WILTEC 61075 Electric Garden Shredder User Manual
WILTEC 61075 Electric Garden Shredder

Read and follow the operating instructions and safety information before using for the first time.

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Due to further developments, illustrations, functioning steps, and technical data can differ insignificantly.

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Thank you for purchasing this quality product. To minimise the risk of injury we urge that our clients take some basic safety precautions when using this device. Please read the operation instructions carefully and make sure you have understood its content.
Keep these operation instructions safe.

First information

  • Warning icon ATTENTION! Observe the safety and assembly instructions in order to avoid the risk of injuries or damages to the product. Only suitable for domestic, not for commercial use!
  • Important: Read this manual completely and thoroughly. Keep this manual for future reference.
    Should you pass on the product one day, make sure to pass on these instructions as well.
  • Keep small parts out of children’s reach. Keep plastic bags and other packaging material away from children, especially when unpacking! Risk of suffocation!
  • Check the scope of delivery for completeness. Later complaints cannot be accepted. Check all elements and parts for damage. Despite careful checks, transport damages may occur. Do not assemble your product in such a case. Defective parts can cause dangers and risks to your health.
  • Never modify the product! Modifications invalidate the warranty, and the product may become unsafe or even dangerous.
  • Use a sponge and warm soapy water for cleaning. Do not use solvent based cleaners or detergents, e.g., bleaching agents, as these can damage the produc

Intended use

This shredder is designed for shredding fibrous and wooden garden waste in a manner suitable for composting.

Warning icon WARNING! For your own safety, read this manual and the general safety  instructions thoroughly before operating the device. If leaving the device to a third party, always pass on these operating instructions with the device!


Remove the packaging material. Also remove the packaging and transport materials (if present). Check if the scope of delivery is complete. Check the device and the accessories for transport damage. If possible, keep the packaging until the warranty expires. Then dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

Warning icon WARNING! Packaging material is not a toy! Children must not play with plastic bags! There is a danger of suffocation!

Contents: Machine, 2×wheels, 2×wheel covers, collecting tank, wheel axle, 2×spacer sleeves, washers, 2×nuts, open-end wrench, flat pushrod

If parts are missing or damaged, contact your dealer!

Explanation of symbols

Warning icon Warnings/Danger!
symbol Turn off the machine and unplug the power cord before making any adjustments, cleaning the machine, or if the cable is tangled or damaged.
symbol Keep third parties away
symbol Thoroughly read the operating instructions before using the machine. Follow the instruc- tions and safety guidelines when using the machine.
symbol Wear ear protection. Wear protective goggles.
symbol Danger – Rotating knives. Keep your hands and feet outside the openings while the ma- chine is running.
symbol Always wait until all parts stand still before touching them!
symbol Do not walk or stand on the machine.
symbol Wear protective gloves.
symbol Protection class II – double insulation
symbol Guaranteed sound power level.

Safety instructions

General safety instructions for power tools

Carefully read all instructions and warnings. Failure to follow the instructions and warnings may result in electric shock, fire, and/or serious injury. Keep the instructions and warnings in a safe place. The term “device” refers to electrically operated devices, either in mains operation (with cable) or with battery operation.

Safety at the workplace

  • Always keep the working area clean, tidy, and well-lit. Untidy and dark areas lead to an increased risk of accidents.
  • The unit must not be operated in explosive areas, e.g., in the presence of flammable liquids, gases, or dust. The device can generate sparks causing dust or vapours to explode.
  • When working with the device, other persons, especially children, must always observe a safety distance. If you are distracted by others, you may lose control of the device.

