Volkswagen 2021 Atlas Cross Sport Car




The information within this guide must be used in conjunction with the information in the Volkswagen Owner’s Manual. You should refer to your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual and Infotainment System Booklet for all information, warnings and feature limitations. Always pay careful attention to the road and do not drive while distracted. Some Infotainment features can only be accessed and operated when the vehicle is standing still.

  1. Digital Cockpit/Instrument Cluster*
    Displays vehicle system and function information. Menu selections can be accessed using the multi-function steering wheel controls, and ca also be customized using the Infotainment screen.
  2.  Infotainment
    Touch-sensitive buttons control the various Infotainment functions, including radio, media selections, App-Connect functions, phone operation, vehicle functions and the optional Navigation system.
  3. Start-Stop System
    Start-stop is automatically activated when the ignition is switched on. When the light is off, the system is activated. System is deactivated when the light is on. See operating conditions in your Owner’s Manual.
  4. USB-C Port
    USB Type C portsVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-2 allow you to connect your mobile phone to your Atlas using the latest generation of USB. To utilize USB Type C, you must have a compatible cable. To find a cable that converts your phone’s charging port to a USB Type C connector, click here.
  5. Wireless Charging
    Can charge a Qi-capable mobile phone without the need to plug in a cable. Simply place your device securely in the center of the surface with the display facing up. An alert in the Infotainment system indicates when charging begins.
  6. Trunk Lid Power Trunk
    Pull on this switch to open the power trunk lid. When the ignition is on and the vehicle is in Park, pull and hold this switch to close the power trunk lid. If your vehicle is not equipped with power trunk, this button will unlock the trunk lid.
  7. Steering Wheel Left Side Controls
    Buttons for operating the Cruise Control or Adaptive Cruise Control* and other Driver Assistance features. Volume settings for radio, Navigation system notifications or phone calls.
  8. 8. Steering Wheel Right Side Controls
    1. Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-36Voice Control Button: Activates the Voice Recognition System. Short press to activate Volkswagen Voice Control.* Long press to activate third party voice control with a compatible smart phone connected to App-Connect.
    2. VIEW Button: For vehicles with a Digital Cockpit, switches between wide and standard display.
    3. OK Button: Used to select settings for features in the instrument cluster display.
    4. Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-3Horizontal Menu Buttons: Used to navigate through the instrument cluster’s main menus.
    5. Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-4Vertical Arrow Buttons: Push to navigate inside a specific menu.
    6. Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-5Horizontal Arrow Buttons: Push to change radio stations, scroll through radio presets or select the next or previous media track.
    7. Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-6Steering Wheel Heating: Activates the heated steering wheel. Can be pressed repeatedly to select between three levels of heating and held for one second to save a heating level. Press and hold to recall the last saved level. To turn off, press repeatedly until bar display in the instrument panel goes out.
  9. Remote Start* (not shown)
    If your vehicle is equipped with this feature, the engine can be started from outside the vehicle with the Remote Start button, allowing the HVAC system to heat or cool the interior. On your key fob, press the Lock button, then the Remote Start button twice. Pressing three times will cancel the operation.

Luggage Compartment Lid

Changing and Saving the Opening Angle
The opening height of the rear hatch can be adjusted.

  1. While the rear hatch is opening, press the Luggage Compartment Lid button on the remote key fob to stop it at the desired height. You may also stop it by pressing theVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-7
  2. Press and hold theVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-7 on the rear hatch edge until the rear lights blink and a tone is heard. on the rear hatch edge until the rear lights blink and a tone is heard.
    • The opening height of the rear hatch can be readjusted to the maximum height by pushing upward on the rear hatch and then repeating Step 2.

Easy Open Sensor-Controlled Luggage Compartment Lid
Applies to vehicles equipped with the sensor-controlled Luggage Compartment Lid feature.Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-8

  • You must be carrying your vehicle key on your person, e.g., in your pocket, hand or purse.
  • The ignition must be off.
  • Quickly move your foot and shin as close to the bumper as possible without contacting the bumper (in kicking motion). Your shin must be in the upper part of the sensor’s range and your foot in the lower part.
  • Quickly move your shin out of range. The rear hatch opens automatically.

