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Mounting Instructions

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Simplify your installation

The TV Mount Guide app provides you with step by step instructions for the installation of your Vogel’s TV mount and will help you determine the perfect position for your television on your wall.

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Please read the warning and mounting instructions carefully before using this product. Be aware that correct mounting and/or installation of this product is strictly required! There is a substantial risk of injury and/or damage to your  screen and/or other objects if the mounting and/or installation is technically incorrect. Vogel’s recommends that the mounting and/or installation of this product should be carried out by a suitably qualified expert. Vogel’s cannot be held responsible for any injury and/or damage caused by incorrect installation. Please consult the manual for your flat-screen and ensure that the weight and size of the screen is within the maximum weight and size limits specified for this product, and that the screen mounting bolts used are of a suitable length and diameter.
Note that not all the screen mounting accessories provided are required for the installation of any one screen. The wall mounting accessories provided are exclusively intended for installation onto walls made of solid brick, solid concrete or solid wood columns. Any material covering the wall must not exceed 3 mm/ 0.12 inch. For mounting on walls made of other materials, such as hollow bricks, wood panels or plasterboard, please consult your installer and/or specialist supplier. Keep these mounting instructions for future reference.
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Position the strips (C) on the screen.

Make sure that the strips do not cover the connectors on the screen.

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Screw the strips (C) onto the screen.

Refer to the user manual of your TV for the correct mounting material.

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3.1 Loosen the bolts on the strips (C).
3.2 Remove the caps (R). 

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3.3 Slide the bars (B) over the strips (C).
Make sure that the bars do not cover the connectors on the screen.

vogel s Wall 3225 3245-fig84.1 Tighten the bolts. 
4.2 Place the caps (R) back onto the bars (B).  

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Slide the covers (Q) from the wall mount (A).

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vogel s -icon3 Drill the holes.

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vogel s -icon3 Screw the wall mount (A) onto the wall.

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Slide the covers (Q) back onto the wall mount (A).
Loosen the upper thumbscrew; remove the lower thumbscrew.

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10.1 Hook the TV onto the wall mount (A).
Hook the upper thumb screw into the V-shaped recess.

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10.2 Position the TV level.
10.3 Place the lower thumbscrew back; tighten both thumbscrews.


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  • Guide the cables.
  • If the tilt option is not used and the screen still tilts downwards/upwards: tighten/loosen screw S.

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  • Remove the TV from the wall mount (A).
    Loosen the upper thumbscrew; remove the lower thumbscrew. Remove the TV.

Guarantee terms and conditions

Congratulations on the purchase of this Vogel’s product! The product you now have in your possession is made of durable materials and is based on a design, every detail of which has been meticulously thought-out. That is why Vogel’s gives you a lifelong guarantee for defects in materials or manufacturing.

  1. Vogel’s guarantees that if during the guarantee period of a product, faults arise due to defects in manufacturing and/or materials, it will, at its discretion, repair or if necessary replace the product, free of charge. A guarantee for normal wear and tear is hereby expressly excluded.
  2. If the guarantee is invoked, the product should be sent to Vogel’s together with the original purchase  document (invoice, sales slip or cash receipt). The purchase document should clearly show the name of the supplier and the date of purchase.
  3. Vogel’s guarantee shall lapse in the following cases:
    • If the product has not been drilled, installed and used in accordance with the Instructions for Use;
    • IIf the product has been altered or repaired by someone a party other than Vogel’s;
    • IIf a fault arises due to external causes (outside the product) such as for example lightning, water nuisance, fire, scuffing, exposure to extreme temperatures, weather conditions, solvents or acids, wrong use or negligence;
    • If the product is used for different equipment than is mentioned on or in the packing.

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