Electrical safety

  • The mains voltage must always correspond to the information on the type plate of the device.
  • The mains plug of the device must fit into the socket. The plug must not be changed in any way.
    Do not use adapter plugs together with earthed electrical appliances. Unchanged plugs and suitable sockets reduce the risk of electric shock.
  • Avoid any physical contact with earthed surfaces such as pipes, heaters,  stoves, and refrigerators. There is an increased risk of electric shock if your body is earthed.
  • Keep the device away from rain or moisture. Penetration of water into the device will increase the risk of electric shock.
  • Do not use the cable to carry, hang the device or to disconnect it from the socket. Always keep the cable away from heat, oil, sharp edges, or moving parts. Damaged or tangled cables increase the risk of electric shock.
  • When working outdoors, only use extension cords suitable for outdoor use. Using an extension cord suitable for outdoor use will reduce the risk of electric shock.
  • If operation of the device in a humid environment is unavoidable, always use an earth leakage circuit breaker. The use of a circuit breaker reduces the risk of electric shock.

Personal safety

  • Be attentive and fully concentrate on what you are doing. Always use an electrical device with caution. Do not use it if you are tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medicine. A moment of carelessness during use may result in serious injury.
  • Wear personal protective equipment and always wear safety glasses. Wearing personal protective equipment such as a dust mask, non-slip safety shoes, safety helmet, or ear protection reduces the risk of injury, depending on the type of use of the equipment.
  • Avoid unintentional start-up. Make sure that the device is turned off before connecting it to the power supply and/or battery, picking it up, or carrying it. With your finger being on the switch when carrying the device or connecting it to the power supply when switched on, this can easily lead to accidents.
  • Remove all adjustment tools and wrenches before turning on the device.
    A tool or key remaining in a rotating part of the device may cause injury.
  • Avoid any unnatural posture. Ensure a safe stand and always maintain your balance. This will allow you to better control the device in unexpected situations.
  • Always wear suitable work clothing. Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery. Keep hair, clothing, and gloves away from moving parts. Loose clothing, jewellery, or long hair can easily be caught by the moving parts. If dust collecting or absorbing devices can be installed, make sure that they are connected and used properly. The use of such a device can reduce the risk of dust.

Power tool use and handling

  • Do not overload the device. Only use a suitable device for your work. With the appropriate device, you will work better and safer in the specified power range.
  • Do not use a device the switch of which is defective. A device that can no longer be switched on or off is dangerous and must be repaired.
  • Disconnect the power plug from the socket and/or remove the battery before making any device adjustments, changing any accessories, or putting the device away. This precaution prevents the device from accidentally starting.
  • Always keep unused equipment out of the reach of children. Do not allow persons not familiar with this equipment or not having read these instructions to use it. Electrically operated equipment is dangerous if used by inexperienced persons.
  • Regularly maintain the unit and take good care of it. Check if the moving parts are functioning properly and are not jammed, if parts are broken or damaged in such a way as to affect the operation of the device. Have all damaged components repaired before using the device. Many accidents are caused by poorly maintained devices.
  • Keep the cutting tools (inserts) sharp and clean. Carefully maintained cutting tools with sharp cutting edges jam less and are easier to guide.
  • Use the device, accessories, inserts, etc. according to these instructions. Consider the working conditions and the activity to be performed. The use of electrically powered equipment for applications other than those for which it is intended can lead to dangerous situations.


Have your device repaired only by a qualified specialist company with original spare parts. This ensures that the safety of the device remains guaranteed.

