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Product Overview

Thank you for purchasing WOLFBOX i03 Mini Dash Cam.
WOLFBOX is a professional automotive supply manufacturing company. We have worked in a dash cam for more than ten years. We have a team of experienced and imaginative engineers committed to building a reliable and trustworthy automotive supplies brand.
We have been selling G840S, G840H, T10, G880, G700, D07 for about two years. According to the different opinions of customers, we have developed an upgraded version of the i03 mini dash cam. The resolution of the front camera of this recorder has been increased to 1660P, and the internal chip and interaction have also been improved a lot. Thank you for your continued support.

Product Specifications

CPU SSC337 Video Compression Format H.265
Display 0.96 TFT Color Screen/
Mobile Internet Wi-Fi
Front Cam > GC4653+2117 Lens/
F1.5 Aperture
Recording Support
Video Format TS Voice Prompts Support
G-Sensor > Support Boot Screen WOLFBOX
TF Card > 8G-64G Parking Mode Default 1 Frame/s
Time-Lapse > Support Voice Prompt English
Battery > Button Battery Sound Recording Enabled by default
Powered By > 2A Car Charger/Hardwire Kit Language Setting Default English
Working Temperature > -25°~70° Video Watermark WOLFBOX i03 + Date + Time
Storage Temperature > -30°~80° Frequency Default 50HZ
Display Resolution > 2560*1600 Wi-Fi Username WOLFBOX-i03 _****_****
Front Len FPS > 30fps WIFI Initial Password WIFI Initial Password: 12345678
Screen Display Mode >Video Red Dot, Recording Icon,
WIFI Icon, Hours/Minutes/Seconds
Software Version WOLFBOX-i03_date


Please follow the instructions to use the product. Incorrect use can lead to serious consequences.
Any questions, please feel free to contact the customer service team.
If the product is damaged due to incorrect operation or installation, the warranty will be void.

  • Keep small accessories out of the reach of children.
  • Be sure to use included accessories and parts. Using other parts may damage the equipment or cause fire, electric shock, or malfunction.
  • If this product is damaged or malfunctions, stop using it immediately and consult your dealer. Continued use may cause fire, electric shock or vehicle failure.
  • If the location or use of the camera interferes with driving, please do not install it. This may cause an accident.
  • This product is intended to be used for reference material in the event of an accident. We do not guarantee its effectiveness as complete evidence.
  • Please note that this product may infringe on privacy and other rights depending on how it is used. We are not responsible for these cases.
  • Since this product uses a wide-angle lens, part of the image may be distorted. It also differs from the actual perspective. This is a characteristic of wide-angle lenses and is not a malfunction.
  • Use a soft damp cloth when cleaning the lens surface to avoid scratches that may affect video quality.
  • This product is for DC12V/24V vehicles only.
    The specifications and appearance of this product are subject to change without notice for improvement.
  • Do not attempt to open the case of the dashcam or attempt to repair the dashcam yourself.
  • If you have any problems with accessories of the dash camera, please feel free to contact us.
  • Do not operate or install the dash camera, or attempt to change any settings, etc. while driving.
  • Do not modify or disassemble the dashcam.
  • Do not use the charger if the power cord is broken or damaged.
  • Do not disassembie or modify this product. Otherwise, it may cause a fire, electric shock or malfunction.

Getting Started

Please read the instructions before operating.

  • Please use the original power cable provided in package, do not use ather power cables.
  • You need to insert a memory card to start recording. Please insert only a brand name Class-10, U3 or higher speed Micro-SD card which is made for 2.5K machine up to 64 GB max for reliable operation. We recommend 64GB SAMSUNG Class 10, U3 Speed Micro SD Card.(Memory card is NOT included in the packaging). ASIN: B09Q87X76V
  • Before the first use, you must format the memory card in the dash cam to prevent any errors.
  • If the machine cannot be turned on after the power is turned on, please keep the power on and reset the machine. Please CONTACT US if it still doesn’t work.
  • If the WIFI cannot be connected, it may be because your mobile phone is not compatible with our APP. Please CONTACT US and tell us the mobile phone model and software version number, and we will update the APP.Thank you very much for helping us make progress.

How to set a date and time?
Due to the Wi-Fi connection, it automatically updates the time based on your phone time, so you don’t need to change the time manually.
How to transfer video to PC/social media?
Open the WOLFBOX APP, enter the Camera file to select the recorded video, click to download to  share, and at the same time, you can edit the video and select the background music to make thevideo recorded more vivid.


