Verdant Thermostat Manual V Model

Verdant V

V Series Thermostat
with an Occupancy Sensor


Verdant VX Series Energy Management Thermostats for the hospitality industry deliver unprecedented energy savings without compromising guest comfort.]

Integrated occupancy sensor uses a combination of motion and thermal sensing technologies for accurate occupancy detection. Reliable occupancy detection allows saving energy when rooms are unoccupied.

Energy saving presets eliminate the guesswork and make it easy to adjust the energy saving settings. (Patent Pending) Fully configurable energy saving settings allow customizing the thermostat energy saving settings to fit any situation.

Comprehensive configuration options ensure full compatibility with virtually any existing or emerging hospitality HVAC system with up to 2 heat and 1 cool stages.
Built-in wireless mesh-networking enables optional remote management

Before You Begin

Programming a Thermostat with a Network Programmer In case of Network Installation with Remote Management, the thermostat must be programmed with a Network Programmer specific to the property before the installation.


Thermostat must not be powered during the programming procedure..
➤➤ Plug one programmer connector into the thermostat;
➤➤ Push the black button on the programmer. The red light on the
programmer should turn on and remain steadily lit;
If the red light on the programmer is blinking or is not steadily lit,
unplug the programmer from the thermostat and repeat the steps
➤➤ Unplug the programmer from the thermostat;

Thermostat Installation
Mounting the thermostat to the wall
➤➤ Power of the HVAC unit;
➤➤ Remove the thermostat cover;
➤➤ Connect the thermostat wires to the supplied Wiring Harness – refer
to the Wiring Table to determine proper connections;
➤➤ Plug in the Wiring Harness into to the thermostat;
➤➤ Use the supplied wall anchors and mounting screws to secure the
thermostat to the wall;
➤➤ Follow the “Thermostat Configuration” instructions;
➤➤ Replace the thermostat cover and screw in the locking screw;
➤➤ Power on the HVAC unit.

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Download Manual [PDF]

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