Memory SeatsVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-9

Saving Seat Position to Memory

  1. Adjust the driver’s seat and outside mirror positions to your preferred positions.
  2. Press and release the SET button.
  3. Press and hold the memory button 1, 2 or 3 until the chime sounds.

Recalling Stored Memory Settings

  • With the vehicle stopped and the ignition ON, press and hold the corresponding memory button. OR
  • With the ignition off and the driver’s door open, press and hold the memory button until the stored position is reached.

Warnings: See Trunk Lid in your Owner’s Manual for more detailed information and for important safety warnings.
Warnings: See Memory Seats in your Owner’s Manual for more detailed information and for important safety warnings.

Activate Cruise Control

Locate the Cruise Control buttons on the left side of the multi-function steering wheel.

  • Press theVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-11 button to activate the Cruise Control.
  • A speedometer iconVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-12 will appear in the instrument cluster display.

Set Cruising Speed

  1. When you reach your desired cruising speed, press the SET button on the multi-function steering wheel.
  2. A green cruise control indicator light Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-13 will illuminate in  the instrument cluster display.
  3. To increase/decrease the speed by 1 mph increments, press and release the + or – button.
  4. To increase/decrease the speed by 5 mph increments, press and hold the + or – button.

Cancel and Resume

  1. To cancel the cruise speed, press the brake pedal or press the Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-11 button once on the multi-function  steering wheel.
  2. The green cruise indicator light Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-13 will disappear. Your  last selected speed stays in memory until you turn off the ignition or turn Cruise Control off.
  3. To resume your set speed, press the RES button on the  multi-function steering wheel.

Comfort Drive Travel AssistVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-10
Within system limits, the Comfort Travel Assist system enables your car to steer, accelerate, and brake automatically within its lane.

  1. Comfort Travel Assist can also maintain a constant distance to vehicles in front selected by the driver. The driver must maintain active supervision and the Comfort Travel Assist is not an autonomous feature.
  2. To enable, press theVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-14 button on the  steering wheel.

Turning Cruise Control System Off

  •  Press Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-11 twice.

Adaptive Cruise Control
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) helps maintain an individually stored constant speed and a previously set distance in time intervals between your vehicle and those in front of you. When you approach a slower moving
vehicle in front of you, the vehicle may brake if the situation requires. When the vehicle is no longer present, ACC will accelerate back to the stored speed.
You can set the speed-dependent distance from the vehicle ahead to one of five levels.

  • When the ACC button is pressed to set distance level, theVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-15 indicator light illuminates in the instrument cluster.
  • To change the ACC distance interval, press theVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-15 button to cycle through the distance intervals. When the
    shortest interval is reached, the distance returns to the greatest interval when the button is pressed again.
  • After coming to a stop for more than 3 seconds, briefly press the accelerator pedal or press RES on the multi-function steering wheel to resume Adaptive Cruise Control.

Deactivate Adaptive Cruise ControlVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-17Applies to vehicles equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control.
To deactivate Adaptive Cruise Control, and use Conventional Cruise Control:

  1. Press the button.Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-16 Depending on vehicle equipment, it  may be on the steering wheel or the end of the turn signal stalk.
  2. Using the vertical menu buttons Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-4on the steering wheel, scroll to Speed.
  3. Select Cruise Control in the instrument cluster display, then press the OK button.

Adaptive Cruise Control is now deactivated, and your vehicle will maintain the set speed using conventional cruise control
Note: Switching between Adaptive Cruise Control and Cruise Control requires the user to press RES on the steering wheel to resume either Adaptive Cruise Control or Cruise Control.

Assistance System SettingsVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-18
If your vehicle is equipped with Driver Assistance features, you can access the Assistance system settings menu in the Infotainment system, allowing modification to the Driver Assistance feature operation.

  1.  Press the Menu button.
  2. Press the Assist Syst. icon on the display.
  3. Touch the image that represents the feature. OR Touch Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-19 to access Assistance system settings.

