G880 Mirror Dash Cam
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G880 Mirror Dash Cam

IC warning:
This device contains licence-exempt transmitter(s)/receiver(s)/ that comply with Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada’s licence-exempt RSS(s). Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
1. this device may not cause interference and
2. this device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device.
Radiation Exposure: This equipment complies with Canada radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment; To maintain compliance with IC’s RF Exposure guidelines, This equipment should be. installed and operated with minimum distance of 20cm the radiator your body. This device and its antenna(s) must not be co-located or operation in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.


  • Please read this manual carefully before operation and keep it for future reference. It will be helpful should you encounter any operational problem.
  • Improper installation will void the manufacturer’s warranty. The installation instructions do not apply to all types of vehicles and are written as guidelines to assist in  installing the system.
  • Consult an experienced technician if you are not comfortable installing the product.
  • Please make sure to read and understand call local laws and regulations regarding cameras and their use in a vehicle. Laws vary by state.
  • Do not obscure the view of the road ahead or impede the deployment of any airbags in the event of an accident.
  • When not in use, please disconnect the car adaptor from both the12/24V DC outlet in your vehicle and the device itself.
  •  Only clean the device with a soft dry cloth, for tough dirt, apply some neutral detergent diluted in 5 to 6 parts water to a soft cloth.
  • Note that alcohol, thinner, benzene, etc could cause damage to the paint or coatings.
  • Avoid making contact with the Lens as damage may be caused.
  • The video recordings made by this Digital Video Recorder are intended for personal use only.
  • Whilst driving, do not adjust the controls of your device as this is a distraction to driving.


Item Name 12′ Stream Media Mirror Dash Cam with 3 Channels Photo Format JPG
Model WOLFBOX G880 Memory Card Micro SD card 32G-128G U1
Screen Size 12° IPS Touch Screen Storage Temperature -40°F–176°F
Display Resolution 1480 x 320P Operating Temperature -4°F -158°F
Recording Resolution Front Camera: 1920 x 1080P In-car Camera: 1920 x 1080P Rear Camera: 1920 x 1080P Product Weight 3.76 lb
Item Dimension 11.4 x 2.8 x 1.2 (in)
Lens Front Camera: F1.8 170° In-car Camera: F2.0 140° Rear Camera: F1.8 150° Input DC 12V – 24V
Output DC 5V – 2.5A
Recording Format MOV

Package Contents

WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 1


Please MAKE SURE to connect all cameras and wires BEFORE power ON the Mirror Screen, otherwise, the camera cannot work properly.
Please follow the instructions below for the first-time installation of the Stream Media Mirror Dash Camera. It is designed to be fitted to the existing rear-view mirror using the straps.
Insert Micro SD Card
Insert the Micro SD Card into the stream media mirror dash camera, taking care that the gold contacts are facing towards the backside of the stream media mirror dash camera. Push the memory card until it clicks into the slot.

WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 2

Insert Micro SD Card

  • Notice: Use your nail to push the memory card into a slot if required. Take care that the card has clicked into the slot, a second push inwards will release the memory card.
  •  Do not remove or insert the memory card when the Mirror Dash Cam is turned on. This may damage the memory card.
  • Take care when removing the SD card from the Mirror Dash Cam when it is installed in the vehicle. Due to the card slot mechanism, the card will spring from the slot when released.
  • Periodically reformat the memory card. Every 2-3 weeks we recommend that you reformat the memory card. Please do this after you’ve downloaded any files from the SD card that you may want to keep, as formatting the card will remove all content.
  • Format your memory card using the Mirror Dash Cam. This will make sure that the card is structured specifically for your camera.
  • Press WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - icon 1 to enter into the setting and choose the Format Card option to follow the on-screen instructions accordingly.

Mount the Mirror Dash Cam

Step 1: Attach the upper end of the straps to the retaining hooks on the top of the rear-view mirror.

WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 3

Step 2: Extend the straps around the back of the rear-view mirror and attach them to the bottom retaining hooks.

WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 4


  • The straps have been designed so they can be cut down to give further size options, as required.
  • The straps should be a tight fit when fitted, thus ensuring the Stream Media Mirror Dash Camera is securely fitted to the existing rear-view mirror.