Special safety instructions for the garden shredder

  • Protective gloves, goggles, and ear protection must always be worn. Do not wear loose clothing!
  • Always stand safely and in balance. Do not stretch towards the machine.
  • During operation, the machine must stand on a straight and stable surface. Make sure that all bolts and nuts have been tightened before use.
  • The machine may only be used in dry conditions, never in rainy weather outdoors.
  • Never use the machine with damaged guards or without them.
  • Hands, other parts of the body, and clothing must be kept as far away  from the hopper and theunloading chute as possible. Never place your face or the rest of your body near the hopper.
  • Do not leave the machine unattended. However, if you need to leave the machine, absolutely switch off the motor and disconnect the power plug.
  • No hard objects such as stones, bottles, cans, or pieces of metal may be brought into the inlet shaft. This can damage the machine.
  • If the machine is blocked, switch off the motor and disconnect the machine from the power supply, remove all objects, and check the machine for damage.
  • If the fuse burns or the overload protection trips, this is a sign of the machine having been overloaded and/or of too many devices having been connected to the same extension cable.
    Find and remedy the cause. Do not install a stronger fuse to remedy the problem.
  • Do not touch dangerous moving parts before the machine has been disconnected from the mains and the moving parts have come to a complete standstill.
  • Note that no damaged cable may be connected to the power supply. Do  not touch a damagedcable until it has been disconnected from the power supply, as this may result in an electric shock. Keep the extension cord away from moving and dangerous parts to prevent damage to the cord.
  • Do not operate the machine in bad weather conditions, especially when there is a risk of lightning!
  • Do not pull the extension cord. Do not pull the cable tightly. This may  damage the plugs or cableinsulation. Although such damage is not visible, it can still be dangerous!
  • The extension cord must always be kept away from the machine. Remove the plug from the socket to check it regularly for damage and signs of wear. Do not use the machine with a damaged extension cord!
  • If a replacement of the connecting cable is required, this must be carried out by an electrically qualified person to avoid safety hazards.
  • Do not move the machine by pulling the cable. Do not move the machine while the engine is running. Before first use, the chopper must be properly assembled.
  • Only use extension cords approved for outdoor use. Before using the machine, make sure that all cables are in perfect condition. Always switch off the shredder before removing a cable from the socket.
  • Keep children and animals away from the shredder. All other persons must stay at a safe distance from the shredder when it is in operation.
    Persons who have not read these instructions or are not familiar with the shredder must not use this machine.
  • It should be noted that the user himself is responsible for accidents or hazards to other persons or their property.
  • The shredder may only be used for its intended purpose.
  • Warning icon WARNING: This machine has rotating blades! The cutting knives will not stop immediately after the machine has been switched off.
  • Switch off the shredder, remove the plug from the socket, and wait until the cutter blade has come to a complete stop before carrying out any maintenance or cleaning work.
  • It is forbidden to remove or modify electrical or mechanical safety devices.
  • Use the shredder only in daylight or good artificial light.
  • If noticing any unusual vibrations in the shredder, immediately switch off the engine and check the cause of the problem. Vibrations are generally a sign of malfunction.
  • The chopper must be carefully inspected before use! Check that the cutter blade is firmly seated before using the shredder. The device may only be operated with the cutter blade properly inserted. Only work with devices in a proper condition. If you discover any damage or fault on the device which could be a danger to the user, the device may only be used again after it has been repaired.
  • For safety reasons, worn or damaged parts must be replaced immediately. Only use original spare parts. The use of non-original spare parts can lead to malfunctions and injuries and voids the warranty!
  • Only use the shredder in places where it is protected from water. The machine must not be exposed to rain!
  • Always keep the shredder in a dry and safe place out of the reach of children. This device must not be used by children! Children should also be supervised so that they cannot play with the device. Likewise, maintenance and cleaning must not be carried out by children.
  • This device must not be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory, or mental abilities or lack of experience and knowledge. Local regulations may limit the user’s age.
  • Familiarise yourself with the adjustable parts and proper use of the machine.


  • Do not allow children to work with this device.
  • Always wear ear protection and safety glasses during operation.
  • Avoid clothing with a loose fit or hanging straps or bands.
  • Only use the machine with enough free space around it (e.g., not near a wall or other solid objects) and on firm, level surface. Do not operate the machine on paved ground or gravel where ejected parts can cause injury.
  • Before switching on the machine, all screws, nuts, bolts, or other fixing agents must be checked for secure seating, as must be the presence of protective and shielding devices. Replace damaged and illegible stickers.
  • Always wear sturdy shoes and long trousers when operating the machine. Do not operate the machine barefoot or in light sandals. Avoid wearing loose clothing or clothing with hanging cords or ties.
  • Replace worn and damaged parts in sets to avoid unbalance.