Disabling Park Distance Control Audible Tone
The audible tone from the Park Distance Control System can be disabled by pressing the button on the center console. The warning will reactivate automatically when the reverse gear is engaged or the button is pressed again.

Driver Assistance Features

Heating and Air Conditioning

  • To cool or warm up the occupant compartment automatically, press the AUTO button to turn the system on.
  • Adjust the driver’s temperature dial to your preferred setting.
  • Press the SYNC button to synchronize the temperatures between the zones. If there is a large temperature difference between the zones, it may hamper the system’s ability to quickly cool or warm the interior.
  • In extreme heat, press the MAX A/C button. When a comfortable temperature is reached, press the AUTO button.

Max Defrost/Rear Defrost 1

  1. Press the Max Defrost button. It is recommended to turn the temperature setting to HI for quickest defrost/defogging.
  2. The A/C function comes on automatically and it is recommended to leave A/C on to dry the air.
  3. When the windshield is clear, press the AUTO button.

ide view mirror heating turns on automatically when the Rear Defrost buttonVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-20 is pressed and outside emperatures are below +68°F (+20°C).
Note: In the event of significant fogging, opening a window briefly can help.

AUTO allows you to regulate and maintain the occupant compartment temperature at a desired level automatically.

  1. Turn the driver side temperature dial to the desired temperature.
  2. Press the AUTO button if it is not already illuminated.

The driver’s settings will be applied to the passenger and rear climate zones.

  1. Select your preferred temperature with the left temperature dial. Adjust the fan speed and vents if necessary.
  2. Press the SYNC button. The light on the button will illuminate showing the sync feature is active.

Air Distribution 4
The Air Distribution buttons direct air to the floor, panel or defrost vents or a combination of vents. Pressing the button multiple times toggles through the different airflow settings.

Seat Heating 5
To warm up quickly on a cool morning, press the Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-21 button for seat heating.


Climatronic System

Discover Media Touchscreen Navigation SystemVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-24

  1. Press the NAV function
  2. Select the search icon Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-23 on the touchscreen.
  3. Begin entering a Point of Interest (POI) or address information with House number, Street and City.
  4. When your search address or POI appears in the drop down suggestion bar, select the correct address on the screen.
  5. Select Start to begin the route.

Applies to vehicles equipped with Navigation feature. When entering an address for another state, use only the two-character abbreviation for the state. Entering a destination on the touchscreen or changing any settings can only be done when the vehicle is stationary.

Additional SettingsVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-54
With Route Options you can:

  • Choose between 3 alternative routes if available by clicking on route info panel where the most recommended route is highlighted in blue.
  • Use Dynamic route guidance* if online traffic is available. Before starting your route:
  • Route criteria can be modified by tapping Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-25After starting your route:
  • Modifications to the current route such as avoiding tolls or seasonal restricted roads is possible by tappingVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-25

Route criteria can also be modified by tapping Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-26 and selecting Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-27

Requires paid subscription, vehicle to be equipped with MIB3 infotainment system with navigation, acceptance of VW Car-Net Terms of Service, active data plan, and vehicle cellular and GPS connectivity.
Note: Always pay careful attention to the road, and do not drive while distracted. SiriusXM audio and data services each require a subscription, which is sold separately, or as a package by SiriusXM Radio Inc. If you decide to continue service after your trial, the subscription plan you choose will automatically renew thereafter and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then-current rates. Fees and taxes apply. To cancel you must call SiriusXM at 1-866-635-2349. See SiriusXM Customer Agreement for complete terms at All fees and programming subject to change. SiriusXM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of SiriusXM Radio Inc.

Points of Interest (POI)
To find a specific Point of Interest:Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-29

  1. Press the NAV function, then press theVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-23 icon on the touchscreen to open the keyboard function to search POIs.
  2.  Search for your desired POI, i.e., airport.
  3.  Select Start to begin route guidance.
  4. Press the NAV function, then select a POI currently displayed on the map (this is great for finding nearby fueling stations).
  5. Select Start to begin route guidance.

