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VORMOR Herilary C4 Car Player Instruction Manual

VORMOR Herilary C4 Car Player

Thank you for your purchase. Please read the manual carefully before using the product, so you can use lt In the right way. We will consistently provide better products and services to customers!

Product Description

Product Specifications

  • CPU: Cortex A7 800MHz
  • DDR: 64MB DDR2
  • WIFI: 2.4G+5G
  • BT: 2.4G+5G

Connect machines and vehicles

Reminder: This system only supports the original car models with wired Carplay!
Connect the vehicle USB port and the Carplay USB port with the USB cable. The indicator lights up and the screen displays the followlng Image. (It takes about 20 seconds).
No need to worry:
When connecting for the first time, the engine needs to be restarted to adjust the resolution of the vehicle.

  1. Connect the product to the car with a USB cable, wait for about 20 seconds, and dlsplay the following screen.
  2. Tum on the Bluetooth of your iPhone, search for smartBox-078F” and connect.
  3. After the connection, a pop-up window will appear. Click “Use CarPlay” to continue.(After successful connection, the Bluetooth will automatically turn off, and the WIFI of the mobile phone will automatically keep connecting with the hotspot of the car) NOTE: Wireless CarPlay must be disconnected to use car Bluetooth.
  4. The wireless CarPlay connection is success.


  • CarPlay Box l
  • USB Type-C Cable l
  • Instruction Manua1•1
  • Type-C-USB
  • Conversion Adapter 1

Warranty and Contact Information

The warranty period for th is product is one year from the date of purchase.

  1. During the one-year warranty period from the date of purchase, we will provide free maintenance or replacement services according to the provisions of this manual only if the product fails due to normal use in accordance with the instruction manual and other precautions. (When you send the product, please attach the warranty card and send it to our customer support)
    If the replacement is offer to you, the product you send back will become our property unless there are other special requirements.
  2. .Even within the warranty period, following cases will be charged for maintenance cost.
    • Do not follow the instruction manual and other precautions. 2.2 Failure or damage caused by unauthorized repairs or modifications not authorised by us.
    • Failure or damage caused by moving, falling, handling, transportation, etc. after the purchase.
    • Failure or damage caused by fire, earthquake, storm, flood and other natural disasters.
    • When no warranty do not provided to us.
    • The warranty card does not contain necessary Information such as the date of purchase, the product serial number or the text of the warranty card is tampered.
    • When replacing consumables (battery, etc.).
    • lf you are not the person who purchased the product (transfer, etc.)
  3. The warranty card will not be supply again, please keep ft properly to avoid loss.
  4. The company is not responsible for any incidental damages
    (expenses required to use this product) or any claims from third parties arising from the use of the product or malfunction.
  5. The warranty is only valid in United States.
  6. The warranty guarantees free maintenance within the period and conditions specified in this manual. Therefore, this warranty does not limit the customer’s legal rights to the person provide the warranty (warranty manager) and other businesses. If you have any questions about post-warranty repairs, please contact with the store where you purchased the product or customer support below. If you have any question, please be free to contact us. If there are some urgent problems, you can directly contact our WhatsApp for a quick response.

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VORMOR Herilary C4 Car Player [pdf] Instruction Manual
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