FAQs B0B6ZSMMCF Fake Security Fake Camera


  1. Use both fake and real camera to get a balance between cost and security.
  2. Choose a high-quality battery to prevent inferior batteries, leak liquid, and damage the battery case;
  3. When replacing the battery, please avoid rain and moisture erosion to maintain the life of the battery case;
  4. Please dispose of used batteries properly to protect our environment.

Fake Security Fake Camera Questions &Answers

Q: How should I go about installing this fake security camera?
A: 1.Press the two contact points on the back of the sphere or Sandwich the front and back of the sphere with two fingers.
2.Rotate the sphere horizontally to the angle picture shows.
3.Pull out the sphere.
4.Hold the sphere, then rotate your right hand as the picture shows.
5. Slightly separate the two hemispheres to avoid breaking the wires. 0
6.Close the battery box
Q: What’s Included?
A: 2 x Virtual Dome Cameras (Black), 8 x Screws, 2 CCTV Warning Stickers, 2AABatteries (Not Included).
Q: Are they waterproof?
A: IP65 waterproof. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
Q: Can I adjust the angle of the fake camera directly by hand?
A: 360-degree rotation.
Q: Can this fake camera withstand heat and wind and snow?
A: The fake camera’s working temperature range: -40℉~140℉/ -40℃~60℃
Q: Does this light blink like a real camera does or not?
A: Blinking red LED that flashes in 3-second intervals
Q: What material is its shell made of?
A: The casing of the fake camera is made of plastic material and looks exactlylike a real camera.
Q: What type of battery does this dummy camera need to install?
A: Powered by 2 AA batteries, not included.
Q: How long can the batteries lasted?
A: If use 2pcs 2500mAh battery, the LED light could illuminating about 3 months.
Q: Do these come with charging cable?
A: NO, they do not come with any charging cables.
Q: How to get customer service?
A: Customer service: Please contact our after-sales service mailbox: support@bnt-store.com

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