Cancel Active Route Guidance

  1. Press Stop Route Guidance  Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-30 directly. OR
  2. Select Menu Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-26icon in the Navigation screen.
  3. 2. Select the Stop Route Guidance option on the touch screen.

Alternative Navigation
Turn-by-turn directions are also available by mirroring your favorite smartphone app to your Infotainment screen. Using the maps app on your device, you can connect to Volkswagen App-Connect by using a manufacturer-approved cable to your vehicle’s USB-C port or wireless if available.

Volkswagen Car-Net®Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-31

VW Car-Net is your connection to available features like emergency services (paid subscription). The five year no charge Remote Access* package allows you access to:

  • Mobile App
  • Remote Door Lock/Unlock Remote Honk and Flash Remote Start1
  • Vehicle Status2
  • Last Parked Location3
  • Maintenance Alerts & Scheduling Vehicle Health Reports2 DriveView4
  • POI/Destinations5
  • Parking Information6
  • Curfew Alert
  • Valet Alert
  • Boundary Alert
  • Speed Alert
  • Roadside Call Assist7

Car-Net® Enrollment Process8 (if not performed by dealer):

  • Download the “Volkswagen Car-Net” mobile app from the App Store.
  • Select Login to register and create your unique VW ID.
  • Log in to Car-Net mobile app with your VW ID, complete your profile and create a PIN.
  • Add your vehicle to your Garage by entering VIN and follow the steps to verify ownership.
  1. Applies to vehicles equipped with remote start feature.
  2. Refer to your vehicle’s warning and indicator lights for the most current diagnostic information. Always consult owner’s literature for maintenance guidelines.
  3. Do not use feature to locate stolen vehicle.
  4. Must agree to separate Terms of Service.
  5. Applies to vehicles equipped with Navigation System.
  6. Powered by Parkopedia. Requires parking facility participation. Volkswagen not responsible for accuracy of pricing & payment options, hours of operation, and features. See for important information and details.
  7. Roadside Call Assist connects you to a Roadside Call Assist third-party provider and may require additional payment for services rendered.
  8. Assistance can be provided by pressing the button in the vehicle’s overhead console.

Pairing/Remote Start (available on select trims):

  • Log in to VW Car-Net mobile app with your VW ID and PIN.
  • On first log-in, accept the pairing request. If you do not receive this request, then you can initiate it by going to Manage Paired Devices under the Account Management screen .
  • Accept the pairing confirmation in the vehicle’s display.
  • Remote start is now enabled.
  • Press to start the vehicle from any location.

Available on most MY20 and newer vehicles. Always pay careful attention to the road and do not drive while distracted. Certain services require trial or paid subscriptions, which may have their own terms and conditions. VW Car-Net requires cellular connectivity, availability of vehicle GPS signal, and acceptance of Terms of Service. Not all services and features are available on all vehicles. Certain Car-Net services, such as Roadside Call Assist, connect out to 3rd party providers that may require additional payment. Standard text and data rates may apply for app and web features. Certain services may collect location and vehicle information. See Terms of Service, Privacy Statement, and other important information at

Warnings: See Navigation in your Infotainment System Booklet for more detailed information and for important safety warnings. Navigation is an optional feature.
Warnings: See VW Car-Net in your Owner’s Manual for more detailed information and for important safety warnings.

Navigation / Car-Net®

Pairing a Compatible PhoneVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-34

  1. Be sure to check your phone’s compatibility at
  2. With the ignition on and the vehicle in Park, turn the Infotainment system on. Your vehicle’s Bluetooth system will be in “discovery” mode.
  3. From the Bluetooth menu on your phone, search for new devices and select VW BT XXXX (last four digits of VIN).
  4. A connection request will appear on the Infotainment display.
  5. Press Connect on the Infotainment display.
  6. The Infotainment display will then show a PIN.
  7. Make sure the same PIN is displayed on your phone and press Yes on the Infotainment display, then press Pair on your phone.

Note: If your phone displays a prompt asking to connect to your vehicle, make sure to enable future automatic connections. This will help to automatically reconnect the compatible paired device to the system. Once the PIN is shown, pairing must be completed within 30 seconds; otherwise, the process will need to be repeated.

