WAIMEA Swimming Vest Animal

WAIMEA Swimming Vest Animal

This product is a Class B device buoyancy aid for swimming instruction, designed to introduce children to various swimming strokes.
Always keep all product documentation for future reference.


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Please allow the child time to get used to the type of buoyancy and wearing the swimming vest. It is essential that the child be able to move its arms and legs freely.

Wear and tear
Before use, check the swimming vest for signs of wear and tear or damage. If the swimming vest is damaged, replace it immediately.

To fit the swimming vest
Unclip the long strap at the bottom of the swimming vest. Adjust both side straps to the largest size and open the buckles. Place the swimming vest over the head of the child while ensuring that both arms slide into the correct position above the highest side strap. Close the side buckles and adjust the straps around the torso to ensure a close, firm but comfortable fit. Finally, close the buckle at the bottom of the swimming vest so that the strap runs between the legs of the child and adjust to fit.
To remove the swimming vest
Release the buckle at the bottom of the swimming vest first. Open the side buckles. Pull the vest slowly over the head while assisting the child
to slide both arms out of the arm holes at the same time.

Care Instructions

Rinse the product in cold, clean water after every use. When the product needs to be replaced, you can dispose of it as regular garbage. Never hang the product up to dry in direct sunlight. Never store the product when damp. Do not tumble dry.


Use only under constant adult supervision. Children should be accompanied by a competent adult and be kept within a distance of one arm’s length from said adult at all times. This product is not suitable for use on boats! This product will not protect against drowning! This product is not a life-saving device! Do not bite, chew or pull on the swimming vest. The swimming vest will lose its functionality when the materials it is made of are damaged due to biting, chewing, tearing or other misuse. If this type of misuse does occur, safe use of the product can no longer be guaranteed. Pieces of material that have been bitten and or torn off may form a choking hazard.

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Documents / Resources

WAIMEA Swimming Vest Animal [pdf] Instructions
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