Wahl 09591-2100 Rechargeable Pet Clipper Grooming Kit Instruction Guide

Wahl 09591-2100 Rechargeable Pet Clipper Grooming Kit


  • RECOMMENDED USES FOR PRODUCT: Trimming, Shaving, Grooming
  • COLOR: Blue
  • POWER SOURCE: Battery Powered, Electric
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: Rechargeable
  • ITEM DIMENSIONS LXWXH:4 x 7.9 x 11.13 inches
  • RUN TIME: 2 Hour
  • CHARGING TIME: 3-5-hours
  • POWER TYPE: Heavy Duty
  • CORD TYPE: Cordless
  • BATTERY TYPE: Lithium Ion
  • COAT TYPE: All Coat Types


The Wahl Lithium Ion Deluxe Pro Series clipper offers a 10-minute quick charge, a 2-hour runtime, and a 1-year charge retention. Cordless technology makes it convenient to use anytime, anywhere. For no-snag cutting, a heavy duty motor offers 50% more power than a basic Wahl motor. includes the best blades from Wahl; these precisely ground, self-sharpening blades cut through all hair types and maintain their sharpness longer. A complete haircutting kit also comes with a selection of haircutting tools, a storage box, an easy-to-follow full-color instruction book, and different sizes of guide combs for worry-free and simple at-home haircuts. Powerful corded clippers with cordless convenience. 4 comb guides, a mirror, a style comb, scissors, a cleaning brush, oil, a blade guard, and a storage case are all included.



Clipper, oil, blades, slicker brush, attachment combs and comb, scissors, tear-free shampoo, dryer, rubber bath mat, nail cutters. Be sure all your equipment is in good working condition and easy to reach. Grooming should be done on a solid table (about 30” high) with a non- slip surface to give your dog a steady and secure footing. A grooming post to secure the dog would be of considerable aid. Good lighting is essential. The light should be adequately bright and evenly distributed; there should be no shadows.



  1. Remove all snarls, knots, tangles and mats.
  2. Part the hair and brush on 1” sections-brush from the skin out.


  1. Soak the dog thoroughly.
  2. Apply shampoo and work into a good lather.
  3. Pay particular attention to the rectum and pads (bottom of the paws).
  4. Be careful also not to get soap in the dog’s eyes (for safety use a “tear-free” shampoo).
  5. Rinse very thoroughly.
  6. Squeeze legs, ears and tail.
  7. Towel dry
  8. Fluff dry or brush and dry.
  • Start with the legs using a wire brush and moving up to the body.
  • Direct dryer to the area you are brushing. Do one spot at a time.
  • Use light, fluffing strokes.
  • There should be no snags or tangles when you are done.


The first time you cut hair, cut only a small amount until you become accustomed to how long each guide leaves the hair. Depending on your model, the following guide combs may be included in your kit.

Always start by placing the largest guide comb on the clipper, then use shorter combs if desired length is shorter.

Guide Comb #1—leaves hair approx. 1/8”

Guide Comb #2—leaves hair approx. 1/4”

Guide Comb #3—leaves hair approx. 3/8”

Guide Comb #4—leaves hair approx. 1/2”

To attach combs, hold comb with teeth up and snap it firmly to the bottom of the clipper blade. For uniform cutting, allow the clipper to cut its way through the hair.

Do not force it through at a faster rate.


  1. Before clipping your puppy for the first time, run the clipper near the puppy’s ear for a short time so he gets used to the noise.
  2. If clipping for the first time, the clipping process will be slow. Try to move with the dog when clipping. After a few grooming sessions, you will develop your own comfortable style and grooming will go faster.
  3. Take your time when grooming, and use a lot of affection. Dogs know when you’re in a hurry and will react by getting nervous, making grooming more difficult.
  4. It is very important to trim out excess hair on the pads. Otherwise the pads will become dirty and matted, causing painful walking for the dog.


Because their hair grows so rapidly, poodles need to be groomed much more often than other breeds.


  1. Have dog sit facing you. Bring rear leg forward (Fig. 1) and clip sides of foot from nail to end of toes. Clip on top of toes, stopping at ankle joint. Don’t trim up ankle. Spread toes apart with thumb and forefinger (Fig. 2). Cut hair between toes, being careful not to nick foot webbing.
  2. Spread bottom pads with thumb and clip between toes and pads, being careful not to nick foot webbing (Fig. 3).
  3. Repeat for other three feet. Touch up stray hair with scissors.


