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UNO HMY49 Card Game User Manual

UNO HMY49 Card Game

224 Cards

Be first to get rid of all the cards in your hand.


You play UNO® Party just like classic UNO® by matching color, number or symbol, but special rules have been added with larger groups of players in mind. There are a ton more cards, and with all those players in the game things can get noisy, crazy and wild! Like always, when you’re down to your last card, you still got to yell “UNO!”

Set Up

  1. Remove the Direction Tracker Card and the Link Cards from the deck and place these to the side (see Extra Cards section for details).
  2. Choose a dealer and shuffle the remaining cards. Tip: There are a lot of cards, so if you have trouble shuffling, try splitting the deck between multiple players.
  3. Deal 7 cards to each player.
  4. Place the remaining cards FACEDOWN in the center of the table. This is the DRAW PILE.
  5. Place the Direction Tracker card where every player can see it, with the clockwise arrow FACEUP.
  6. Keep the Link Cards near the center of the table. (They’ll come up later.)
  7. Flip over the top card of the DRAW PILE and place it FACEUP to form the DISCARD PILE. If this card is an Action Card, ignore it and flip over the next card.
  8. The player to the left of the dealer goes first and play proceeds clockwise.

Let’s Play UNO®!

On your turn, try to get rid of all your cards by playing ONE CARD onto the Discard Pile.

If you HAVE a matching card in your hand, you may PLAY IT on the Discard Pile.

  1. You can only play a card if it matches at least one attribute of the top card on the Discard Pile: its color, number, or symbol.
  2. If the card you played is an Action Card, it does something special! (see Action Cards below)

If you DO NOT HAVE a matching card, DRAW ONE CARD from the Draw Pile.

  1. If your new card can be played (see above), then you may play it now.
  2. You may choose to draw a card instead of playing one, even if you have a playable card in your hand.

Once you play or draw a card, play continues with the next player.

NOTE: if there are no cards left in the Draw Pile, reshuffle the Discard Pile to form a new Draw Pile.

Calling “UNO!”
The moment you only have 1 card in your hand, you must yell “UNO” to alert the other players you are about to win.
However, if someone catches you and calls out “UNO” before you (and before the next player begins their turn), then you must draw 2 cards!

When a player plays their final card, they win. Time to shuffle the cards and play again!

Speed Play
If you have a NUMBER CARD in your hand that matches both the Number AND Color of the card on the top of the Discard Pile, you may play your card out of turn. Play then continues from you. But you better be quick; if the player whose turn it is plays first, you are out of luck.
NOTE: if you accidentally play a NON-MATCHING card you must take back the card PLUS draw one card from the Draw Pile.


  • Direction Tracker Card – Place this card in the center of the play area. Flip this card whenever a Reverse card is played to indicate the new direction of play.
  • Link Card – Place each card in front of the two people chosen after a Wild Drawn Together Card is played.

Action Cards

  • Draw Two Card – When played, the next player must draw 2 cards and lose their turn.
  • Skip Card – When played, the next player loses their turn.
  • Reverse Card – When played, the direction of play is reversed. If play was moving clockwise, it now moves counterclockwise and vice versa. Flip the Direction Tracker to indicate the new direction.
  • Wild Card – This card matches anything so you can play it no matter what card is on the Discard Pile, then choose the color that continues play.

Point Taken Card – When you play this card, first count down out loud from 3…2… 1! On “1”, ALL players point at 1 other player. Count how many fingers are pointing at each player, then each player in turn order must draw as many cards as there are players pointing at them (up to 5).
Tip: To make sure you get everyone, players pointing at you raise their hands, you draw one card for each raised hand (up to five), and those players lower their hands. Continue in turn order until all hands are down.

Wild Pile Up Card – When you play this card, take the top card from the Draw Pile and place it face up in front of you to create a mini-pile (If the card is Wild, add another card until you get a non-Wild Card).
The next player must play a card of the same color (Wild Cards count but DO NOT change the color and matching Action Cards may be played but DO NOT take effect) and pass the mini-pile to the next player, and so on. Finally, when the mini-pile reaches a player who can’t play a card, the WHOLE mini-pile goes into their hand! Play continues from them with the next player in current turn order.

The color that was used in the mini-pile is the color that continues play, you DO NOT get to choose the color.

Wild Drawn Together Card – When you play this card, select two players and place a Link Card in front of both of them, then choose the color that continues play. Moving forward, every time one of these players must draw card(s), the other player draws the same amount. If two players are already linked, choose two new players. The Drawn Together link ends when a Point Taken Card is played.
This card is also a Wild card, so you get to choose the color that continues play.

Wild Draw Four Card – This card matches anything so you can play it no matter what card is on the Discard Pile. However, there’s a catch: you can only play a Wild Draw 4 if you DO NOT HAVE ANY CARD IN YOUR HAND THAT MATCHES THE COLOR OF THE DISCARD PILE.
When played, the next player has 2 options: Draw 4 cards and lose their turn OR challenge.
If the player challenges you, then you must show them your entire hand to confirm whether you have a card that matches the color of the discard pile – Wild cards are considered a match, too.

  • If you DO NOT have a card that matches color: the challenger draws 6 cards instead of 4 and loses their turn.
  • If you DO have a card that matches color: YOU must draw 4 cards and they draw none.

This card is also a Wild card, so you get to choose the color that continues play (regardless of the outcome of any challenge).

Keeping Score (Optional Victory Method)

When a player wins a hand, they receive points based on the cards remaining in their opponent’s hands.

Cards are valued as follows:

  • All number cards (1-9) …………………………… Face Value
  • Any Color Action Card ……………………………… 20 Points
    • Skip, Reverse, Draw 2, Point Taken
  • Any Wild Action Card ……………………………… 50 Points
    • Wild, Wild Draw 4, Wild Drawn Together, Wild Pile Up

Keep a running tally of each player’s points from hand to hand. When a player reaches 500 points, they are the winner.

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