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VIETA VM-BS46 Goody Speaker Instruction Manual

VIETA VM-BS46 Goody Speaker

Dear customer.
Thank you for purchasing the outdoor Bluetooth speaker Goody 2 VM-B546. To ensure correct operation. please read this user manual carefully before operation.

This product has been designed and developed under the professional standards of VIETA PRO, which was founded by the Brothers in 1954. Since then, Vieta has accumulated more than 60 years of history under the motto ‘The Avoca­tion and Respect for Art of Music “, which has motivated all his projects, thus achieving a privileged and a privileged place in the electronics market based on constant effort and generous doses of passion.

The VIETA PRO models are based on the benefits of professional sound, where the standards of quality, durabi­lity, and sonority are above the commercial products of consumer electronics. Developed by the prestigious engi­neer “Jordi Hernandez”, with more than 40 years of expe­rience in the electronics field and who has been designated as “expert hearing of vieta” since 2002. These models have been built with the most precise components for the purpose of being able to offer and develop the purity and uniqueness that characterizes the VIETA PRO sound.

Important Safety Instructions

  • Do not use the speaker in special cold and hot environ­ments.
  • Please avoid the speaker dropping or hitting with a hard object, it may cause other hardware damage.
  • Take care when charging the speaker, excessive prolonged charging will damage the battery lifetime. Charge the speaker to full capacity when using for the first time.
  • When battery low, the indicator light will flash and voice prompt “battery low”, please charge speaker in time.
  • Always disconnect the unit from the mains power supply before connecting/disconnecting other devices or moving the unit.
  • Unplug the unit from the mains power socket during a light­ning storm.
  • If does not use this speaker for long time, please charge at least once within one month, in order to prevent the lithium battery from causing and damaging because of excessive consumption.

Technical Data

Bluetooth Version: ACT2819 vs.a
Speaker Output: 25 W (12 ,5 W x 2)
Impedance: 40
Speaker Driver: 45mm x 2 + passive radiator x 2
Aux In: 3,5mm
Waterproof Level: I PX?
Frequency Response: 80Hz-2 0KHz
FM Frequency: 87.5MHz ~ 108MHz
SNR: >75dB
Built-in Battery: 7.4V 2500mAh
Input: DC SV 2A
Power Bank Output: DC SV 1A
Charging time: 3:30 hours
Working hours: 12 hours at 50% volume
Weight: 570g
Dimension: 190.8mm*<D73.6mm


  • Bluetooth Music and Mobile Hands-free Function Bluetooth 5.0 stereo music playing, support mobile hands-free function.
  • Support TWS Function
    True Wireless Stereo (two same speakers can be paired and play music at the same time)
  • Aux-in
    Work as the external speaker by connecting to the audio source of computer, mobile, PSP/MP3/MP4 etc.
  • USB Flash Disk Music playing
    Support MP3/WAV/WMA music format, capacity up to 32G FM Radio With built-in antenna for better signal reception.
  • Voice guide
    The speaker will prompt the working mode and status for easy operation.
  • Voice Assistant
    Experience a smart lifestyle on the speaker via the mobile’s voice assistance.
  • Water-resistance at IPX7
  • Two passive radiators with the ambient lighting;
  • With Type C Charging Jack
  • Power bank function

