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FIG 1 Trivero 70

FIG 2 Lucius Elski Melini

FIG 3 Trivero 90


5-1200-1800W 12KG

FIG 4 Varese

FIG 5 Varese

FIG 6 Varese


FIG 7 Trivero 130, 180 & 240


Trivero 130
10-700-1400W 20.6KG

FIG 8 Trivero 130


Trivero 180
15-700-1400W 28.5KG

FIG 9 Trivero 180


Trivero 240
15-700-1400W 40.5KG

FIG 10 Trivero 240

Top Flame Elski
10-600-1200W 10.6KG

FIG 11 Trivero 240

Melini / Lucius
10-700-1400W 15.2KG

FIG 12 Melini Lucius


FIG 13 Melini Lucius


Trivero 70
5-400-800W 16.8KG

FIG 14 Trivero 70


Trivero 90                                                                                                                                    15W

FIG 15 Trivero 90 


FIG 16 Trivero 90 


5-700-1400W 12KG

FIG 17 Castello


5-750-1500W 8.2KG

FIG 18 Flandria


FIG 19 Flandria


Important Safeguards

Please read these instructions carefully before using the appliance, and always follow the safety and operating instructions.
Important: People (including children) who are not able to use the appliance in a safe way, due to their physical, sensorial or mental capacity or their lack of experience or knowledge, must never use the appliance except if they are supervised by a person responsible for their safety or if they previously received instructions concerning the safe use of the appliance. Close supervision is necessary to prevent children from using the appliance as a toy.

Please read these instructions carefully before using the appliance.

  • Check that your mains voltage corresponds to that stated on the rating plate of the appliance.
  • Do not leave the heater unattended during operation and keep children away.
  • From time to time check the appliance for damages. Never use the appliance if cord or appliance Shows any bsigns of damage. In that case, repairs should be made by a competent qualified electrician*. Should the cord be damaged, it must be replaced by a competent qualified electrician* in order to avoid all danger.
  • Only use the appliance for domestic purposes and in the way indicated in these instructions.
  • Never immerse the appliance in water or any other liquid for any reason whatsoever. When cleaning the appliance, refer to the instructions in the paragraph “Cleaning and maintenance” because water penetration through the openings can be very dangerous for your appliance.
  • Never use the appliance near hot surfaces.
  • Before cleaning, replacing a bulb or when you do not use the appliance, always unplug the appliance from the power supply. Do not attempt to remove the plug from the wall socket with wet hands.
  • Never use the appliance outside and always place it in a dry environment.
  • Never use accessories that are not recommended by the producer. They could constitute a danger to the user and risk to damage the appliance.
  • Never move the appliance by pulling the cord. Make sure the cord cannot get caught in any way. Do not wind the cord around the appliance and do not bend it.
  • No responsibility is accepted if damage results from improper use, or if these instructions are not complied with.
  • Stand the appliance on a stable surface so that it cannot fall.
  • Do not place the appliance under a power socket. The power socket must not be in the hot airflow of the appliance.
  • Always position the heater in such a way that inflammable materials (such as curtains) cannot be ignited. Ensure at all times that the unit is placed solidly on its base/feet. Make sure that the air inlet and outlet openings are not blocked.
  • To avoid any risk of fire, do not cover the heater (e.g. with clothes).
  • The heater should only be operated at a minimum distance of 1 meter from any wall (except the wall against which it is mounted), piece of furniture or other object and combustibles.
  • Warning: Do not operate the heater near baths, showers, washbasins, swimmingpools or any other water container. It must be impossible to reach the commands of your appliance when you are in contact with water.
  • The temperature of the housing and the grids may be very high when the appliance is in use. Avoid contact with the skin.
  • Do not allow the power cord to touch any hot part of the appliance.
  • Never use the appliance near inflammable or explosive materials.
  • Do not insert any objects through the grille or into the interior of the appliance.
  • Do not use double adapters or other appliances to connect with heater.

(*) Competent qualified electrician: after-sales department of the producer or importer or any person who is qualified, approved and competent to perform this kind of repairs in order to avoid all danger. In case of need you should return the appliance to this electrician.

Getting started

  • Remove the appliance from the box.
  • Remove any packaging from the product.
  • Place the packaging inside the box and store in a dry place.
  • Mount the fireplace. Then plug the power cord into a 230-volt earthed socket.

Contents of carton

  • Fireplace.
  • Remote control.
  • Instruction Manual.

The fireplace can be controlled with the panel on the unit or with the included remote control.

FIG 20 Operation

FIG 21 Operation

FIG 22 Operation

Safety cut-off

  • This appliance is fitted with a safety cut-off which will operate if the fireplace heater overheats (e.g. due to blocked air vents). For safety reasons, the fireplace heater will NOT automatically reset.
  • To reset the appliance, disconnect the appliance from the mains supply for at least 15 minutes. Reconnect the supply to the mains and switch on the appliance.

Warning: The unit must be unplugged from the power supply prior to any maintenance or cleaning in order to reduce the risk of electric shock or fire.

General cleaning instructions

  • The housing may be wiped with a slightly damp, lint-free cloth. Do not use any abrasive scouring pad or steel wool.
  • Do not use detergents or cleaning products.
  • If necessary, dust particles accumulated in the air outlet openings may be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Protection of the environment – directive 2002/96/EC

In order to preserve our environment and protect human health, the waste electrical and electronic equipment should be disposed of in accordance with specific rules with the implication of both suppliers and users. For this reason your appliance should not be disposed of as unsorted municipal waste. The user has the right to bring it to a municipal collection point performing waste recovery by means of reuse, recycling or use for other applications in accordance with the directions.

The warranty for your product is valid for two years from the date of purchase.


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Xaralyn Electric Fireplace User Manual – Download

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