Front/In-car Camera Installation

  • Uncover the 3M tape protective film and lens protective film of the front camera and the incar camera.

WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 5

  • Attach the front camera and the in-car camera to a suitable position on the front windshield.

WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 6

Rear Camera Installation
Use the provided double-sided tape or screws to fix rear camera. The angle can be adjusted, so be sure to find a perfect viewing angle for your camera before fix it.

Install inside the car

WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 7

Please choose type 1 bracket to mount the rear camera if you’d like to install it inside your vehicle.
Install outside the vehicle

WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 8

Please choose type 2 bracket to mount the rear camera if you’d like to install it outside your vehicle.

Rear Camera Installation

  • Make the connection first and ensure the machine work well before installing.
  • Keep away with the driving operation and the active part of the car.Do not get caught by screws or seat gaps.
  • When drilling holes in car, please do not break the vibrator, tank and wires.
  • Before attaching the double-sided tape, please remove stain or oil with alcohol cleaner from the surface.
  • When temperature is low, please warm up the mounting surface with dryer, in order to improve the adhesion before sticking.
  • The provided 3M sticker cannot be reused, or the adhesion will not be strong enough.
  • Do not disassemble or change any part of this product, this will not be covered by warranty.

Wiring Images

WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 9

NOTICE: The Mini USB interface on the right is used to connect the car charger, and the Type-C interface on the left is used to connect the 3-in-1 connector.

Wire Layout in the Vehicle

Step 1: The car charger is connected to the cigar socket.
Step 2: Plug the front camera and the in-car camera into the 3-in-1 Type-C connector and install the front camera and the in-car camera at a suitable position on the front windshield.

WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 10

Step 3: Connect the rear camera cable to the 3-in-1 Type-C connector, and hide the rear camera cable inside the vehicle.

WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 11

Product Overview

Appearance Description

WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig12

  1. Screen
  2. Speaker
  3. Strap Retaining Hooks
  4. Power Button
  5. Reset Hole
  6. 3in1 Type-C Port
  7. GPS Port Micro SD Card Slot
  8. Power Supply Port
  9. Front Camera
  10. In-car Camera
  11. Rear Camera

WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 13

  1. Recording
  2. Date & Time
  3. Settings
  4. File Playback
  5. Start / Stop Recording
  6. Snapshot
  7. Image Switch
  8. Lock / Unlock
  9. Speed
  10. Driving Direction
  11. Screen Brightness Adjustment

Notice: You need to pause recording before entering into settings.


WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 14

  • Loop Recording: Set the video recording loop time.
    -1 minute
    -2 minutes
    -3 minutes
    Sound Record: Turn on/off audio recording.
  • Auto-Rec: After starting the automatic recording, if there is no interactive operation, it will automatically enter the recording mode.
  • Event Sycle: After the Event Cycle is enabled, when the locked video file reaches 20% of the memory card capacity, subsequent locked videos will overwrite the oldest locked video to save, thereby maintaining the healthy capacity of the memory card.
    WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 15
  • Video Time Lapse: Set the time-lapse recording of the vehicle (This feature requires a hard-wired kit to activate).
    – Timelapse Power Off: Turn on/off the time-lapse recording function.
    – Lapse Recording Time: 12Hours/24Hours(After setting for 24 hours, it will record uninterruptedly throughout the day).
    – Lapse Recording FPS: 1 FPS/2 FPS/5 FPS(The number of frames shot per second can be set, and when playback of the time-lapse video is like a fast-forward playback of the video).
  • Beep: Turn on/off the key voice.
  • Mirroring Front View: Turn on/off the mirror view of the front camera.
  • Mirroring Rear View: Turn on/off the mirror view of the rear camera.
    WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 16
  • Mirroring Room View: Turn on/off the mirror view of the in-car camera.
  • Clock Settings: Set the current time and date. This function allows for manual time setting if GPS is not available. Once a GPS signal is received the time and date will update automatically.
  • Date & Time Hidden: Hide the time and date display in the recording interface.
  • Language: Set the language, the default is English.
    WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 17
  • LCD Power Saver: Set the screen saver time.
    – Off
    -1 min
    -2 min
    -3 min
  • G-Sensor sensitivity: Select the sensitivity of the G-Sensor or turn it off. The locked files will not be overwritten. Please copy important locked files to your computer for storage, and format the SD card regularly.
    – Off
    – High
    – Middle
    – Low
  • Parking Monitoring: Start the parking guard function (according to the preset G-Sensor sensitivity, the emergency video recording is automatically started after the vehicle is shaken, this function requires a hard-wired kit to be used normally).
    – Off
    – High
    – Middle (Recommend preset levels).
  • Volume: Set the volume.
    WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 18
  • GSP Status: Show the Longitude, Latitude, and other GPS information.
  • Time Zone Select: Select the time zone of your location. The system will set a date and time according to the GPS location.
  • Speed Unit:
  • GPS Display: Turn on/off the display of GPS information
    WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 19
  • Time Format: Set the 12-Hours/24-Hours time display format according to usage habits.
  • Reverse Line: To display the reversing guideline, you need to connect the trigger wire (red wire) at the end of the rearview camera to the positive pole of the reverse lamp.
  • Reversing Line Correction: You can adjust the reversing guideline according to the actual environment.
  • Reset Setup: Restore the initial settings.
    WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 20
  • Format SD-Card: Clear all Micro SD card data files (please save important video files in advance and format the Micro SD card regularly)
  • FW Version: View the firmware version information.

