COBRA Bluetooth Headphone- XTREME

COBRA Bluetooth Headphone- XTREME-

COBRA Bluetooth Headphone- -- COBRA Bluetooth Headphone



Charging The Bluetooth Headphones

  • To charge your Xtreme COBRA Bluetooth headphones, connect the supplied cable to the Micro-USB (5) charging port and connect the other end to a USB power outlet (5V adaptor not included) for a minimum of 3 hours
  • For best performance, Please make sure battery is fully charged before use.

Operating Bluetooth headphones

  1. Turn the Cobra headphones on by holding the Pause/Play Button (3) until the LED lights (1) begin Flashing blue and Red
  2. The headphones will enter pairing mode. Enable Bluetooth search mode on your audio device and search for pairing name COBRA and select it on your audio device. Once the Xtreme Cobra Bluetooth headphones has successfully connected, device will state that the device has been connected. The LED will remain solid blue.
  3. Press the Pause/Play button (3) to answer calls, pause and play and hang up call.
  4. To change to the next track, long press the” + “(4) To raise volume, short press the Volume + Button (4)
  5. To change to the previous track, long press the” – “(2) To lower volume, short press the Volume — Button (2)
  6. To power down the headphones, Hold the Pause/Play (3) for 3 seconds until the LED light remains off. The device will state “Power Off”

Documents / Resources

XTREME COBRA Bluetooth Headphone [pdf] User Manual
COBRA Bluetooth Headphone

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