4640R Work Gloves



Textile glove, 15 gg, Merino Wool, nylon, seamless, spandex, Cat. II, black, inner Glove, for touchscreen, elasticated 360°, for allround work

EN 420: 2003 + A1: 2009
TEGERA 4640R Work Gloves - icon1 EN 388:2016 214XX
TEGERA 4640R Work Gloves - icon2EN 511:2006 X1X

TEGERA 4640R Work Gloves - icon3TEGERA 4640R Work Gloves - icon4 OUTER MATERIAL SPECIFICATION Merino wool, nylon, elastane SIZE RANGE (EU) 6,7,8,9,10,11
EU-TYPE EXAMINATION 0075 CTC, 4 rue Hermann Frenkel, 69367 Lyon Cedex 07 France UKCA-TYPE EXAMINATION 0321 SATRA Technology Centre, Wyndham Way, Telford Way, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN16 8SD, United Kingdom
Uk CA Uphawu



Carefully read these instructions before using this product.

EXPLANATION OF PICTOGRAMS 0 = Below the minimum performance level for the given individual hazard X= Not submitted to the test or test method not suitable for the glove design or material
Isilumkiso! This product is designed to provide protection specified in PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and PPE Regulation 2016/425 as amended and brought into UK law with the detailed levels of performance presented below. However, always remember that no item of PPE can provide full protection and caution must always be taken when exposed to risks.
TEGERA 4640R Work Gloves - icon1 I-EN 388: 2016

A. Abrasion resistance Min. 0; Max. 4
B. Blade cut resistance Min. 0; Max. 5
C. Tear resistance Min. 0; Max. 4
D. Puncture resistance Min. 0; Max. 4
E. Cut Resistance TDM (EN ISO13997), Min. A; Max.F
F. Impact Protection P=Pass

PROTECTIVE GLOVES AGAINST MECHANICAL RISKS. Protection levels are measured from the area of the glove palm.
isilumkiso: For gloves with two or more layers the overall classification of EN 388:2016 does not necessarily reflect the performance of the outmost layer. Do not use these gloves near moving elements or machinery with unprotected parts. For dulling during the cut resistance test, the coupe test results are only indicative while the TDM cut resistance test is the reference performance result.
TEGERA 4640R Work Gloves - icon2EN 511:2006 X1X

 A. Convective cold Min. 0; Max. 4
B. Contact cold Min. 0; Max. 4
C. Water penetration 0 (Fail); 1 (Pass)

isilumkiso: EN 511:2006: if the glove consists of separate parts which are not permanently interconnected, the performance levels and the protection only applies to the complete assembly. EN 511: Care must be taken when choosing the correct glove with regards to the maximum user exposure. If not waterproof, the glove may lose its insulating properties if wet. EN511:2006 Annex B table B.1 shows various parameters to be considered. Studies have established certain correlations between these parameters and the level of thermal insulation required to protect in cold conditions. The table given in Annex B of EN342:2004 is an example of such data.

TEGERA 4640R Work Gloves - icon3 SUITABLE FOR CONTACT WITH FOOD SPECIFIED IN REGULATION (EU) 10/2011 AND 1935/2004. All gloves/sleeves that are suitable for foodstuff may not be suitable for all types of food. To know for which foodstuff the glove/sleeve may be used please see the Food declaration of conformity. Contact Ejendals for more information.

TEGERA 4640R Work Gloves - icon4 The glove is shorter than a standard glove, in order to enhance the comfort for special purposes – for example, fine assembly work.

EN 420:2003 + A1:2009 PROTECTIVE GLOVES – GENERAL REQUIREMENTS AND TEST METHODS Finger dexterity test: Min. 1; Max. 5
FITTING AND SIZING: All sizes comply with EN 420:2003+A1:2009 for comfort, fit, and dexterity, if not explained on the front page. If the short model symbol is shown on the front page, the glove is shorter than a standard glove, in order to enhance the comfort for special purposes – for example, fine assembly work. Only wear the products in a suitable size. Products that are either too loose or too tight will restrict movement and will not provide the optimal level of protection.
UKUGCINA KUNYE NEZOTHUTHO: Ideally stored in the dry and dark condition in the original package, between +10º – +30ºC.
INSPECTION BEFORE USE: Check that the glove does not present holes, cracks, tears, color changes, etc. If the product becomes damaged it will NOT provide the optimal protection and must be disposed of. Never use a damaged product. Wear (or take off) gloves one at a time. Replace gloves regularly for hygienic use
BEKA UBOMI KWISHELUFA: The nature of the materials used in this product means that the life of this product cannot be determined as it will be affected by many factors, such as storage conditions, usage, etc.
UKUKHATHALELA NOKUGCINA: The user bares sole responsibility for submitting the product to mechanical washing after use, as unknown substances can contaminate the product during use and may affect the performance levels of the product. To care for your product, we recommend that you rinse in cold water and line dry in room temperature.
UKULAHLWA: According to local environmental legislation. The glove contains natural rubber which may cause allergy.
ALLERGENS: This product may contain components that may be a potential risk to allergic reactions. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity signs. For more information contact Ejendals.
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