ID115 Smart Bracelet User Manual & App

ID115 Smart Bracelet

ID115 Smart Bracelet User Manual & App

Veryfit 2.0 APP is stable and easy to understand
Sensitive touchable screen
Bluetooth 4.0 technology – power saver
Fashionable style (slim / light / comfortable, it is made for wearing)

Main functions:
Pedometer, sleeping tracking (can track your sleeping quality automatically), calories counter, time / date display, drinking reminding, sedentary reminding, calling & SMS notifications etc.

This device doesn’t work with Windows system mobiles!!!

The APP won’t work if your cellphone screen size is less than 4.5’’ inches

What should we do if we use iPad or Android tablets? Please install the
APP in your iPad or Android tablet pc, use Bluetooth function to pair with the
APP to sync data, sync time / date and other activities data. As long as your
iPad / tablet pc supports Bluetooth function, there is no issue to use Veryfit 2.0

Android 4.5 and above version iOS 8.0 and above version, it is workable for latest iPhone 7 plus

How to charge the ID115 smart band properly?
USB charging style, we need to remove the device from the band and plug into computer to charge.

How to charge

How to sync data on “Veryfit 2.0” APP?
The smart bracelet will send data to “Veryfit 2.0} APP automatically!!!
If it does not work, please open the APP, click the screen and out down to sync activities data.

Please turn on Bluetooth function all the time!!!
turn on Bluetooth

You will see “connecting” icon on APP.

Connecting with app

Choose a Device

Binding Device

Please note Bluetooth range is only 10 meters, if the distance between smart bracelet and your cellphone is over 10 meters, the smart bracelet status would be “Disconnected” and this means we can not sync data smoothly!!!
Can we share date to Apple watch APP? YES we can!!!

Click the “Veryfit 2.0” APP find Users at the bottom, you will see “Connect to Apple Health” click it and choose what you would like to share with Apple Health APP

share with Apple Health APP

Are these smart bracelets / smart watches fully waterproof?
IP-X4 rating, they are just for daily life water resistant, which means we can not wear it when we are swimming or taking shower.

Please don’t believe in advertising if it shows these smart devices are professional waterproof!!! They are not!!!

Are these smart bracelets work with Bluetooth?
Bluetooth 4.0 technology, low power consumption, faster & stable transmission speed.

Bluetooth range?
Make sure the distance between your cellphone and smart bracelet / smart watch is within 10 meters, because Bluetooth range is only 10 meters, if the distance over 10 meters, the APP will not recognize the icon (it is like ID numbers, people have their own ID numbers How long does it takes to fully charge the smart bracelet / smart watch?

— it takes 3 or 4 hours to charge the device from 0% to 100%

NOTE: we have been testing charging function for a while, it takes
6-8 hours to fully charge the device if you plug it in your laptop or computer PC!!! THE CHARGER COULD BE USED LONGER BY THIS WAY!!!

How long will battery last?
A fully charged smart bracelet battery provides approximately: 5 days standby time, battery will drop to zero within a day, 24 hours of continuous usage!!!

Is the battery rechargeable?

What type of battery do you use?
— lithium battery (safe and durable)

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Download ID115 Smart Bracelet User Manual & App Manual [PDF]

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  1. I have the ID115 Smart Bracelet and the screen is blank. Please advise how this can nbe fixed

  2. Unable to bind watch to my lg rebel 4, cant get past the add device screen and no matter what i do it doesnt discover my watch even though its literally sitting on the phone itself

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