  • Before switching on the machine, look into the filling chamber to ensure that it is empty.
  • Do not insert hands or other parts of the body into the hopper or ejection chute.
  • Always ensure a safe stand and good balance. When filling the machine, never stand on a higher level than the surface on which the machine stands. When operating the machine, always keep far enough away from the ejector.
  • When filling the machine, always ensure that no pieces of metal, stones, surfaces, cans, or other foreign objects are inserted. If the cutting mechanism touches a foreign object or if the machine makes unusual noises or vibrations, immediately switch off the power and let the machine run out completely or come to a standstill.
    Disconnect the machine from the power supply and carry out the following measures in the specified order:
    1. Check the machine for possible damage.
    2. Make sure that all loose parts have been tightened and that all components are securely fastened.
    3. Each damaged component must be replaced with original spare parts with identical specifications.
  • Do not allow the processed material to accumulate in the ejection area, as this may interfere with correct ejection or cause the material to recoil through the feed opening. If the machine starts to clog, IMMEDIATELY disconnect it from the power supply. Before removing the blockage, the shredder MUST be disconnected from the power supply.
  • Keep the power unit free of waste and other debris to prevent damage or possible fire. Always remember that the cutting tools continue to move for a while even after the machine has been switched off. Always wait until the machine has come to a complete standstill.
  • Do not change in any way the motor controller settings! The controller controls the safe maximum operating speed and protects the engine and all moving parts from damage caused by excessive speed. Always switch off the shredder as soon as you leave the working area. Always consult a specialist operator or customer service if you have a problem.
  • Never tip the machine when the engine is switched on. Never operate it with defective guards or without safety devices such as the attached collecting tank. If the cables are damaged, stop operation!
  • Warning icon Warning! The maximum permissible mains impedance Zmax (total alternate current resistance) of the device is 0.333 Ohm. As the user of this device, you must consult the power supply company in case of doubt. The device may only be connected to a power supply whose impedance is less than or equal to Zmax!

Maintenance and storage

  • If the machine is switched off for maintenance, inspection, storage, or replacement of an accessory (power unit MUST be disconnected in such cases), make sure that all moving parts are stationary and any keys have been removed. Allow the machine to cool down before any inspection, adjustment, storage, etc.
  • Maintain the machine with care and always keep it clean. When maintaining the chaff unit, be aware that, although the energy source is switched off due to the interlocking function of the protective device, the chaff unit can still be moved. NEVER try to bypass the interlocking function of the guard!
  • When servicing the cutting tools, make sure that (even if the power source cannot be switched on due to the safety lock) the cutting tools can still be switched on by a manual start mechanism.

Additional safety instruction for devices with collecting containers

The chopper must always be switched off before attaching or removing the collecting container!

Residual risk

  • Even when used as intended, residual risks may still exist despite compliance with all relevant safety regulations due to the design determined by the intended use.
  • Residual risks can be minimised if the safety instructions and the intended use as well as the operating instructions are observed. Consideration and caution reduce the risk of injury or damage to property:
    • risk of injury to fingers and hands if you reach with your hand through an opening and reach the knife mechanism;
    • risk of injury to fingers and hands during assembly and cleaning work on the knife mechanism;
    • injury due to chaff being thrown away in the area of the funnel;
    • danger from electricity if incorrect electrical connection cables are used;
    • contact with live parts when electrical components are open.
  • In addition, prolonged work without hearing protection may result in hearing loss or damage.
    Despite all precautions taken, there may be non-obvious residual risks.

Extension cable

Only use extension cables approved for outdoor use (H05 VV-F). The cable cross section must be equal to or greater than 1.5 mm² for a length of up to 75 m. Extension cables longer than 30 m generally reduce the performance of the machine.