Primary and Secondary Phone Functionality

Two active phones can be connected simultaneously. Follow steps 1-7 above. Only contacts from the primary phone will be shown within the Infotainment system. Switching between phones requires pressing the Swapping icon
Note: This feature is not available when the phone is connected to Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™.

Call by Name via Native Bluetooth Technology
Applies to vehicles with Voice Recognition.Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-41

  1. Short press the Voice Control button on the Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-36
  2. After the chime say, “Call,” followed by the name of the person you want to call. For example, “Call Mike Brown.”
  3. The system will confirm, “Do you want to call Mike Brown?” You then reply, “Yes.” If the contact has multiple numbers, select or say the desired line number on the screen when prompted. Once selected, the system will then say, “Contact is being dialed.”

Note: If connected to App-Connect Apple CarPlay, press and hold the Voice Recognition button to activate Apple Siri > then say, “Call Mike Brown.”

Voice Recognition Tips

  • The contact must be said exactly as it is stored in your phone’s contact list.
  • If multiple numbers are stored per contact, you may use the shortcut, “Call John Smith work,” or the system may ask you to choose from work, mobile, home, etc.

Answer an Incoming Call
The Bluetooth system will interrupt your car stereo with a ringtone. Press the OK button on the multi-function steering wheel or the green Phone icon Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-38 on the Infotainment touchscreen to answer the call.

Volume Settings 

To adjust the volume of the Bluetooth system while on a call, press the Volume Up or Volume Down button Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-39on the left side of the multi-function steering wheel.

Switch to Private Mode
To switch a Bluetooth call to your mobile phone, which would prevent passengers from hearing the conversation:

  1. Once a call has been answered, use the Horizontal Menu buttonsVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-3 on the multi-function steering wheel to access the Phone menu in the instrument cluster display.
  2. Press the Vertical Arrow buttons Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-4on the right side controls of the multi-function steering wheel until “Private” appears in the display.
  3. To select, press the OK button on the multi-function steering wheel.

End a Call

While in the Phone function, press the red Phone iconVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-40 on the Infotainment touchscreen. Or, alternatively:

  1. Use the Horizontal Menu buttons Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-3 on the multi-function steering wheel to access the Phone menu in the  instrument cluster display.
  2. Press the Vertical Arrow buttons Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-4until “End” appears in the instrument cluster display. Press the OK button on the multi-function steering wheel.

Cancel Active Voice Recognition or an Active RouteVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-41

Double press the Voice Control buttonVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-36 on the multifunction steering wheel to end Voice Recognition. To end an  active route, short press the Voice Control buttonVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-36 and say, “Cancel destination,” after you hear a beep.

Destination Entry with Voice Recognition 

  1. Short press the Voice Control button Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-36 on the  multi-function steering wheel. A beep will sound.
  2.  Say, “New destination.”
  3. After the beep, speak the address; for example, “Two zero two four Main Street, Los Angeles.” Speak in single digits.
  4. The system will repeat the address for confirmation and ask if you would like to start route guidance. After the beep say, “Yes,” and guidance will begin.

Warnings: Visit to view more detailed information and important safety warnings for Bluetooth Pairing.
Warnings: See Voice Contol in your Infotainment System Booklet for more detailed information and for important safety warnings.

Bluetooth® Technology / Voice Recognition

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) RecalibrationVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-42

The TPMS must be recalibrated each time the tire pressure in one or more tires has been adjusted or after one or more tires have been changed, exchanged or repaired.
To recalibrate the TPMS:

  1. Turn the ignition ON.
  2. Press the CAR icon on your touchscreen.
  3. Select Settings on the touchscreen.
  4. Select Tire settings.
  5. Select Set.
  6. Select Confirm to store.

Keyless Access


  1. Make sure you have your key fob with you.
  2. Slide your hand behind the driver or front passenger door handle and wait for the door to unlock. Remember to avoid touching the indent on the front of the handle or the door will remain locked.
  3. By touching the unlocking sensor twice in a row, the two front doors will unlock on the SE trim model.
  4. PII the handle to open the door.


