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WINZO WZ5081 Elongated One Piece Toilet

WINZO WZ5081 Elongated One Piece Toilet

The toilet must be installed by a fully insured and licenced plumber only.

Also be sure the installation conforms to local plumbing and building codes.

Check if all the fittings are complete and make sure the toilet is no crack before installation.


Tools Required


Shut off main water supply prior to installation!

  1. Shut off water supply line. If you do not have shut-off valve near the toilet shut off main water supply line.
  2. Remove remaining water from tank and bowl with a sponge or towel..
  3. Disconnect and remove water supply line connected to the toilet’s tank.
  4. Remove old mounting hardware and old toilet. Be sure to plug floor waste opening to prevent escaping sewer gases
  5. Remove closet bolts from flange and clean away old wax, putty, etc. from base area.
    NOTE: Mounting surface must be clean and level before new toilet is installed!


  1. In order for your new toilet to fit correctly, check the rough-in dimensions (Distance from finished wall to center of mounting bolt holes must be 12”.
    Installation of New Washroom 01
  2. The fill valve was disassembled before package due to the short tank. So please assemble the fill valve to the toilet before install the toilet. Inser the fill valve into the installation hole at the bottom of the tank. Then install the rubber and plastic washer (optional)and tighten the nut.
    Installation of New Washroom 02
    Note: Toilet seat could be assembled before step 3.
  3. Inser 2 floor bolts inside of the toilet flange and slide the bolts through the holes and align bolts horizontaly.
    Installation of New Washroom 03
  4. Carefully turn the toilet upside down on some padding. Firmly press a new wax ring onto the circular recess around the outlet opening.
    Installation of New Washroom 04
  5. Turn the toilet upright and gently lower it into position over closet flange & bolts. With the toilet properly aligned, press down firmly on both sides of toilet rim to seat wax seal (CAUTION: Do not move toilet after the wax ring is set)
    Installation of New Washroom 05
  6. Install bolt cap bases, Washers,nut and bolt cap over the closet bolts via the opening holes on both side of bowl. Do not tighten the nuts. It may and will cause damage to the toilet’s ceramic base. Then cover the opening holes with supplied plastic cover.
    Installation of New Washroom 06
  7. Install the lever trip, connect the water supply line,and turn on the water. Flush several times, check for leaks.
    Installation of New Washroom 07
  8. If necessary, adjust the water level in the water tank. Turn the adjusting screw clockwise to raise the water or Turn the screw counter-clockwise to reduce water.
  9. Make sure the refill tube is properly inserted into the overflow pipe of the flush valve. Refill tube should be positioned higher than water level.
    Installation of New Washroom 08
  10. Put the tank lid on the tank.
    Installation of New Washroom 09
    Install the toilet seat in accordance with detailed seat installation
  11. Apply the silicone around the base of the toilet. When the silicone is dry, check for leaks for the next several days

Toilet Seat Installation Instruction

Toilet Seat Instructions 01


Toilet Seat Instructions 02

  1. Insert the fixing bolt set into the seat holes of pan.
    Toilet Seat Instructions 03
  2. Using a screwdriver to temporarily tighten the bolts. (Do not full tighten). Adjustability is required at this step in order to position the seat in following steps.
    Toilet Seat Instructions 04
  3. Place the seat vertically, align holes to pins and press down insert.
    Toilet Seat Instructions 05
  4. Close the toilet seat onto pan, adjust until the seat is located in a satisfactory position.
    Toilet Seat Instructions 06
  5. Push centre button to release the seat. Carefully lift the seat so that the postion of the seat will not shift,then firmly tighten the screws.
    Toilet Seat Instructions 07
  6. Place the cover caps over the fixing base. And put the toilet seat back on the pins.
    Toilet Seat Instructions 08


The toilet seat may be removed for cleaning -depress two release buttons and lift up.
Clean only with a soft cloth or sponge usingwarm water and mild soap or detergent.
Do not use any abrasive cleaning materials.
Do not use any solvents or corrosive liquids.

Toilet Seat Instructions 09

Documents / Resources

WINZO WZ5081 Elongated One Piece Toilet [pdf] Installation Guide
WZ5081, Elongated One Piece Toilet

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