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GST36E series

FIG 1 Feature.JPG


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  • Global certificates
  • Universal igalelo AC/ Uluhlu olupheleleyo
  • 2 pole EURO plug, Class Il power unit
  • No load power consumptiork 0.075W
  • Energy efficiency Level VI
  • Comply with EU ErP and COC Version 5
  • Ukukhuselwa: Ukujikeleza okufutshane / ukuKhwela ngaphezulu / Ngaphezulu kwevoltage
  • Fully enclosed plastic case
  • Pass LPS
  • wide range working temperature
  • Isalathi se-LED samandla pa
  • Various DC plug quick adapter accessory available
    (Plug kit sold sperately, please refer to : )
  • Iminyaka eyi-3 iwaranti



  • Consumer electronic devices
  • Telecommunication devices
  • Office facilities
  • Izixhobo zemizi-mveliso

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GST36E is a highly reliable, 36W wall-mounted style single-output green adaptor series. This product is a class Il power unit (no FG), equipped with a 2-Pin standard European AC power plug, adopting the input range from 85VAC to 264VAC. The entire series supplies different models with output voltages ranging between 5VDC and 48VDC that can satisfy the demands for various types of consumer electronic devices.

With the efficiency up to 90% and the extremely low no-load power consumption below 0.075W, GST36E is compliant with EU Erp and Code of Conduct(CoC) Version 5 . The supreme feature allows the adaptor to save the energy when it is either under the operating mode or the standby mode. The entire series utilizes the 94V-0 flame retardant plastic case, providing the double insulation that effectively prevents electrical shock.GST36E is certified for the international safety regulations.


Ukwenza iikhowudi kwimodeli

FIG 3 Model Encoding.JPG







Ukujikeleza ijika

FIG 7 Derating Curve.JPG


Iimpawu zeStatic

FIG 8 Static Characteristics.JPG


Ukuchazwa koMatshini

FIG 9 Mechanical Specification.JPG

FIG 10 Mechanical Specification.JPG


DC output plug

◎ Standard plug: P1J

FIG 11 DC output plug.JPG

DC plug changeable through:

  1. Customization of the standard part with an optional DC plug according to the table (MOQ applicable)
  2. Quick adapter accessory (sold separately without MOQ)
    Please refer to below table and online selection guide :

Example quick adapter accessory:

UMZOBO 12 Eksample quick adapter accessory.JPG

Optional DC plug: (Available in customized cable or quick adapter)

FIG 13 Optional DC plug.JPG

FIG 14 Optional DC plug.JPG

FIG 15 Optional DC plug.JPG

FIG 16 Optional DC plug.JPG

FIG 17 Optional DC plug.JPG

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