Bluetooth® Audio & Hands-free Receiver
Bluetooth Audio & Hands-free Receiver

Transform any audio device with a 3.5mm input into a Bluetooth receiver with this compact yet powerful hands-free receiver. Lasting up to 220 hours on a single charge and with an impressive transmission range of up to 25m this handy little device is ideal for connecting Bluetooth devices such as smartphones and tablets to headphones, amplifiers, soundbars or in-car audio systems with an audio input. The in-built microphone also allows you to take Hands Free calls safely on the move and gives up to 5 hours talk time.

  • Can be plugged into any audio device with a 3.5mm input
  • Ideal for transforming headphones, amplifiers or car audio systems into Bluetooth receivers
  • Wireless transmission distance of up to 25m
  • In-built microphone for hands-free compatibility
  • Around 5 hours talk time
  • Approx. 220 hours Stand-By time
Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Version: V4.2
Bluetooth profile: HFP1.6, HSP1.2, AVRCP1.4, A2DP12
Transmission distance: Up to 25m
Battery: 100mAh
Standby time: Approx. 220 hours
Talk time: Approx. 5 hours
Charging times: Approx. 2 hours
USB cable length: 50cm
Dimensions: 15 x 50 x 12mm
Weight: 7.6g



Powering on/off:

Press and hold the MF button until the blue light blinks and a voice message “power on” is heard. To power off press and hold the MF button until a red light blinks and a voice message “power off” is heard.

Pairing with your device:

Press and hold the MF button until alternating blue and red lights blink and a voice message “connected” is heard. The Bluetooth pairing name is AV:Link BTR1 and if your device asks for a pairing code the default setting for this device is 0000.

Volume up/next track:

Short press the (+) button to move the unit volume up and press and hold the (+) button to move onto the next track.

Volume down/previous track:

Short press the (-) button to move the unit volume down, press and hold the (-) button to go back to the previous track.


Short press the MF button to play and pause your current track.

Handsfree operation:

When you receive an incoming call a voice message “incoming call” will be heard and the voice will then tell you the number of who is calling. To accept the call, press the MF button once or to reject it press the MF button twice, once you have completed your call press the MF button once to hang up. To dial the last number stored on your phone press the MF button twice either when listening to music or in standby mode.

Charging the device:

To charge the device only use the USB cable supplied and make sure that the receiver is switched off. Whilst charging a red light will be on, which will turn blue when the unit is charged. Charging time is normally around 2 hours from flat and the device will last up to 220 hours in standby mode from a single charge.

Connecting to Audio Equipment:

To connect the receiver to any device with an audio input please use the correct stereo connection lead (not supplied). To connect to devices with a 3.5mm input a 3.5mm stereo cable should be used, to connect to devices with twin RCA inputs a 3.5mm to RCA cable should be used.


Q) Bluetooth receiver cannot pair with device.
A) Check that the receiver is in pairing mode and that the Bluetooth mode is enabled on your device and in scan mode.
Q) Bluetooth receiver disconnects with my device well within the stated 25m transmission distance.
A) The maximum transmission distance stated is dependent on a clear line of sight between the receiver and your device. If there are large metallic objects or other devices transmitting radio or wireless signals in the vicinity they can impact on the reception of the receiver.
Q) Bluetooth receiver wont switch on.
A) Check that the device is fully charged before operation.
Q) Bluetooth receiver wont connect to my PC.
A) Please check that your PC supports the A2DP Bluetooth profile.

Safety Disclaimer


Do not attempt to service this product yourself as opening or removing covers may result in fire, electric shock or equipment damage and will also invalidate the warranty. This product is only designed for indoor use and must be kept away from water and high humidity along with high temperatures and direct sunlight.

This product is classed as Electrical or Electronic equipment and should not be disposed with other household or commercial waste at the end of its useful life. The goods must be disposed of according to your local council guidelines.


Av:link BTR1 Bluetooth Audio & Hands-free Receiver User Manual – Optimized PDF
Av:link BTR1 Bluetooth Audio & Hands-free Receiver User Manual – Original PDF

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