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  • Turn on – long press power button for 2 seconds to turn on
  • Play – short press play button
  • Previous song – long press volume down button
  • Volume down – short press volume down (16 levels in total)
  • Pairing – Long press play button
  • Turn off light – long press light button
  • Reconnect mic – unscrew the housing on the microphone. Whilst near the speaker, long press the UHF button until the LED light flashes. Turn on the speaker, and wait 10-30 seconds. Short press the UHF button again until the LED stops flashing.
  • Turn off – long press the power button for 2 seconds to turn off
  • Pause – short press play button
  • Next song: long press volume up button
  • Volume up – short press volume up (16 levels in total)
  • Disconnect – long press Bluetooth
  • Change light – short press light button
  • Mode – short press Bluetooth to switch between BT, TF, AUX, USB
  • Reset – use a pin, press the AUX port for 6 secs to automatically reset the speakers and turn it off.
  • Base on / off – short press bass button

LED Light indicator

The speaker lights will interact with the state of the speaker.
When the music is playing the light will dance with the rhythm of the music. When the music pauses, the lights will also respond.
The lights under the Bluetooth and bass button will indicate charge level. When the battery is low the LED lights will flash red and a low power sound notification will be played.

Documents / Resources

wave 3S-2273 Shuffle party speaker [pdf] User Guide
3S-2273 Shuffle party speaker, 3S-2273, Shuffle party speaker

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