V1 to receive our warranty service.
CabKing logo samboolProtect your investment and extend this manufacturer’s warranty another 1-2 years! For purchase and more details, visit אָדער רופן (קסנומקס) קסנומקס-קסנומקס.
וויכטיק טאָן: You have up to 45 days from the purchase date of this CabKing machine to add this extended warranty.


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