Name Name
1 Hopper 6 Wheels
2 Main body 7 Foot
3 Rear body 8 On/off switch
4 Collecting container 9 Reset switch (motor protection)
5 Rack 10 Hand screw

Assembling the garden shredder 

Assembling the garden shredderAssembling the garden shredder

Name Name
1 Wheel 4 Locking nut
2 Spacer tube 5 Hubcap
3 Washer    
  1. Turn the shredder upside down and fold the legs upwards.
  2. Then guide the supplied wheel axle through the openings provided.
  3. Slide the two washers right and left over the wheel axle.
  4. Also place the spacer sleeves supplied on the wheel axles. Finally, fit the wheels and the lock nut with the hub cap.

Warning icon Warning: Take care when tilting the appliance on the wheels, as its weight distribution is unbalanced during tilting and moving transport!

Collecting container 

  • Pull the safety handle at the upper end of the base frame and slide the collection container under the base frame.
  • The collection container locks automatically when you release the safety handle.
  • To remove the container again, press the safety handle up and pull the container out of the base frame.

Collecting container 

Name Name
1 On/off switch 3 Hand screw
2 Reset switch    


On/off Switch 

The machine can be started and stopped by pressing the on/off switch.

Note icon NOTE: The unit is equipped with a safety switch to prevent accidental restart after a power failure.

Overload protection

  • Overload (e.g., due to blocking of the cutting blades) causes the machine to stop after a few seconds. To prevent damage to the motor, the overload switch automatically switches off the mains connection.
  • Wait at least 1 min before restarting the machine by pressing the reset button. If the motor still does not start, do the following:
    1. Disconnect the plug from the socket.
    2. Loosen the screw plug and then open the upper part upwards.
    3. Carefully clean the cutting and exhaust elements and remove any objects that may obstruct cutting.
    4. Replace the top and tighten the hand screw firmly.
    5. Press the reset button again before pressing the on/off switch.

Warning icon WARNING NOTES:

  • Always wear protective gloves while performing the above steps!
  • Never loosen the hand screw until you have switched off the machine via the on/off switch and the plug has been removed from the socket!


Under certain circumstances, e.g., for storage after use, the machine can be disassembled by carrying out the assembly steps in reverse order to the sequence described above.


  • Place the material to be shredded into the filling opening on the right side. The branches are then automatically fed into the machine by the counter-clockwise rotating cutter blade. Do not put too much material into the opening at once to prevent the machine from blocking.
  • If garden waste that has already become slightly damp and rotten is to be disposed of, swap between garden waste and branch plant during filling to avoid blocking the cutting blade. Compost soft kitchen waste, but DO NOT put it into the shredder.
  • Branches with leaves must have passed completely through the shredder before new material can be added. Make sure that the shredded material can fall freely into the collecting basket without blocking the outlet. The ventilation slots must not be blocked by the chopped (covered/clogged/soiled) material.
  • Longer chipping of thick wood or strong branches can cause the machine to stop due to clogging or jamming. Soft material such as leaves or small twigs can easily clog the feeder. Use a stick to push in this material.
  • Waste material must always be inspected for nails, stones, and other solids beforehand, as such objects can seriously damage the shredder.
  • Beware of vibrations, as these are usually a typical sign of worn or damaged cutting blades.
    Always replace the cutting blades if necessary.

Care and maintenance

Warning icon WARNINGS!

  • Make sure that the garden shredder is switched off and disconnected from the mains before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance work on the machine. Always wear sturdy protective gloves when cleaning the cutting blades!
  • Risk of injury from moving and dangerous parts!
  • To maintain the efficiency of the shredder, it must be kept clean. Clean the shredder after each use!
  • Do not allow shredded material to dry or harden on the surfaces of the shredder. This has an immediate negative effect on the shredding performance.
  • Always ensure a clean filling and ejection chute free of waste material.
  • Always make sure that all nuts, bolts, and screws are tight!
  • Always have defective and worn parts repaired or replaced by a qualified person.
  • Do not use cleaning agents or solvents, as they may cause irreparable damage to your machine.
    Chemicals can destroy plastic parts.
  • After every fourth or fifth use, the knives must be oiled!

