V-TAC Solar Egg Light -

WEEE Number: 80133970

V-TAC Solar Egg Light - 1

V-TAC Solar Egg Light - 2

Protection Rating
IP 44
V-TAC Solar Egg Light 4

V-TAC Solar Egg Light - 3


Thank you for selecting and buying the V-TAC product. V-TAC will serve you the best. Please read these instructions carefully before starting the Installing and keep this manual handy for future reference. If you have any other queries, please contact our dealer or local vendor from whom YOu have purchased the product. They are trained and ready to serve you at your best.

The warranty is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by incorrect installation or abnormal wear and tear. The company gives no warranty against damage to any surface due to incorrect removal and installation of the product. This product is warranted for manufacturing defects only.


  • ON/OFF & Color Changing Switch
  • Polycrystal Solar Panel-Recharges During the day even in cloudy conditions
  • Warm White LED
  • Color Changing LED
  • Up to 6 Hours Run Time*
  • Auto Sensor – Switches on at dusk
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Weather Resistant


Watts: 1W
Lumens: SLM
Beam Angle: 360D
Color: RGBWW
Battery Voltage: I’AA Battery/1.2V &mAH: SOOmAH NI-MHV
Charging Time: 8-12 Hours
Working Time: 6-8 Hours
Material: PC
Unit Size: D18.8×39.Scam


A. Egg Lampshade
B. Solar Panel with LED
C. Ground Stake

V-TAC Solar Egg Light - parts

Read these instructions fully before the assembly or installation of your solar lights.

a) Choose a position that will allow the solar panel to receive the maximum hours of available sunlight. Shady locations will not allow the battery to be fully charged.
b) Choose a position where the solar panel will not receive illumination from street lights, house lights, or other light sources that may be detected by the light sensor in the solar panel, which will prevent your solar light from illuminating during the night.|
c) Maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters between individual lights, lights positioned too closely together may trigger the light sensor in the solar panel and prevent your solar light from illuminating or intermittently flicker during the night.

Assembly & Installation
a) Remove the Egg lampshade (Part A) from the solar panel (Part B), then move the switch to “WW or “C” position to open the light, then fix the Egg lampshade (Part A) with the light part (Part B).
b) Fix the Ground stake (Part C), to the solar panel underside part B.
c) Force the Ground Stake (Part C) into the ground in the selected location. If the ground is hard you may have to soften it by adding water or create a pilot hole by hammering a metal stake or similar object into the ground where the Ground Stake is to be inserted.

a) Turn the switch located inside the Egg lampshade beside the solar panel to the “WW” or “C” position.
b) Ensure that the solar panel is exposed to good sunlight for 2 days to ensure that the battery is fully charged.

The light set has two functions- steady or color changing and on/off. To activate, follow the directions below.
a) Move the switch into position “OFF”, Light will be OFF.
b) Move the switch into position “WW”, Light will be in Warm White steady on mode.
c) Move the switch into position “C”, light will be in color-changing mode.

Battery Disposal
Dispose of old batteries responsibly. DO NOT dispose of old batteries by placing them in any type of fire as the battery may explode and cause injury.

Documents / Resources

V-TAC Solar Egg Light [pdf] Installation Guide
V-TAC, VT-7815, Solar Egg Light

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