me Wireless Door Bells Receiver Instruction Manual
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Model Bell 220.2 RX/RX-AS

iconPlease read this instruction manual carefully and keep it for later use.

As the operating range is up to 100 metres (in open field & at suitable condition) depending on the Model, you can take the receiver virtually anywhere in the home, workshop, office or garden. However, the transmission range of the wireless signal will be reduced if the signal is tronsmitted through a number of walls or ceilings. Metal and UPVC doorfromes will also reduce the operating range.


  1. The receiver is powered by a battery pock, consisting of 3 AAA rechargeable batteries. The battery pock is built into the device.
  2. Fold out the plug and fully charge the receiver before first use. The battery level LED (15) changes from red to green to indicate successful charging. This process con toke up to 48 hours.

logoNOTE:  After the battery is replaced in the transmitter, all receivers must be coded again.

The receiver with flip plug is intended for mobile use, i.e. no mounting is necessary.

This wireless bell is equipped with on automatic, self~eorning digital encoding, and therefore no adjustments ore required. Please read these instructions careful~ before first use to ovoid any errors during stort-11p.

Coding set-up between transmitter and receiver

After stort-trp of the transmitter the device responds to one of the 256 possible encodings. This happens automatically.

iconNote: A maximum ol 4 transmitters can be programmed to one receiver.


  1. Once the botreries in the receiver with flip plug ore ful~ charged, press the reset button (13) on the receiver until you hear a double beep.
  2. Activate the transmitter, which the receiver should respond to.
  3. The receiver plays the set chime melody (for setting the chime melody, see point CHIME OPERATION).
    logoNOTE: In rare coses it may happen that the rnceiver is not responding, particularly ofter the botteries have been completely discharged. In this case, press and hold the side key “RESTART” (21) for about 10 seconds to restart the controllers in the receiver. After that the device can be re-used as usual.
    Additional transmitters (up to 4 units in total) can be
    programmed as follows:
  4. Press the code button on the receiver until a single beep is given.
  5. The corresponding transmitter must be activated now within
  6. seconds. If this does not happen, the receiver exits the learning
    mode automatically, followed by a triple beep tone.
  7.  Repeat steps 4 and 5 to odd more transmitters.

iconNote:  The memory is full when the receiver hos programmed lour transmitters. This is indicated by 4 beeps

To reset the receiver back to the factory setting, or to delete all programmed transmitters, follow step l.


Melody seledion
The chime melody can be individually set for each transmitter. It is also possible to set different chime melodies for the front and the bock door.
Press the “S” button to ploy the next chime melody. There ore 8 different tones to choose from. Please refer to the instruction manual of the transmitter to find out where the “S” button is located.

Adjusting the volume of the chime melody
The volume of the chime melody am be adjusted between 70 db/0.3 m to BO db/0.3 m using the ”Volume” (9) control dial. Turn the control dial with a fiot screwdriver in a clockwise direction to inaeose the volume or counter clockwise to decrease the volume.

Chime melody on/off
The chime melody can be turned off using the slide switch (8) at the side of the unit, so as not to be disturlied during rest or sleeping hours.

Low battery indicator
A red LED (7) is located under the three blue LEDs. If this flashes, the receiver must be charged via the plug.

Recharging the batteries of the receiver
Fold out the plug by pushing the locking mechanism down, and plug the receiver into o socket. The LED (15) lights up continuously red during charging. After successful charging, it lights up green.


Power:                                                              230V 50Hz / rechargeable NiMH battery pock 3x 1.2V “AAA” batteries 500 mAh
Consumption:                                                   lOOmA – ON 0.3mA-Stand By
Operating Distance :                                        100 metres • in open field & at  suitable condition
Operating Temperature:                                   0° C · +40° C
Selectable Tone:                                                Total 8 tones available
Selectable Digital Code:                                    Totol 256 possible digital codes
Up to 4 transmitters per receiver


For two years ofter the dote of purchase, the defect-free condition of the product model and its mote rials is guaranteed. This guarantee is only valid when the device is used as intended and is subject to regular maintenance checks. The scope of this guarantee is limited to the repair or reinstollotion of any port of tire device, and is only valid if no unauthorised modifications or attempted repairs hove been undertaken. Customer statutory rights ore not affected by this guarantee.

iconPlease note!

No claim can be mode under guarantee in the following circumstances:

  • Operational malfunction
  • Empty batteries or faulty accumulator
  • Erroneous coding/channel selection
  • Fault through other radio installation (i.e. mobile operation)
  • Unouthorised modifications/ actions
  • Mechanical damage
  • Moisture damage
  • No proof of guarantee (purchase receipt)

Claims under warranty will be invalidated in the event of damage caused by non-compliance with the operating instructions. We do not accept any responsibility for consequential damage! No liability will be accepted for material damage or personal injury caused by inappropriate operation or failure to observe the safety instructions. In such cases, the guarantee will be rendered void.

liability limitation
The manufacturer is not liable for loss or damage of any kind including incidental or consequential damage which is the direct or
indirect result of a fault to this product.


The warranty will be null and void in case of domoges arising from violations of these operating instructions. We ore not liable for consequential damages! We accept no liability for material damages or injuries arising from inappropriate use or violation of the safety instructions. In such coses all warranty claims ore null and void! Do not use this product in hospitals or other medical facilities. Although this device transmits only relatively weak radio signals, the signals may in such locations result in malfunctioning of systems critical to life. The some may apply to other areas. For reasons of safety and licensing (CE), unauthorised conversion and / or modification of the product is prohibited.

logoNever carry out repairs yourself!

The design of the product complies with protection class 1. Only a standard mains socket (230V- / 50Hz) of the public mains supply may be used to power the device. Devices powered by mains voltage must be kept away from children. Please therefore be particularly careful in the presence of children.

logoDo not take the produd apart! There is a danger of lethal eledri1 shock!

Do not leave packaging material lying about since plastic foils and pockets and polystyrene ports etc. could be lethal toys for children. The device is suitable only for dry interior rooms (not bathrooms and other moist places). Do not allow the device to get moist or wet. There is o danger of lethal electric shock! In industrial institutions, the accident prevention regulations of the
Association of Commercial Professional Associations for electrical installations and equipment must be observed. Please consult a specialist should you hove doubts regarding the method of operation, the safety, or the connections of the device. Handle the product with core -it is sensitive to bumps, knocks or lolls even from low heights.



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