Following items are included in the package, if any items are missing or damaged, contact WOLFBOX immediately.

WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - fig16WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - fig16


WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - fig 1

1 Operating status indicator lamp: A lamp informs the operating status
※Flashes red while recording.
2 Recording logo
3 Wi-Fi logo
4 SD card logo
5 Power Button
6 Speaker: Used to play video sound
7 Micro SD card slot
8 Mini USB
9 Bracket
10 Lens: Please remove the lens protection film before use

Button Function

WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - power1 POWER BUTTON Short press to turn on or off sound recording
LONG PRESS-to Turn ON/OFF The Camera

About the Micro SD Card

When using a new Micro SD card, be sure to format it on the main body.

  • Do not remove or insert a Micro SD card while the power is on.
  • Use a Micro SD card with Class 10 or higher(8GB-256GB). We Recommend 64GB SAMSUNG Class 10, U3 Speed Micro-SD Card.
  • For stable use,t is recommended to format the micro SD card regularly. Recommend: Once a month.
  • Open the WOLFBOX APP, select camera settings, swipe down, find the format SD card interface, and confirm the format.
  • This product will check the Micro SD card at startup and will announce if it is not inserted or damaged, which can prevent missed shots.


  • Note that memory cards have their own lifespan, and after writing data many times, eventually they will become unusable. If this happens, please replace your memory card.
  • We recommend that you format your memory card monthly to keep it running smoothly.
  • Please format the card by mobile phone.
  • Formatting will erase all recorded data.

How to insert and remove a card

  • To install

First make sure the dash camera is turned off and then facing the front of the camera (the side of the lens).Then insert the memory card halfway.Then use your fingernail or paper clip to push the card all the way inward until it clicks and locks into place.

To remove
To remove the Micro SD card, gently push its edges inward until you hear a click and the Micro SD card will pop out,then simply pull it out of the slot.


The dashcam comes with default settings, allowing you to get started right away without changing any settings. Be sure to format the memory card before using it for the first time.
How to install the main body

  1. Mounting Location – Most people will mount the i03 next to the mirror, opposite the drive. First, stop the engine in a light and safe place.WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - fig 3
  2. Make sure to clean your windshield from the dust particles and attack attach the electrostatic sticker to the windshield.WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - fig4
  3. Peel off the 3M tape attached to the bracket and attach it on the electrostatic sticker on the windshield.

About electrostatic Sticker

  • Since the adhesive strength is strong on both sides and it is difficult to peel off once it is pasted, it will be troublesome if the pasting position is incorrect. Therefore, we design the electrostatic sticker to attached to the windshield first, then stick the bracket with 3M adhesive on the electrostatic sticker. You can easily readjust the location by sticking the 3M Adhesive on the electrostatic sticker and peeling it off.
  • To strengthen the fixing force, do not attach the main body and leave it is for 24 hours or more.
    Re-sticking may weaken the adhesive strength of the tape and cause it to fall off. If you need more accessories, please CONTACT US.
    4. Connect the product’s Mini USB
    Port to the car’s cigarette lighter socket using the power cord.WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - fig5


  • Connect the cigar plug cord connector in the correct orientation. ( connecting in the wrong direction may cause malfunction or damage. If you cannot connect successfully, check the connection part carefully before connecting.
  • Only use WOLFBOX’s car charger, otherwise the dash camera may restart frequently or the LCD will flicker due to low power.


Home Screen Status Icons

WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - icon Red led blinking: Recording video
No Red led: Not Recording video
WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - icon3 Display voice recording status
WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - icon 1 Display Wi-Fi Status 16:02:20 Recording time
WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - icon2 SD card status WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - icon6 Display recording resolution


  • When entering the camera settings interface and camera file interface, the recording will automatically stop, and you can start recording when you return to the recording interface.

Power ON/OFF
<Power ON>

  • If you turn on the engine (ACC on) while the cigar power adapter is connected, the power will be turned on automatically and the the opening screen will be displayed.
  • Press and hold the power button to turn off the power during the startup, and then briefly press the power button again to turn on the power of the unit and display the opening screen.

WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - fig6

Micro SD card check function
This product will check the Micro SD card at startup and will announce if it is not inserted or damaged, that can prevent missed shots.
<Power off>

  • When the engine is turned off the power is automatically turned off.
  • If you press and hold the power button while the power is on,the power of this unit will be turned off.

WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - fig7

About time setting

The dash cam has built-in Wi-Fi, which automatically updates the time based on your phone’s time, so you don’t need to manually change the time. Please contact us if you need help.

i03 has 2 different camera modes:

  1. video mode
  2. photo mode

WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - fig8

Video Mode
When the engine is turned on, the power is automatically turn on.
There are four resolutions:
The Front Cam Resolution: 1600P/1440P/1080P/720PWOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - fig9Enter the WOLFBOX APP, select the Album page, and choose the video to view
Share: Selected videos can be shared on Facebook/Instagram or with relatives and friends.
Edit: Click on the page to add music to the specified video to make the video more vivid.
Screenshot: Take a photo
Delete: Delete Video
Photo Mode
The photo mode can take pictures recorded by the mini dash cam.
Photo MenuWOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - fig10

Enter the WOLFBOX APP, select the Album page, and view the image
Share: Selected photo can be shared to Facebook/Instagram or relatives and friends.
Edit: Crop the image size and add filters to the image
Delete: Delete image
About WIFI and APP
The WiFi function is specially designed so that you can pair the dash cam.
Connect wirelessly with your smartphone and instantly access your recordings from the dash cam. Here you can easily view, download and share your videos. The APP “WOLFBOX” is a free app that allows you to operate this WLAN built-in drive recorder from your smartphone.
How to connect WiFi

  1. Download the “WOLFBOX” app
    Scan the QR code on your smartphone and download the “WOLFBOX” app.WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - qrhttps://www.6zhentan.com/app/wolfbox/index.html
  2. WIFI Function on.
    Select[APP]in the smartphone, and turn on the WIFI function to activate the WiFi function.
  3. Connect WiFi
    Just go to your iPhone or Android phone’s settings to join “WOLFBOX-i03 _****_ ****” WiFi.
    Then enter the default password: 12345678.
  4. Open the WOLFBOX APP
    Once your dash cam is connected to the i03 WiFi, it’ll automatically sync when you open the WOLFBOX app. You could see live video from the dash cam on the WOLFBOX APP.

For Android
Please choose to allow when these prompls appear.

WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - qr 1https://www.6zhentan.com/app/wolfbox/index.html

For iPhone
If you get this pop up for your iPhone while using WiFi feature, make sure to tap on “ALLOW” or “OK”.

WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - qr 2https://www.6zhentan.com/app/wolfbox/index.html


  • Once you connect to i03 WiFi, it will say“No Internet”. As long as you keep the WIFI connection, you can still use the APP normally.
  • When connected to i03 WIFI, The phone only operates the dash cam. if you need to operate another by phone, please enter the Wi-Fi interface to turn off i03 Wi-Fi.

The range that WIFI can receive.
Please note that our WOLFBOX i03 WIFI is just like a daily network, the WIFI coverage is limited, about 10 feet. If your WIFI can’ t connect, please make sure the WIFI is within 10 feet.
Can I change the password?
If you need to modify the WIFI password, please enter the WOLFBOX APP, choose the camera setting, and then click the Wi-Fi password to modify the Wi-Fi password of the mini dash cam.
Is it possible to remotely watch video or surveillance around the car?
Not support. But you can get live video and footage on the WOLFBOX APP as long as you stay within 10 feet of the dash cam.WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - fig11

Why can’t I use the APP normally when all the steps are correct?
Because there are too many mobile phones and software version numbers, our APP is currently not compatible with all mobile phones. If you are unable to use the APP, please CONTACT US. We will include your mobile phone model and software version. We need your help to improve our APP, thank you very much for your support and understanding.
Edit and share with the APP
You can check and play the data by WOLFBOX APP . Enter it, click [Into Camera], choose [Camera file], select the file you want to download, and press[Download] to download the file and ave it to the [Album] which you can find on the interface of APP, then you can view to the smartphone album.WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - fig12


  • Camera File has three forms of file types:
  • Loop: Record the video recorded in loop
  • Snapshot: record pictures taken manually
  • Locked: Record the video recorded under the trigger of G-Sensor

WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - fig14

About the Camera Settings

  • Short press Power button to on/turn off the Audio. Long press Power button to open/turn off mini dash cam.

How to set up a dash cam with a smartphone

  • First Step ;Open the WOLFBOX APP ,choose[ into camera] , then click [Camera Setting] to enter Setting Menu.
  • Sound Recording: Sound recording on/off. i03 has built-in microphone to record audio with video.You can choose OFF to record mute video while video is being recorded.
  • Speaker Volume: Setting Volume Off/Low/Middle/High
  • Photo Resolution: Setting 1.2MP/2MP
  • Video Resolution:4 modes(1600P/1440P/1080P/720P) resolution settings.You can choose your preferred video resolution. Higher resolution videos will take up more storage space.
  • Loop Record Options:1/2/3minutes The duration of each recording. If the memory card is full, it will automatically be overwritten from the earliest video.

WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - fig15

  • Exposure Compensation: Setting range -2.0-+2.0
    Exposure compensation adjusts the brightness calculated by the camera as needed.
  • Video Time Option: Date/Date+Model/Off(choose the display mode you like)
  • Collision Sensing: Off/Low/Middle/High
    When the device is in a working state, it will automatically lock the current recording video when a collision is detected.
  • Parking Mode: Requires hardwire kit(sold separately)
    ※Does not work without hardwire kit


  • Wi-Fi Name: Default or setting you like
  • Wi-Fi Password: Default(12345678) or set up by yourself
  • Firmware Version: WOLFBOX-i03-20220424
    We will notify you via Amazon if there is a new software version.
  • Format SD Card:You can format the SD card inserted in the dash cam. All data will be deleted.
  • Reset: Resetting will clear all data of the recorder. Please confirm whether to perform this operation.

Parking Mode(Hardwire Kit Required)

  • Park Protect: On/Off Parking Monitor Motion Detection
  • Time-lapse Video Duration: Off/12/24/48hour
  • Time-lapse Video FPS: 1FPS/2FPS/5FPS Choose the suitable frame rate to run the time-lapse recording function. 1fps is the most memory-saving option.

24H Parking Monitoring Mode (Optional)
NOTE :The i03 dedicated hardwire kit is required for this feature. You can purchase separately or CONTACT US to get it (ASIN: BOB5WF4W8X) .


The default setting is OFF
Collision Sensing(G-sensor)(See how this feature works)

  1. When this function is turned on and the hardwire kit is installed correctly.
  2. When you turn off the car engine and turn the key to the locked position.
  3. The dash cam will start recording automatically when there’s a collision or vibration in parking mode.

[Time-lapse Video](See how this feature works)

  1. You can choose 12H/ 24HTime-lapse recording and the Hardwire Kit is installed properly.
  2.  Then, when you turn OFF the car’s engine and turn the key to the lock position.
  3. The dash cam will record 1/2/5 fps per second, it’s extremely saving power and capacity.
    With battery drain protection, you don’t need to worry about draining out the car battery.


  • When playing a time. lapse video, you can [slow]it to achieve the normal playback effect.
  • You can activate the time-lapse video and Collision Sensing functions at the same time by turning on the Collision Sensing in the menu.
    Now while this time-lapse is being recorded, If someone hits your car and if the impact reaches the set G Sensor level, then the camera will stop the time-lapse video > then it will start to record 10- second continuous video, save and lock that video in Locked folder > then return to recording the time-lapse 1/2/5fps.

More App Setting
Language: default English, you can set the local language
Date Format: Multi date format
Offline Map: To download or update the offline map
Get Support: Select issue category to feedback, we will try our best to solve your problems
About Us: Official Website/Contact Us/Version UpdateWOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - fig16

Trouble Shootings

Please feel free to contact our customer support at Service@wolfbox.com.We will reply your email within 24hours.
The camera does not turn ON

  • Use the Mini USB Cable to connect the computer to check if the screen is turned on( It is the problem of the charger if the screen is turned on), please CONTACT US to get the new charger.
  • When you plug it in, the camera should turn ON. If NOT, then press the Power Button Once to see if it turns ON? If it still does NOT turn ON, then remove the memory card.

Card Error

  • Format card by going into camera settings > format> OK > Select Format > OK. If the card is damaged or fake, please try to use another card.
  • Make sure the card is inserted correctly, and restart the machine.
  • Please CONTACT US if you still have card problems

Camera gets HOT

  • It is normal for your camera to run slightly hot.

The camera turns ON/ OFF frequently automatically.

  • Please reset your camera, and check is anything wrong with the charger, please CONTACT US if you have the issue.


  • We are committed to giving customers the best product experience and after-sale service.
  • Please CONTACT US with your online order, and we will provide free replacement and lifetime technical support. Besides, you can al so get free accessories from us.

Check us out here!
We have professional customer service!
WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera - iconsd
E-mail: service@wolfbox.com
Phone: +1 888 296 8399

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WOLFBOX i03 2.5K UHD Dash Camera [pdf] User Manual
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