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UMIDIGI RP01 Bison X10 Smartphone


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Building a great phone is hard enough, so building a great phone on a budget should be infinitely more difficult. Big thanks to all who made this superphone super awesome by contributing valuable time and developing hardware, software & other developments. Thanks for choosing UMIDIGI products, thanks to your support our value can
be realized and we can constantly move forward to create smart devices with better user experience. 

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Insert Nano-SIM Card
Please face the chip side of the Nano-SIM card adown when inserting into the slot. Be aware of the direction of the cut edge when placing the Nano-SIM card into the slot.
Please use a standard Nano-SIM card. Please don’t use a non­standard card that is hand-cut, in order to prevent the SIM slot and card tray from being damaged and card-rejection situation that may cause damage to the phone.

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TF Card Installation

Please place the metal contact of the TF card adown, be aware of the direction of the cut edge. Place the card onto the tray and insert into the device.
Please turn off the phone before changing or replacing the TF card.TF card does not come with the phone, please purchase separately.
Please do not plug in and out of the SIM card tray when the phone is on. Be careful when using the slot thimble from scratching the phone.


Please choose which SIM card slot to be the main one to be for4 the G network via Setting> SIM Card. Choose your preferred network types of 4G/3G/2G via Setling>Network&lnlemel>Mobile network> Preferred network type


You can unlock the screen by fingerprint ID function.
Click Setting>Security&Localion>Fingerprint, please enter your fe9:in1 information by following the instructions on the
Please ensure your finger clean and dry when giving your fingerprint information to the phone.
Please enter the information of your finger pulp for fingerprint information. When unlocking the phone by fingerprint, please place your finger pulp on the touch ID sensor for about a second.
Connecting WLAN
Into the setting of WLAN via Settings>Network&lntemet>Wi-Fi When WLAN is on, a list available WiFi connection will appear. Click on the one you want to connect to. enter the password if the network is encrypted, then click Connect. When it’s a public network, just click Connect When the network shows
“connected”, it is available to use
Bluetooth Function
Into the selling of Bluetooth function via Setlings>Connected devices>Bluetooth Enable the Bluetooth function by clicking the Menu Button then select “Refresh”, then the phone will search for available Bluetooth devices for pairing and list on the screen. Click on the one you want to pair with, then click “Pair” on the dialog pop-up. Documents are available for transmission after Bluetooth pairing.
Slide down the status bar twice to open the shortcut switches for Bluetooth and other functions.
WLAN Hot-spot Setting
Click on via Seltings>Network&lnter net>Hotspot&tethering  > Wi-Fi hotspot to turn on the Portable WLAN Hot-spot function. When setting up the WLAN hot-spot, enter your user name in “Network Name” and password, then click Save. Another device can use the WLAN hot-spot by searching and entering the password of the password.
Please enable the Data Connection before enabling the network sharing function. Your mobile traffic will be shared by other devices, so please use it carefully. The signal of the WLAN hot-spot depends on the signal strength and devices


Aim the camera at the shooting object, the phone will start focus automatically; or you can click on the screen to choose the object you want to focus on, then click “Capture” icon to take photos. You can also choose other modes such as video recording, beautifying, panorama to take photos/videos.


“Dual card, dual standby, single pass” means you can insert two SIM cards and have them both “standby”, but cannot make phone calls at the same time. During the standby mode both cards are available for receiving phone calls, but once one of the cards is activated, the other one cannot receive phone calls nor make phone calls.


Security information (including BS, ES, battery security information) of third-party software installation and function may vary in different regions or by different hardware specifications. UMIDIGI holds disclaimer for the performance problem or incompatibility caused by third-party applications, registry editing, OS software modifying. Customizing the OS may cause the device or some applications fail to work properly.
Please prevent the device or the battery in extreme cold/hot condition. The extreme temperature will lead to deformation of the phone and reduce the charging capacity and battery life.
Please only use the custom designed and approved battery and recharger by UMIDIGI. Incompatible battery and recharger may cause damage to the phone. Please abide by local regulation when disposing of the used batteries and phones.
Please do not place the battery or the phone onto or inside heating devices such as microwave, oven or radiator. The battery may explode if it gets too hot.
Please do not crush or pierce the battery. Prevent the battery from getting high pressure from outside, it may cause internal short and overheating


  • Model  RP01
  • Operating system    Android™ 11
  • CPU    MTK,Helio,P60,4xCortex-A73 2GHz,
    4xCortex-A53 2GHz
  • GPU RAM ROM    ARM Mali G72 MP3 800MHz
  • Battery    6150mAh
  • Touch ID  Side-mounted Fingerprint sensor

Documents / Resources

UMIDIGI RP01 Bison X10 Smartphone [pdf] Instruction Manual
RP01X, 2ATZ4-RP01X, 2ATZ4RP01X, RP01, Bison X10 Smartphone

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