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WHITESTONE Z Fold 3 Dome Silk Ultra Thin Glass Installation Guide

WHITESTONE Z Fold 3 Dome Silk Ultra-Thin Glass



  • There may be differences in components depending on the model.
  • To improve the product, the component’s appearance or specifications etc. can be changed without prior notice.
  • The removal pack must be stored as it is required to remove the glass.


  1. Remove the protection film attached to your device using the UTG Remove included in the Remove Pack.
  2. Attach the anti-slip pad vertically to the back of the jig. Connect the Align block to top part of the JIG.
  3. Insert the device into the JIG incorrect direction.
  4. Clean the display with alcohol wipe and cleaning cloth. Then, remove any dust with dust removal sticker.
  5. Hold the top part of the film as shown, and bend the blue sticker as shown in [Figure 1]. Like [Figure 2] Make sure that the protective film and glass are properly separated and slowly remove the protective film. If it is as shown in [Figure 3], attach the protective film as if it is in the first state and remove it carefully so that only the protective film can be removed.
  6. Flip the glass with the protective film removed so that the top/bottom text are visible to the front.
    1. Insert the top part of the film into the Align block.
    2. Insert the bottom part of the film into the bottom part of the JIG.
      • Please do not touch adhesion surface
      • Make sure the GLASS does not stick onto the device
  7. Hold the squeegee with both hands and slowly and forcefully push up with the squeegee from the bottom of the jig to the top 2/3 while maintaining squeegee in a lean angle. Make sure there is no bubble at the folding area. If bubble appears, proceed to STEP 7-1. If not, push the squeegee all the way to the end.
    1. Remove the guide film from the hole on the top of the jig. Detach the GLASS below the bubble by about 2cm and while holding the top of the film with your hands, be careful not to slide the jig, and gently push it with a squeegee to attach it.
  8. Remove the guide film from Jig’s hole while pressing the ①-top/②-bottom of the glass with a squeegee. ③Push the glass entirely to the short side of the squeeze.
  9. Bend the guide film attached to the glass and remove it from the top. Finish by pressing the glass edge with the short part of the squeegee. Remove the device from the JIG.

Remove Installationtion

  1. Hold the handle of the Removal Film and peel off the yellow paper about 1/3 and attach it in alignment with the GLASS.
  2. Push the UTG REMOVER between the device and the GLASS to make a gap, and then slowly pull up the both GLASS and UTG REMOVER together to remove while holding the device immovable.
  3. After removing dome silk, if there is glass powder or dust remove it using scotch tape, etc.

Precautions after installation

  • Glass may be damaged by impacts.
  • Although glass includes shatter-resistant film, recommend users change the glass to new one once glass is broken in order to prevent any harm.
  • Bubbles or lifting may occur by physical impacts such as drop impact, incompatible phone cases use, excessive strength while cleaning with alcohol wipes or etc.
  • No refund or exchange for any type of user damage.
  • Refer to the Reuse of Jig manual when reusing the jig.

Precautions when removing the tempered glass

  • Please refer to the removal manual and remove it.

Documents / Resources

WHITESTONE Z Fold 3 Dome Silk Ultra Thin Glass [pdf] Installation Guide
Z Fold 3 Dome Silk Ultra Thin Glass, Z Fold 3, Dome Silk Ultra Thin Glass


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