Brightness Adjustment

Touch the pointed area first, a scrollbar will come out, then slide to left or right(+/-)to adjust the brightness.

WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 21

Data Playback

To select a video or photo for playback, press the WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - icon 5 button.Slide to select the desired file form the list and then press the file name to start playback.

WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 22

REMINGTON Aqualisse S7202 Extreme Hair Straightener - Lock Icon Lock/unlock the file.
Start or pauses the playback.
VOX ELECTRONICS UHD 50ADW D1B 4K Smart TV - icon 15 Display the previous photo/video.
VOX ELECTRONICS UHD 50ADW D1B 4K Smart TV - icon 14Display the next photo/video.
WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - icon 2 Deletes the file.
WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - icon 3  Return to the list.

Review GPS Data with Software [ CAR DVR PLAYER ]
By using the file playback software [ CAR DVR PLAYER ], you can record and playback in system with GoogleMap etc., also you can check all drive information such as Time, Location, Speed, and so on.For the first time use, please download the file playback software [ CAR DVR PLAYER].

WOLFBOX G880 Mirror Dash Cam - fig 23

  1. Playback Screen: Playback screen display
  2. Scroll Bar: Click, can speed forward or back
  3. GPS Information: Including Latitude, Longitude, Speed
  4. Map Display: Show the location of the car on the map
  5. Playlist: The data list for playback
  6. G-sensor Data
  7. Play/Pause

Trouble Shooting

  • The power does not turn on
    Please check that the cigarette power cable is not damaged, and whether the indicator light of the cigar plug is on.
  • The power is on but this device can not be turned on
    When checking that the cigarette plug power supply is right in place, please long press the power button to see whether it is turn on. If it still cannot be turned on, please reset it.
  • Stop recording as soon as it start recording
    Please check that the mirco SD Card is inserted, and the capacity of the Micro SD card.
  • Time display is incorrect after setting
    Please ensure to choose the correct time zone when GPS antenna is connected.

Warranty & Support

  • Warranty
    Any quality issues,1 year warranty
  • Support
    If you have any questions about the product functions or inslattation,please feel free to contact us through amazon or service.wolfbox@gmail.com. Save’s inquiries will be answered within 6-12 hours of the working day.
  • Your opinion matters
    We work hard day and night to improve the quality of our products,services and the user experience.Please fell free to contact our company if you have any valuable suggestions and euipment for product improvement.Expecting your vioce.
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    E-mail: service.wolfbox@gmail.com http://line.naver.jp/ti/p/Pw0d10egsm
  • After-sales Support
    E-mail: service.wolfbox@gmail.com WhatsApp/Line No.: +86 151 5813 4181

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