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Seesaw Installation Guide

Please make sure to check manual and installation video before using the product

Products damaged or damaged by user usage, cannot be exchanged or refunded.WHITESTONE-Galaxy-Z-Fold-2-Dome-Glass-Protector-1After checking the Quick guide, check the User guide.

Please check the model and components before using the product

  • Match your device model with the product in advance.
  • Please check all the components listed on the page3 and if there is any problem with the components, please contact us before the installation.

Cautions before Dome glass installation

  • Watch the Installation video and manual carefully before start to install.
  • Please see all introductions, since each device has different installation way.
  • Install the Dome glass after removing any film on the screen.
  • Must check if the installation spot is flat using a level meter or an app.
  • Please avoid a dusty place or sunlight.
  • Be careful of any impacts while getting out the jig from the box in order to prevent any damage.
  • Please check whether the installation can be started within enough space.
  • Be careful not to force the jig apart or break it.
  • The liquid adhesive is harmless to your body but be careful not to consume it.
  • If there is a problem with the subsidiary materials, please do not attempt installation and contact customer service immediately.

UV Curing MachineWHITESTONE-Galaxy-Z-Fold-2-Dome-Glass-Protector-2

Not included in the replacement kit.

  • UV curing machine recommends using 2A or higher power.
  • When using low current (A) power (laptop or power bank) After the 2nd curing, proceed with 2~3 additional curing.



  • There may be differences in components depending on the model.
  • To improve the product, the component’s appearance or specifications etc. can be change without prior notice.
  • Some components can be purchased separately if necessary.



  1. After wiping off the surface of your smartphone screen using the alcohol wipes and cleaning cloth included, insert your device firmly into the bottom jig by pushing down on all four sides of your device.
    Please remove all dust with the dust removal sticker provided.
    1. The device must be in a level surface area to prevent the adhesive from spilling during the installation.WHITESTONE-Galaxy-Z-Fold-2-Dome-Glass-Protector-5
  2. After removing the liner film(1) on the back of the masking film, attach the masking film to all four sides of the bottom jig.WHITESTONE-Galaxy-Z-Fold-2-Dome-Glass-Protector-6
  3. Press all four sides of the top jig to insert it on the bottom jig completely. And then insert the pin.WHITESTONE-Galaxy-Z-Fold-2-Dome-Glass-Protector-7
  4. Open the colored cap of the adhesive tube and place it in the middle hole in the position bridge, after that open the black cap to release the adhesive. After 30seconds, please be careful not to move the jig while removing the position bridge with adhesive.WHITESTONE-Galaxy-Z-Fold-2-Dome-Glass-Protector-8
    1. Only use ONE adhesive tube per installation. If the glass does not attached properly BEFORE UV CURING, you can use this spare adhesive to install again.
    2. Please make sure the top or bottom jig(tray) does not move while installation.
  5. After removing the liner film from the back of the tempered glass, place the glass diagonally on the pin. Make sure the glass sits on the top of the removable black tab.
    1. Removed liner film will be needed if you have to install it again with spare adhesive.WHITESTONE-Galaxy-Z-Fold-2-Dome-Glass-Protector-9
  6. Press down the bottom of the jig to move the adhesive to the center. Once the adhesive reach the center and touches the glass, remove hands from the jig and remove pin. (DO NOT let the adhesive slide down past the arrows mark in the top jig)(Wait 100 seconds for the adhesive to spread)
    1. Do not touch the glass while adhesive is spreading.
    2. If the adhesive is not on the center, please make it flow towards the center by lifting the jig lightly.
    3. Make sure the adhesive spread out till the end before UV curing.WHITESTONE-Galaxy-Z-Fold-2-Dome-Glass-Protector-10
  7. Once the glass is successfully attached, use the UV machine to cure the device for 15 seconds each on the bottom and top. Take out the device from the jig and wipe any remaining adhesive on the side of the device with alcohol wipes.
    1. Remove *speaker masking film after 1st curing. (*Only for models with speaker masking film.)
    2. Wipe the device with one direction.
    3. Be careful not to press the device or glass too hard when cleaning with alcohol wipe. It may cause glass lifting or lose of adhesive.WHITESTONE-Galaxy-Z-Fold-2-Dome-Glass-Protector-11
  8. 2nd curing process : Cure 60 seconds each for bottom and top of the device and repeat 1 more time.(2nd curing total time: bottom 120 seconds / top 120 seconds)
    1. Please re-register your fingerprint after installation.
    2. Please enable touch sensitivity in the device setting to improve the touch sensitivity.
    3. Fingerprint recognition sensor performance may be affected when tempered glass is attached.WHITESTONE-Galaxy-Z-Fold-2-Dome-Glass-Protector-12

Please check the installation Guide

Precautions after installation

  • Dome glass may be damaged by impacts or external strength.
  • Although Dome glass includes shatter-resistant film, recommend users change the Dome glass to new one once glass is broken in order to prevent any harm.
  • Bubbles or lifting may occur by physical impacts such as drop impact, incompatible phone cases use, excessive strength while cleaning with alcohol wipes or etc.
  • No refund or exchange for any type of user damages.
  • Refer to the Reuse of Jig manual when reusing the jig.

Precautions when removing the tempered glass

  • When removing the tempered glass from the device, face it towards the ground before removing.
  • Remove it outdoors or near a trash can.
  • Use your fingernails and slowly lift the glass from the corner to remove it. (Removing it suddenly could lead to damages or injuries)

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