  1. Stand dog with tail toward you. Hold tail with one hand and clip top and sides AGAINST the grain from the middle toward the body. Clip bottom WITH the grain from the bottom toward the middle (Fig. 4).
  2. Comb out pompon at end of tail and use scissors to trim the largest ball possible.
  3. With scissors, carefully clip around anal opening.


  1. Be very careful around this area-too close of a cut may cause razor burns. Cut AGAINST grain. The area to be clipped is shown in Figs. 5-8. Bend ears back and use a cloth band to keep topknot (bangs) out of clipping area. The clipper is not to be used above eyes. Note: You may want to “rough trim” this area first, cutting WITH the grain.
  2. Hold muzzle with your free hand. Cut from ear to the outside corner of eye in a straight line. Stretch the skin at the outside corner of left eye upward and backward. Clip CAREFULLY under the eye. (Use Fig. 5 and 6 as your guide.) Repeat on other side.
  3. With free hand, stretch the corner of the mouth with your thumb, using the rest of your hand to hold mouth shut. Clip around mouth and side of face. Repeat on other side.
  4. Holding muzzle, clip the area between the eyes and down the nose.
  5. To clip the muzzle, clip away from the eyes toward the nose. Hold dog’s head, throat taut, and clip bottom of muzzle (Fig. 8). The Adam’s apple is usually the stopping point of the cut, but you may clip lower.
  6. Clip the rest of the throat area toward the muzzle.
  7. If you desire your poodle to have a mustache, clip to angle the top of the mustache even with the crack of the mouth. Then trim a straight cut around the chin.


Stand dog facing you. Lift front legs and clip from a point above the testicles or vulva in a straight line to the end of the rib cage, using Fig. 9 as a guide. DO NOT clip up leg.

  1. Use light pressure, being careful to not nick vulva, penis, testicles or nipples. Cover them with your hand.
  2. Clip the hair on penis with the grain.


TIP: Stop frequently while clipping to fluff the hair. It will help keep the hair even.

  1. Clip along the back, starting at the base of the skull, and cut down the middle of the back to the tail (Fig. 10). Shorten all hair as shown in the illustration, starting at the neck.
  2. See Fig. 11. Clip hair between the shoulders and hips. Clip under the chest from behind the front legs to the end of the rib cage.
  3. Scissor trim to touch up.


IMPORTANT: Be very careful when clipping around the “armpit” and the flank. These are areas of skin that are easy to cut; especially on older dogs whose skin has loosened.

  1. Brush the hair on the back legs in an upward and outward motion to fluff. You can now shape the legs as full or as tapered as you wish.
  2. Start by trimming any hair that falls over the foot (Fig.12).
  3. Starting at ankle, cut up to hip a little hair at a time (Fig. 13). Once you are at the hip, blend hair so it tapers into shorter body hair. (When using guide combs on the legs, complete your stroke; don’t stop midway.)
  4. Repeat with other back leg, making it the same size as the first leg.
  5. Touch up with scissors


  1. With dog facing you, comb hair up and out.
  2. Trim front legs to match back legs.
  3. Comb up hair at shoulders and blend it with shorter body hair.
  4. Comb hair on chest and between front legs; trim it to the length of the shoulder and body hair.


  1. With dog facing you, comb hair on top of the head (topknot) upward and forward (Fig.14)
  2. Scissor cut a square or round topknot.
  3. Blend lower topknot hair with the shorter neck hair.


  1. With dog facing you, clip from top of the ear downward. NEVER turn clipper in other direction.
  2. Lay the ear in the palm of your hand. Clip the outside of the ear first, and then the inside (Fig. 15).
  3. Hold ear with your free hand and scissor cut the sides. Be careful not to cut the ear itself (Fig. 16).
  4. Repeat with other ear, and touch up any stray hairs.


IMPORTANT: Trim your Schnauzer at least once before cropping ears. Otherwise your dog will probably associate clipping with cropping and make grooming difficult.

  1. With dog standing, clip top of back from the base of the skull to the base of the tail. Clip throat, front and sides of body and tail. Clip these areas with the grain. Clip sides and back of rear legs toward hock; curve the sides into the hock. Do not clip the front of the rear legs.
  2. Clip stomach from rear to front. Clip penis hair carefully with the Clip skull from point above eyebrows to the base of the skull and to the ears. Clip from the outside corner of the eyes to the base of the ears and to the corner of the mouth.
  3. Clip both sides of ears from the base to the tip.
  4. Scissor cut and trim front legs to gain a rounded and straight appearance. Scissor trim rear legs. Scissor trim eyebrows, muzzle and mustache to achieve a straight and square look.