Spare parts order

When procuring spare parts, the following information should be provided:

  • device type,
  • device item number,
  • device identification number,
  • cutting tools (knives): GY1.

Changing blades

If the knives are to be replaced, this must always be done in pairs. To do this, open the shredder and block the knife disc with a screwdriver. Loosen the screws using the Allen wrench supplied. Mount the new knives in the reverse order.
Changing blades

Only have the shredder inspected and serviced by qualified service technicians. Do not attempt to repair the shredder yourself.

Warning icon WARNINGS:

  • Never use a high-pressure cleaner or running water to clean the shredder!
  • Brush off dirt and plant residues. Wipe the outside with a cloth moistened with a mild detergent or water if necessary.


  • To protect the shredder from corrosion during storage during extended periods of storage, treat the cutter blade with environmentally friendly oil.
  • Make sure that the garden shredder has thoroughly been cleaned before storing it in a clean and dry place and out of the reach of children.


Warning icon Attention! Electrical repair work may only be carried out by an electrician or the customer service workshop!

Technical specifications

Nominal voltage (V) 230–240
Nominal frequency (㎐) 50
Nominal power P40 (W) 2500
Idling speed (r⁄min) 4050
Max. diameter of branches (㎜) 40
Capacity of collecting container (ℓ) 50
Sound pressure level (dB (A)) 95.7 (K=3)
Sound power level (dB (A)) guaranteed 111
measured 108.3 (K=2,64)
Weight (㎏) 14
Operating time P40 (s) Full load: 40; idling: 60
Protection class II
Protection type I PX4


Problem Cause Solution
The engine is not run- ning. Safety interlock Tighten screw plug well.
Power outage Check power cord, plug, and fuse in your home.
The    material    is   not drawn in. Material accumulates in- side hopper Switch off chopper, pull material out of hopper (first disconnect it from mains!), connect power and switch on shredder again and insert thick branches so that knives do not interfere with previous inci- sions again.
Shredder material too soft Insert wood and dried branches.
Cutting blade blocked Unscrew hand screw, open shredder, and remove material which does not block unit (disconnect unit from power supply!).
Material is not cut. Motor protection triggered Remove all chaff pieces and press reset switch.
Materials jamming Remove all chaff pieces from knives.
Engine does not start. Check that power cord, connector, fuse, and latch are in proper condition.
Filling device clogged Pull branches out of filling suction opening; alterna- tively, use a rod to push or loosen branches inside machine.

Warning icon Warning! In the event of an accident or any type of malfunction, first stop the appliance and disconnect it from the mains. Always make sure that the moving parts are completely stationary.
Only then check the unit or call the customer service.

Disposal regulations

EU guidelines regarding the disposal of scrap electric appliances (WEEE, 2012/19/EU) were implemented in the law related to electrical and electronic equipment and appliances.

All WilTec electric devices that fall under the WEEE regulations are labelled with the crossed-out wheeled waste bin logo. This logo indicates that this electric equipment must not be disposed with the domestic waste.

The company WilTec Technik GmbH has been registered in the German registry EAR under the WEEEregistration number DE45283704.

Disposal of used electrical and electronic appliances (intended for use in the countries of the European Union and other European countries with a separate collection system for these appliances).
The logo on the article or on its packaging points out that this article must not be treated as normal household waste but must be disposed to a recycling collection point for electronic and electrical waste equipment.
By contributing to the correct disposal of this article you protect the environment and the health of your fellow men. Environment and health are threatened by inappropriate disposal.
Disposal regulations

Material recycling helps reduce the consumption of raw materials.

Additional information on recycling this article can be provided by your local community, municipal waste disposal facilities, or the store where you purchased the article.

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WILTEC 61075 Electric Garden Shredder [pdf] User Manual
61075, Electric Garden Shredder, 61075 Electric Garden Shredder


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