  1. Make sure you have your key fob with you.
  2. Touch your thumb to the lock depression on the handle.

Note: Select trim lines are equipped with 2-door kessy or 4-door kessy.

Customize which Doors to Unlock with Keyless AccessVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-44

  • Make sure the vehicle is parked. The vehicle will not allow you to customize Keyless Access while driving.
  • Select CAR from the Infotainment touchscreen.
  •  Select Settings.
  • Select Open and close settings.
  • Select Unlock doors and select which doors to lock or unlock with keyless entry.
    •  ”All doors” unlocks all doors.
    • ”Single door” unlocks only the driver’s door.
    • ”Vehicle side” unlocks the door(s) on the side of the vehicle where the key is at the moment.

Windshield Wipers and Washer


  • From the OFF position, move the wiper stalk one click up to activate the intermittent wipers with rain-sensing.
  • The switch on top of the stalk varies the time interval between each wipe.
  • The farther the switch is moved to the right, the shorter the interval between each wipe.

Note: Ensure the wiper stalk is in OFF position before entering a car wash.

Rain-Sensing Wipers
To activate and deactivate wipers using the Infotainment touchscreen:

  1. Select CAR.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Mirror and wiper settings.
  4. Select Automatic wiper during rain. A checkmark indicates it is active.

Note: Applies to vehicles equipped with rain sensors.


  • LOW: From the OFF position, move the wiper and stalk up two clicks.
  • HIGH: From the OFF position, move the wiper and stalk up three clicks.

Rear Wiper
To operate, push the lever one click away from you. If you have the front wipers on and you put the car in Reverse, the rear wiper activates a single wipe.

Service Position
With hood closed and ignition off, press and hold the windshield lever down. Wipers will move into the service position. Lift the wipers by the arms up from the windshield. Before driving, fold wiper arms back onto the windshield. Turn ignition ON, and press the wiper lever down briefly. The wipers will then move back to the Park position.

TPMS / Keyless Access / Wipers


Volkswagen App-Connect makes your Volkswagen more like a personal assistant. To start App-Connect, pair your compatible smartphone to your VW’s Bluetooth and watch as your select apps appear on the touchscreen display of your Volkswagen, without even having to take it out of your pocket or purse! Need a couple extra bars on your phone’s battery? Plug your phone into your VW’s USB port, and enjoy all the same benefits, while getting a charge—beyond just your driving experience.

Wireless App-Connect with Apple CarPlay IntegrationVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-46

To connect:

  1. Pair your phone with the Infotainment system with Bluetooth.
  2. A prompt will display on the Infotainment touchscreen asking if you want to use Bluetooth or Apple CarPlay.
  3. Select Apple CarPlay. If this is the first time, accept the confirmation on your iPhone®.
    1. Simply unlock your iPhone and plug it into the USB port using a certified lightning cable. After choosing to use Apple CarPlay, your iPhone will ask if you’d like to use Apple CarPlay wirelessly for future connections.

Apple CarPlay®Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-47

Apple CarPlay is a smart way to use your iPhone while you are in your Volkswagen. With an updated user interface that helps you control tunes, directions and Siri® suggestions, a calendar app that lets you view and manage your day, and maps that can reveal more of what’s around you, getting there just got a whole lot easier—and a lot more fun.

  1. Ensure you are running the latest iOS on your device.
  2. Unlock your iPhone and plug it into the USB port using a certified lightning cable.
  3. A message will appear on the Infotainment touchscreen stating that a new device has been detected and will ask
    “Do you want to connect with Apple CarPlay?”. Select Connect.
    1. Pair your iPhone to your Infotainment system’s Bluetooth connection. When the “Select a connection technology” pop-up appears, select Apple CarPlay.
    2. Select Allow on your iPhone to enable Apple CarPlay to access your iPhone while your phone is locked.

