UNBRANDED Z-20211221S07B 500 Watt Electric Bike


Product Description


Safety Notice

To Ensure Your Safety, Make the Following Functional Checks Before Driving:

  1. Test brake system, throttle, and power system.
  2. Tire pressure should be at 30 psi.
  3. Check front wheel lug-nuts, securely tighten before every ride.
  4. Battery charge level- found on side of battery.
  5. Braking system adjustment and free operation.

Installation Instructions

  1. Open your package.
  2. Take out the tool box.
  3. Take out the bicycle from the package and put it on a soft surface to avoid scratches. Cut the tie that secures the front wheel to the side
  4. Remove the protective foam.UNBRANDED-Z-20211221S07B-500-Watt-Electric-Bike-FIG-2
  5. Open the accessory kit and remove the tool kit
  6. Invert the bicycle.
  7. Remove the large fixing bolt on the front fork.
  8. Put the front wheel on the front fork and place the disc brake pad on the front wheel in the middle of the disc brake caliper.UNBRANDED-Z-20211221S07B-500-Watt-Electric-Bike-FIG-2
  9. Use the supplied 15mm flat tool to tighten the two bolts.
  10. Tie the key to the handlebar clamp, cut the zipper, and then use the Allen wrench in the tool kit to remove the clamp.
  11. Place the handlebar in the middle position install the rod clamp and tighten the screws with the included Allen wrench.
  12. lnstall the LCD-display on the handlebar  tighten the screws, and connect the green connecting wire
  13. Grasp the bicycle light and unscrew the lens. Then, remove the plastic insulator, e-tighten the lens, and then connect the red cable and connect the bicycle light to the screw above the front fork (Figure 6).
  14. lnstall the pedal. The right pedal rotates clockwise (Figure 7), and the left pedal rotates counterclockwise.
    NOTE:Pedal mark “L” means left and “R” means right.
  15.  Vertical bicycle
  16. Push the seat into the column, fix it in the desired position, tighten the screws, and then fix it.
  17. Installation is complete.When connecting meters, headlights, brake circuit breakers, handlebars, etc., please align them and do not install them violently.

Battery Installation & Maintenance

  1. Please check the situation of the lock core before installation, Step 2 and Step 3 for details.
  2. Turn your key counterclockwise to make the lock cylinder downward.UNBRANDED-Z-20211221S07B-500-Watt-Electric-Bike-FIG-4
  3. As shown in the left picture, align the slider
  4. lnstall along the buckleUNBRANDED-Z-20211221S07B-500-Watt-Electric-Bike-FIG-5
  5. Battery installation complete
  6. Turn on the switch and the battery is poweredUNBRANDED-Z-20211221S07B-500-Watt-Electric-Bike-FIG-6
    1. When not using the battery for a long time, please charge it 1-2 times every month.
    2. Please keep the key properly. If your key is lost, we can provide a new key according to the nameplate number on the key
    3. Please keep the battery environment dry, for example, do not stay in the rain for a long time
    4. Please use a universal meter to test the battery attenuation regularly.

Documents / Resources

UNBRANDED Z-20211221S07B 500 Watt Electric Bike [pdf] User Manual
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