If you plan to show your terrier and he has a wire coat, stripping, not clipping, is required. However, clipping is a far easier method of grooming for both pet and groomer.

Clip the same way as the Schnauzer, except the rear legs which do not need clipping. Clip to blend sides of the dog into the hips.

Scissor cut and trim the eyebrows, muzzle and mustache to the recognized standard of the particular breed of dog.


Sporting dogs generally require little clipping. However, long-haired breeds can be more effective in the field when properly groomed. Dogs should be clipped several weeks in advance of the hunting season to facilitate better hunting, offer greater comfort to the dog, and make coat care easier.

Clipping also allows growth of the shorter, denser coat that provides warmth and more resistance to burrs and stickers.

  1. Clipping with the grain, clip the neck, shoulders and chest. Blend the hair into the body and lower chest. Clip legs and tail.
  2. Clip body, if needed. It is suggested that dog’s hair be cut to 1/2” to 3/4” long. This may detract from the dog’s “looks,” but is sensible for a dog used in hunting.
  3. After a day in the field, comb your dog’s coat. A “tangle-remover” spray will help get rid of burrs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the db. rating for noise?

I don’t know, but I do know it isn’t loud. It’s a lot quieter than human hair clippers, and I’ve gone through different brands of those.

How can you tell if it’s charging? There is no light.

Not sure about that but after 30m it’s working great!

I bought one of these and it never was shipped. I bought another one used it one time I tried to use it yesterday and it would not cut? not happy

I used mine twice. Lousy clippers, loud and do not hold a charge! I do not recommend!

the operating instructions state: “this appliance is intended for trimming purposes only.” is this designed for grooming the whole dog or not?

Yes, it is supposed to be and it does work wonderful on HUMAN HAIR I am a retired hairdresser. I have 2 long-haired Dashaud 1 has fine hair and the other one is very thick. It isn’t Strong enough to cut Dog’s Hair so if that is what you are looking for don’t buy it. My dog with the thick hair took me 2 days and his legs is really thick still not cut like it should.

What replacement blade is needed for this clipper? Needing one after my first use.

If you need a new blade after the first use, I would return it or call the company and ask them to replace it You should not need to buy a new blade after each use!

Can I switch the blade and use different ones instead? Is it detachable?

Yes the blade is detachable.

Does this clipper use an A5 blade?

I’m sorry I don’t know what that is.

Can I have the Decibels please and does it stay cool

We’ll all trimmers get some warm when cutting hair and I would imagine if your dog has the long hair yes but not to point it burns you are the dog especially make sure you have the Guards on.

How many strokes per minute on this model?

Depends on how fast or slow you are cutting hair. I use it for 3 dogs and no problems.

Does it include all the accessories in the images?

Yes, it does. Depending on what you’re going to use it for, I’d think twice about this clipper. I used it to groom my pom-poodle, which means she has very fine hair. I only groom her 3-4 times a year and the last one I bought didn’t last through two grooming before a piece of metal popped out of it and it stopped cutting. The one prior lasted a little longer but nowhere near what you’d expect. It doesn’t come with a tool to remove the blade to clean it and I could not find one to fit it. I’m sure that had something to do with it. On the plus side, it holds a charge for many hours and does cut well when it IS functioning.

What length are the comb attachments? What is the longest length of fur for the attachment? Thank you!

Guide comb lengths included: 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″.

How do you stop it from snagging

I’m guessing you mean getting stuck on knotted hair? Just back clipper out and cut matted hair with the edge of one of the sides of the clipper. The edges of the clippers seem to stay very sharp and can go through anything.

What is model of replacement blade ?

Wahl –Amazon should sell them if you bought the Trimmer on here. Look at your model number and go by it. Some beauty supply places carry them but your best bet is to buy them on Amazon it would be cheaper. I usually find about 90% of my items cheaper on amazon that I order. Make sure after every use you Clean those Blades and Oil them that is the life of a trimmer.

My dog has very fine hair. I have Wahl pet clippers that I just picked up at Walmart in the 90s, but they don’t cut the fine hair. will these work?

I have golden pyr and have no problem where other clippers wouldn’t cut

Is there any LED indicator when charging the clipper?

No. I have seen no LED indicating the charging status.


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