Always pay careful attention to the road, and do not drive while distracted. Not all features are available on all operating systems. Standard text and data usage rates apply. App-Connect features require compatible devices, operating systems and mobile apps. See mobile device and app providers for terms and privacy.
Note: You will have to have had an unlocked iPhone within the past hour in order to use Apple CarPlay. When you are connected using Apple CarPlay, your iPhone can no longer be used as a source in MEDIA or as a Bluetooth device. Apple CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 5 or higher running iOS 7.1 or later. Further information can be found at and Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Apple CarPlay features Siri voice control. Siri must be enabled on the device to use Apple CarPlay. There are two ways to activate Siri:

  • Press and hold the Voice Control button on the multi-function steering wheel until you hear the tone, which activates Siri.
  • Press and hold Home on the touchscreen to activate Siri.
  1. Home features include:
    1. Return to the Apple CarPlay home screen or to the Apple CarPlay Dashboard.
    2. Long press to activate Siri.
  2. Phone: Siri can help you make calls, return missed calls and listen to voicemail.
  3. Maps: Opens Apple Maps for turn-by-turn directions, traffic conditions, immersive 3D experiences and estimated travel time. Siri can also help with directions. Activate Siri and say, “Navigate to,” and your destination
  4. Messages: Siri can send, read and reply to your text messages for you.
  5. Tapping the Volkswagen Logo icon simply takes you to the Volkswagen native user interface with all the features and functions of Apple CarPlay still active.
    1. To only charge an iPhone, disconnect from Apple CarPlay by pressing the Volkswagen Logo icon, then select Disconnect on the touchscreen. This will allow Bluetooth® access while charging your iPhone.

Click here for further information on Apple CarPlay apps.

Wireless App-Connect Android AutoVolkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-49
To connect:

  1. Pair your phone to Volkswagen’s Infotainment system with Bluetooth.
  2. Select Use Android Auto or select Cancel for Bluetooth connection.

Android Auto™
Use some of your favorite Android applications on the road through your Volkswagen’s infotainment screen. Hands-free, you can talk to Google on Android Auto to get driving directions, send a text or place a phone call. Android Auto is made to help you focus on the road while having fun along the way.

  1. Ensure you are running the latest Android™ OS on your device and download Android Auto from the Google Play Store. An active Google account and an internet connection is required. If you’re using Android 10 or higher, the app is already on your phone.
  2. Plug your Android phone into the USB port using a certified USB Cable.
  3. Press the App key on your touchscreen.
  4. Select Android Auto on your touchscreen. Ensure the phone is unlocked OR pair your Android phone to your Infotainment system’s Bluetooth connection, then select Use Android Auto in the pop-up.
  5. Select OK on your touchscreen for the data transfer prompt.
  6. Follow instructions on your device to continue setup.
  7. Android Auto will appear on the Infotainment touchscreen once all the prompts have been accepted on the device.

Google, Android, Google Play, and Android Auto are trademarks of Google LLC. Click here for further information. To use Android Auto on your car display, you’ll need an Android phone running Android 6.0 or higher, an active data plan and the Android Auto app.


  1. Microphone: Google Assistant can be activated with a long press of the Microphone icon on the touchscreen or by using touchscreen commands that work with available apps. Google Assistant can also be activated using your voice to easily send messages, get directions, control media, and more. Just say, “Hey Google,” long-press the Voice Control button on the multi-function steering wheel or tap the Microphone icon on the touchscreen to get started.
  2. Navigation: Predictive navigation provides turn-by-turn directions, traffic conditions, and estimated travel time. Android Auto can predict where you want to go next based on your calendar and recent destinations.
  3. Phone: Listen and reply to text messages, make calls or check your voicemail.
  4. Home Screen: Takes you back to the home screen of Android Auto.
  5. Music and Audio: Use your touchscreen to access your favorite artists, songs, and playlists. Android Auto lets you stream from apps such as Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. Tapping the Exit icon takes you to the Volkswagen native user interface. From there you can select Disconnect if you wish to completely disconnect from Android Auto.


Warning and Indicator Lights
For additional information on indicator lights, refer to your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual.Volkswagen-2021-Atlas-Cross-Sport-Car-fig-51



Documents / Resources

Volkswagen 2021 Atlas Cross Sport Car [pdf] User Guide
2021 Atlas Cross Sport Car


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