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VERKADA CD61 Indoor Dome Camera

CD61 Indoor Dome Camera Setup

In the box

1 CD61 Indoor dome camera
1 Mount plate
1 Mounting template
1 T10 Security torx screwdriver
4 Mounting screws and wall anchors
3 Machine screws, washers, and wing nuts

What you’ll need

A working internet connection

802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch, or a PoE injector. For operation below -20° C, use 802.3at PoE.

A smartphone or laptop

A #2 Phillips screwdriver or power drill with a #2 Phillips driver bit

1/4 inch (6.5mm) drill bit for wall anchors

1/8 inch (3mm) drill bit for pilot holes

A Cat5 or Cat6 ethernet cable with a .2-.25 inch outside diameter (5-6.5mm)

Connect the camera to an 802.3af Power over Ethernet port on your network.

Go to

 CD61 - Smartphone

CD61 - Laptop

For detailed installation instructions, visit

  CD61 - LED  Status LED

CD61 - Solid Orange

Solid orange
Camera is on and booting up

CD61 - Flashing Orange

Flashing orange
Camera is updating firmware

CD61 - Flashing Blue

Flashing blue
Camera is recording, but cannot reach the server

CD61 - Solid Blue

Solid blue
Camera is running, connected, and streaming video

CD61 Assembly

Please keep the protective film adhered to the clear bubble until completing the final step of installation.

CD61 - Assembly 1

CD61 - Assembly 2

CD61 - Assembly 3

  1. Top Cover
  2. Clear bubble
  3. Camera Base

CD61 - Assembly Step 1

Unscrew the two torx security screws on the top cover. Remove and set aside, while taking caution not to scratch the clear bubble.

CD61 - Assembly Step 2

Gently lift the clear bubble off of the camera body. Due to the magnetic attachment system, there will be a small amount of resistance.

CD61 - Assembly Step 3

After mounting and positioning your camera correctly, carefully place the clear bubble back onto the camera base. The four magnets and two alignment features on either side will guide the bubble into position.

CD61 - Assembly Step 4

Carefully replace the top shell and tighten down the two torx security screws. Remove the plastic film after the top cover is secured.


Thank you for purchasing a Verkada camera.

If for any reason things don’t work right or you need assistance, please contact us immediately.

Sincerely –
The Verkada Team

+1 (833) 837-5232

[email protected]

+1 (833) 837-5232
[email protected]

Documents / Resources

VERKADA CD61 Indoor Dome Camera [pdf] Installation Guide
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