SI22 Solar Pump Inverter Manual

F2.00:  1
F0.02:  1
VEICHI SI22 Solar Pump Inverter - Terminal control Terminal control
F2.29:   1 VEICHI SI22 Solar Pump Inverter - Active relay Active relay
FE14: 20.00 VEICHI SI22 Solar Pump Inverter - Min Frquency Min Frquency
FA.19=00 VEICHI SI22 Solar Pump Inverter - Single phase motor Single-phase motor

Security Tips

  1. Only qualified personnel can operate the equipment.
  2. AC power supply should not be connected with output ports U, V, and W, otherwise, there is a danger of damage to the frequency inverter.
  3. After electrified, it is forbidden to contact the internal wiring board and its parts. Otherwise, it will cause the danger of electric shock
  4. The user can only operate on it after 5 minutes when cutting off power.

Technical Specification

Solar pump inverter power(KW) Pump Max solar power input (KW) Max DC input voltage V Recommend Voc voltage (V) Rated output current(A) Output frequency (Hz)
Rated power (KW) Rated voltage( V)
SI22-D1 series, DC60-400VDC input, 3 phase 110-230VAC output, suitable for 110VAC pump
0.75 0.75 110 1.0 400 175~380 7A 0-320
1.5 1.5 110 1.95 400 175~380 10A 0-320
SI22-D3 series, D60V-400V input, 3 phase 220-240VAC output, suitable for 220VAC pump
0.75 0.75 220 1.0 400 360~400 4A 0-320
1.5 1.5 220 1.95 400 360~400 7A 0-320
2.2 2.2 220 2.86 400 360~400 10A 0-320

Note: SI22 products can also drive single-phase pumps and please select the current-matched model.

Product Model

VEICHI SI22 Solar Pump Inverter - Product Model

Appearance and Dimension

VEICHI SI22 Solar Pump Inverter - Appearance and Dimension

Solar Pump Controller Wiring

Standard Wiring for three-phase motorVEICHI SI22 Solar Pump Inverter - three phase motor
Connection for single-phase motorVEICHI SI22 Solar Pump Inverter - single phase motor 1Note: The first connection solution for better performance is recommended.

Basic Operation

Indicator and Key




VEICHI SI22 Solar Pump Inverter - Power

Power ON: The power is 60-400VDC.
OFF: Power is abnormal.
VEICHI SI22 Solar Pump Inverter - Status Status OFF: It is ready to run; BLINKING: Fault or alarm comes;
ON: The four indicates will be on in turn and stand for output frequency is approaching 30%, 50%, 70%, and 90% of rated frequency in sequence
VEICHI SI22 Solar Pump Inverter - Start Stop  


OFF Status: Press it to run ON Status: Press it to stop
BLINKING Status: Press it to reset
Dial-up and External Port:




VEICHI SI22 Solar Pump Inverter - Keyboard Keyboard Support optional keyboard
VEICHI SI22 Solar Pump Inverter - IOT IOT Support optional IOT to access online monitoring, offline data storage, and WIFI hotspot
VEICHI SI22 Solar Pump Inverter - Dial up Quick Dial-up Default D1 for AC110V pump and D3 for AC220VC pump can be selected by quick dial-up (any D1/D3 switch will only take effect after power on again)
Trial Run
  1. Please double-check the cable connector according to the user manual.
  2. Press the “Start/Stop” button to run it, and check whether the pump rotary direction is correct. If the direction is correct, please go to step(4); Otherwise, please go to step (3).
  3. Press the “Start/Stop” button to stop it and change any two cables to adjust the direction; Press the “Start/Stop” button and then it will run smoothly.
  4. The default setting for Start/Stop will store the operation command while power off. So it will automatically run or stop along with sunrise or sunset.
Quick Troubleshooting
  1. Power is still off when connecting power: please check whether the input voltage is 60-400VDC or check the cable connections of the solar array.
  2. Status indicator is blinking: please reset it by pressing “START/STOP” for 1 second. Otherwise, please ask for support.

Documents / Resources

VEICHI SI22 Solar Pump Inverter [pdf] Instruction Manual
SI22, Solar Pump Inverter

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