Package Contents

Bluetooth Speaker
Type C USB Cable.
Aux in Cable.
User Manual

Slot and buttons


  1. Power on/off
    Long press @ button and hold for 2 seconds to power on/off the speaker.
    Each time to power on the speaker, the speaker volume will be under 30%.The default working mode is Bluetooth mode.
  2. Bluetooth
    1. Power on the speaker and enter to Bluetooth mode, or you can short press the  button to switch to the Bluetoo­th mode. The Working status indicator light will twinkle in green.
    2. Turn on the Bluetooth of your phone, search for nearby devices. The Vieta Pro Goody 2 will be found on your mobile pairing list, please connect it. When connected, the speaker will prompt “Connected” and the operation indicator will stop twinkling and turns to solid green.
    3. Turn on the mobile or other devices’ music player, the speaker will play the selected music
    4. The speaker will pair with the latest used Bluetooth device automatically when devices are in the paring range. Long press the button to disconnect the current Blue­tooth connection.
  3. Mobile Hands-free phone calls(Under Bluetooth Mode) Short press the © button to answer/hand off the phone call. Short press-} or button to switch the call between the speaker and the phone.
  4. TWS(True Wireless Stereo) function (only works in Bluetooth and Aux In mode)
    • Power on 2pcs Goody 2 (ensure both speakers are in Bluetooth waiting to pair status).
    • Short press the button on either one speaker (only one speaker, no need pressing two speakers)to enter the TWS pairing mode. The indicator light will flash in orange and green color alternately.
    • Once two speakers paired. The speaker you press, which operation indicator flashing in green is the master speaker. The other one in solid orange is the slave speaker.
    • Use your phone to pair the master speaker Goody 2 via Bluetooth, and play music on both speakers.
    • TWS function also works at AUX-in mode, please make the TWS pairing first, then plug in the included 3.5mm Aux cable into master speaker(Please note: the Aux In cable need to insert into the master speaker). The master speaker will be switched to AUX In mode automatically.
    • Short press the ” button on either one speaker to disconnect the TWS pairing. Long press the ” button to clear the TWS paring memory.
  5. USB Music Playing
    Inserting the USB disk into the speaker. Short press the IMI button to enter the USB mode , the speaker will prompt “USB Mode”. Then the speaker will play the USB music directly. The max USB capacity upto 32G and support the MP3/WMA/WAV music format.
  6. FM Radio
    Press the button IMI to set the Radio FM mode (the vocal guidance of the speaker will show “FM Radio mode”).
    In FM mode, press and hold iijJ in order to generate the automatic search and automatically save FM radio stations.
    in order to get a good experience when using FM function. We suggest auto scan and save the radio FM stations when using in the new environment.
  7. Aux in Mode
    Use the 3.5mm audio cable included to connect the speaker to an audio source (PC, MP3/MP4, mobile phone). the speaker will prompt “Aux in mode”. The speaker will play the music from the audio source.
    Please note: Track switch button of speaker does not work under Aux in mode, you can only switch sound track from audio source device.
  8. Calling out the mobile’s voice assistant
    Under Bluetooth pairing status, long press and hold the IMI button for 2 seconds to call out the mobile’s voice assistant function on the speaker.

Please Note: Due to the different compatibility on different brand’s android system, the experience will be different.

Bluetooth / USB / FM/ Aux In functions

Long press to power on/off the speaker;
Short press to play/pause/mute

Short press for next track/Channel
Long press to increase the volume
Double short press to switch to the next folder of the USB music playing

Short press to change the working mode
Long press to calling out the mobile’s voice assistant

Short press for previous track/Channel
Long press to decrease the volume
Double short press to switch to the previous folder of the USB music playing

Short press to enter/exit the TWS function
Long press to clear the TWS/Bluetooth pairing memory

Light theme
Double short press the  button can change/turn on /turn off the light theme on the passive radiator.
There are three light themes: Breathing candle light—Gradient changing light—music rhythm light.

Power Bank Function
Please connect the speaker’s USB slot to the digital devices· charging jack via the USB cable. speaker can charge these digital device, with voltage at SV, max output current at 1A.

Intelligent power saving function

The speaker will be automatically powered off in below cases:
  1. Under Bluetooth mode, the speaker is waiting to pair for
  2. Under USB mode/ FM mode/ Aux In mode, if press the [> button to pause/mute for more than 20minutes.

Note: Please long press (© button again to power on the speakermore than 20 minutes


When speaker with low battery capacity, the speaker will prompt “battery low”, and the volume will be automatically reduce to 60% .Please charge the battery via included USB cable immediately. During charging, the power indicator will keep flashing. When fully charged, the power indicator will stay in solid.

Note: Please use the good quality adaptor to charge the speaker. We suggest use the adaptor specification at SV /2A
When speaker with low battery capacity, please charge the speaker immediately.


Problem Solution
No Power Recharge
Can not charging Change another USB cable to charge it, after change the USB cable have same problem, you can connect our service team to solve it.
No Sound Adjust the volume on the connected device.

Make sure that your Bluetooth device is within the effective operational range.

Cannot find the paring ID “VM-6 S46” on the Bluetooth device Ensure the Bluetooth function is activated on your Bluetooth device.

Make sure that your Bluetooth device is within the effective operational range.

Declaration of conformity

Issuer’s name: FRAMASON AUDIO S.A
Address: Av. de Pau Casals 7, Entresuelo 2- 08021 Barcelona (Espana) Tel: +34 93 1162491
CIF: A62829841

We declare under our own exclusive responsibility that the product:

  • Description: True Wireless Speaker
  • Brand: Vieta Pro
  • Model: VM-BS46
  • Manufacturer: FRAMASON AUDIO S.A
  • Manufacturing country: China referred to in this declaration is in compliance with the essential norms and standards

EN 62368-1:2014 + All:2017
EN 301 489-1 V2.2.0 (2017-03)
EN 301 469-17 V3.2.0 (2017-03)
EN 55032:2015
EN 55035:2017
EN 300 328 V2.2.0 (2017-11)
EN 303 345 Vl.1.7 (2017-03)
EN 62311:2008
in conformity with the provisions of the Directive 2014/53/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16th April 2014.

Documents / Resources

VIETA VM-BS46 Goody Speaker [pdf] Instruction Manual
VM-BS46, Goody Speaker

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